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Goldcar / assistance

1 Spain

We rented a car with Gold Car at the airport of Girona. First we had to pay 60 € for the full petrol tank, that was written really small on the contract. After that we had to pay a supplement of 50 € because we wanted to go to France, I thought it was ok for the assistance abroad. Then I had to pay a complementary insurance of 35 € for a full insurance, because I paid with visa electron card. That’s an authorized theft. So we drove to Montpelier. During the trip, it began to rain. The Windscreen-wiper didn’t work. After 30 minute looking for if there was a trick, we called the road assistance of Goldcar. Nobody answered. Then we let a message. They called us back after 30 minutes. We stood on the motorway because we couldn’t see anything. They gave us two solutions. We could go ourselves to a garage to have the Windscreen-wiper repaired and we had to pay it or they gave us a car of replacement from Montpelier, but we had to give the car back in Montpelier and we had to manage ourselves to go from Montpelier to Girona for the return flight. (WHY DID I PAY A SUPLEMENT OF 50 € TO GO TO FRANCE?) I didn’t want to argue then we accepted the first solution. The rain stopped and we drove on to Montpelier. But we didn’t have repaired the windscreen-wiper; I was on holiday that’s their job. On the way back near to Figueras the same occurred. We called again the road assistance. The same, we were told by a French lady named Laurence, that we had to keep on driving in the rain until we arrived to a rest area. On the area they sent us a tow truck to a Peugeot garage to have the car repaired and we had to pay the costs. We had to wait 2 hours until the garage opened. (WHY DID I PAY A SUPLEMENT FOR A FULL INSURANCE OF 35 €). When we arrived to the garage in Orriols we wanted to go to Girona Airport, because we were just 30 km from there. They told us it was not possible. When I started to argue with the French lady about all the paid supplement, she answered me that we didn’t want to speak with me anymore and that I shouldn’t have to call anymore. She hung the telephone. When I tried to call again she hung another time the telephone. At the end the rain stoped and we could go to the airport of Girona. They gave us a new car without any problem.

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