SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / poor servcie, horrible e mail service provider, United States

I use their e mail service and created a domain for my company to receive e mails. Their service stinks, I am so sorry I ever did business with them. I experience problems getting my e mail wand often, and always it is never THEIR issue which they immediately deny when you call. Today May 7 2012 I had issue with Outlook getting on their server. I had the same issue with two computers and an Internet service hosted by two different companies in NYC. Their crack Go Daddy Customer Service denied it was them, said to call the internet provider.

You waste you time doing that, the NYC Internet providers both said there is no issue with them, which is true. They also both said they have problems with Godaddy and it is often their fault, but that they always tell their customer to contact them anyway. Finally after wasting oh 90 minutes Go Daddy send an e mail...".oops it i was our fault." That is it. This same thing has happened not once but a half dozen times since I was stupid enough to do business wit them. Their service stinks, their customer service people are arrogant ###s who refuse to acknowledge any problem could even hypothetically could be theirs. Don't waste you time or money with GoDaddy they suck!

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