Gold's Gymcancellation

I tried to cancel from this gym ever since I got horrible ring worm using one of their "clean" towels. It took me months to treat the ringworm and when my mother tried to cancel my membership (Im on a family plan) they told her that I must be on site to do the cancellation in person myself. That was absolute ### because I went to the location in person to be told repetitively that they don't do cancellations in the gym. The guy working at the registration desk was the same guy who signed me up. I remember he had a lot of enthusiasm to sign me up, but was extremely neglecting when it came to cancellation. He basically gave me no more info than a scribbled out phone number, and just repeated again and again that they don't do cancellations in the gym. So basically they blatantly lied to my mother and wasted my time. I called the number at home to find that it was not the branch number but some other number that is owned by a different franchise from the Fullerton golds gym. I was told on the phone that I should call my gym to get their local franchise number and the customer service guy (Sergio I think) just hung up abruptly as if he was sick of it. By now I expected this horrible customer service. On top of that once I got the franchise number I called to find out that their offices were CLOSED INDEFINITELY. I called the Fullerton golds gym AGAIN to get more excuses that they were off on the 24th to 25th and that I should try calling on Friday and "see if that works", which I highly doubt. I didn't want to waste time so I looked all over the web for cancellation methods. I finally found a YouTube video explaining to go on a specific golds gym url. I followed the url and entered all my info (barcode number, name, etc) only to get am error on the official website. I'm so frustrated and fed up with this entire system, it's like their making me run around in endless circles. I'm either redirected or sent to a dead end and I know I'm not the only one having cancellation issues. There's numerous people online who are were getting scammed by golds gym as well. This gym is not only disgustingly unsanitary but extremely questionable in their means of client support and service.

Gold's Gym

Dec 24, 2014

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