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Golden Arrow / unethical crazy bus driver

1 Cape Town, South Africa
Contact information:

Golden arrow abusive & crazy bus driver report

Bus number: 1908
Route: from wynberg to mitchell's plain via merrydale
Departure: 13:00 pm
Date: 21/04/2017
Time of occurence: approximately 12:55 pm
Driver description: colored male, mid 40's, glasses, fair skin, very short hair

Hi I would just like to report the filthy behavior of a driver who deliberately slammed the bus door against my foot while I am standing half way in the door ready to enter.

Me and my friend was approaching the bus at approximately 12:54 pm as we just checked the time before we entered the bus. We got into the bus to pay by cash as we ran out of clips on our clip card and the driver told us that he does not have change which in the first place is not our concern or problem. Immediately my friend jumps out in rush to make change at a tuck shop stall right next to the bus on the pavement so close almost touching the bus and as she got out I politely told the driver my friend is getting change for him so we can pay because he does not have change. Immediately the driver lashed out in rage saying I must get out of the bus. I then told him "but its not 1o'clock yet" my friend is just getting the change quickly right next to his door on the pavement as he also sees her making change. As my friend comes back he really deliberately slams the door while my foot is hooked inside the bus and im standing outside, he then starts the engine of the bus and on top of it insanely drives forward a few inches while im caught with my foot in the door and cannot move. Luckily as my friend approaches the bus door standing in shock not understanding what is happening with the driver and as we both stand at the door in shock he eventually opens the door and we have no option but to get in and as i'm limping into the bus up the steps with a swollen foot he further shouts at us as we get in after what he done and myself being a person of morals, values and ethical principles and not to mention a female who cannot defend herself against an abusive bus driver who illegally assaulted me in the process. I felt so embarrassed & afraid as he took advantage & did it in front of school children that boarded the bus who couldn’t say anything back to the him but my friend was upset and I asked him if he would do that to his wife or his children and he said yes and that is when we said to him that he is the abusive type who abuses woman and children because he did it in-front of school children in the bus and said he would do it to his wife as well. We then said that we are going to report him and he then lashed out again... Slightly stopping the bus & told us to get out of the bus after we paid him. Can you believe this mad man. I then said to him how can you tell me that after I paid you and you even injured me and now you really decide to chuck me off the bus.
We then refused to get off and he drove on and as soon as I got home limping into the house I told my husband about the drivers rage and what had happened and we decided to report him online.
There was also a camera with an active green light inside the bus recording the driver’s behavior as proof of his misconduct and I am planning on appointing a lawyer to sue golden arrow for assault against me as well as for internal and external injury to my body within my leg from my foot where the swelling occurred. Please let me know a. S. A. P regarding the orderly legal steps of decently approaching the matter. I have not yet, but also planning to publish it on facebook if I get no response from golden arrow towards this serious matter. I also took a photo of my injured swollen foot.

Please contact me on [protected] or for further communication/update.

Lieticia josias

Golden Arrow

Apr 21, 2017

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