Gmacfs / payoff of vehicle being financed by another party

MS, United States

I had a deal with a private party to purchase my buick that wasn't paid off. We went to the purchasers credit union so gmac could get their payoff check and the purchaser could finance the auto for the balance owed. This was 12/08/2009. The c. U. Lady and I both talked to the gmac rep, she, to explain what we were doing and i, having my name taken off of the account. The check was sent, I gave the man the car a couple days later and I thought I was done with it. About 2 weeks later I started getting calls from gmac wanting my next payment. I always asked for my call to be monitored for quality assurance so there may be a record. I got calls that I addressed daily! I rationally explained the situation daily! A couple weeks went by and I went to this credit union to ask why I was getting these calls. C. U. Lady talked to someone and they agreed to stop payment on the payoff check and re-issue a new one. The c. U. Lady gave me the check that was made out to gmac for me to mail, which I promptly did! Wierd! During my daily calls from gmac, I explained what was going on. One day finally, a gmac person told me that yes, they recieved the check, to which I replied "yay!"! About 2 hours later another gmac person called me and said that the payoff amount was now about $170 more! So, at this point the vehicle is still in my name! The c. U. Let me know that what I need to do was to get with the purchaser of the vrhicle and meet at the c. U. And do the transaction all over again! And I am the one to pay the $170ish. Gmac is threatening my credit over this whole deal. I did nothing wrong! I sold the vehicle because I lost my job and can't afford it. Anyway... I called jimmy gray chevrolet, last week, where I bought the car and talked to their finance guy to sree if I needed to go in another direction. He said he'd tell his boss and he may or may not call me back. I called him again today and he never called me back! I was contactewd by the purchaser and he verified that i'm to go to the 1st south c. U. Friday and pay $170ish and the c. U. Will issue another check with the new payoff amount. I do not see where I owe any money! As far as I care, the deal was done on 12/08/09 and I was releived of any further dealing with all of these people! Now they are messing with my good credit! I'm hating the business right now! I will never finance a car again!!!

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