GoldCar Rental / unauthorised credit card charge (post rental)

Car rental from 7th - 17th July 2018 - Florence Airport, Italy.
Contract No: [protected], Client No: [protected].
Complaint/Claim: Unauthorised credit card charge: €64 for re-fuelling.
I dispute the claim that the car was not returned full of fuel, and have evidence to prove that the car was re-fuelled at the closest petrol station to the the GoldCar drop-off office, and that the car was accepted back by staff and paperwork signed off as 'FULL GAS'.
At 08.42 am on 17th July 2018 the car was re-fuelled back to the full level at the closest petrol station to the Goldcar drop-off location: Beyfin Viale Giovanni Luder 40 42, 50100 Firenze, and I have the petrol receipt to prove it,
The car was then delivered back at 08.50am to the GoldCar Firenze airport location, and the paperwork was signed off by a representative of the team, stating CLEARLY that the car was returned as : ''OK NO DAMAGES AND FULL GAS''. A copy of both of these is attached.
The charge of €64 was taken without my permission, with no justification and is being treated as an unauthorised charge to my credit card. I have raised 3 incident reports to-date via the GoldCar website and none of them have been answered or resolved.
I have now raised a Visa Dispute claim, via my credit card company, and I am about to put in a complaint with the European Consumer Centre.
I would like GoldCar to recognise their administration error and refund the full €64 back to my credit card, with no penalty or charges incurred by me, the consumer, due to changes and fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates please.

GoldCar Rental
GoldCar Rental

Aug 06, 2018

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