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Gmac Now Ally Finance / repo'd truck

1 Tucson, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 520-243-2295

On October 14 2010 My Chevy Silverado was repossed by whomever company GMAC/Ally Finance contracted to do so "a recovery Company" It is now November 15 almost a month after and I don't know where my truck is!. GMAC loss recovery department state I am behind 12 mos on the truck payments. How can that be ?I know damn well that GMAC would not have waited 12 mos to repo. I know that my Husband's disability insurance kicked in to pay when he got disabled than they were also to cover his unemployment in case he lost his job. Well both things happened and we have proof that disability did pay. It was financed with GMAC for 72 month with zero interest as he had excellent credit. Now we can't get anyone that speaks English to speak to us about where it could be so that we can get our stuff out and the plates legally belong to my husband. I also need send the disability insurance information by certified mail and they returned the reciept, but they never send us a letter regarding this situation so that we could've cleared it all up before the Repo!!!HELP We have already paid $24, 000. and this new finance (ALLY) is saying that this is what we owe!!! HELP

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  • Ki
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    Same thing happened with me, I've had nothing but problems with ALLY since it changed over, and few days ago they came and repo'd my truck without a letter, or warning or anything. I still have yet to get ahold of where my truck is, my husband's work tools were all in the vehicle, along with a money order that is supposed to go towards the car payment.

  • Ma
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    my car was repod yesterday without so much of a letter i asked if i had any available options and they said no this was prior to the repo now they said oh i have an option but i have to pay 2043.00 first if i had trouble paying u 386.00 a month because my husband was not working and i just had a baby and had to stop working for a lil how can i give u 2000+? to top it off ive been paying for 4 years and they claim i still owe 10000+ r u kidding me they suck no help at all they just want the cars to sell them and u still get stuck giving them more money for the diff

  • Sh
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    No one has to give you warning that they are coming to get your vehicle nor do they have to tell you where your vehicle is. Anything inside is considered there property once repo'd unless a certified letter is delivered to the company the contract is with within 7 days, without that they are able to sell anything inside to recover the balance owed or throw away and the plates belong to the vehicle as it was registered to the vehicle or to the state the vehicle was registered in. Sorry folks... the car industry sucks!

  • Wh
      14th of Jan, 2011
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    Wow gmac must have rep tons of vechiles thru ally. come to find out on October 9, 2010 ally is now gmac/nuvell new account holder. and they took my truck with a underpayment for 33.80 and a two week late payment of i have to pay back 2, 300.18 i had this truck since 2005. so much money into payment and they take it...i called them and the cs rep said how would you like to handle your account your two weeks late, i said you have my truck, she said we do, how is that? i said you called the reppo people, they knock on the door and said hello we are taking your truck, oh sorry i did not put your account into collections, i said why did you do that, she stutter and said here is the number to call it was the reppo department and it took three days to wait for the paper work to enter to the computer, i called the reppo department and he said, oh no i no put your account here you must call your case worker, well she does not answer her phone and only other reps are dealing with me...well long story short that was pretty f up! two weeks late, wow! mind you our tax dollars bailed out gmac and look what they did to the public, they take the cars to sale it off and pay the loan back! wow i say huge investagation please...

  • El
      19th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    My son financed a car through GMAC/Ally about 7 months ago and I co-signed for him. On December 12, 2010 a drunk driver hit him and totaled the vehicle. The car was towed to a storage facility who notified Ally that it was there. We had State Farm requesting the vehicle be towed to a repair shop for visual inspection but when I called the storage yard I was informed that Ally had picked the car up. This was done without notification to myself or State Farm. The loan was always paid on time and never paid late but because Ally picked up the car they listed it as a repo on our credit report. Ally refuses to accept the pay off check from State Farm and each day the interest charges increase. It took over a month for Ally to give State Farm the payoff which only increased it as each day storage fees were being added. Im at a loss as to how this situation can be resolved without an attorney because I get no help from any Ally representative and have been told the repo will not be removed and the payment will not be accepted. I have been turned down for loans because of this and in April 2011 the balloon payment is due to be refinanced on my home. I could lose my home over this!

  • Mj
      7th of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I too am in the middle of a repo from Ally, GMAC was working with me to refinance the car. Now since Ally bought them out, they wont work with me! Its even hard to talk with someone in the US that you can understand and communicate effectively with. Ally sucks, dont invest any monies with them!

  • Al
      3rd of Sep, 2011
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    I'm not in the middle of a repo with my car however I am having great difficulty dealing with ALLY recovery after I turned in my lease. I paid the full amount requested; they said I didn't and I paid what the balance they said was, which was 200.00. I just received a bill from the for $10.00. I turned my car in on February 11th, 2011. Thought that I paid them off both time in June 2011. Why do they continue to send bills? And why do they never send an itemized invoice with the bill? Additionally, the start letter " as we have discussed with you you owe us $10.00". I have never "discussed" anything with them regarding $10.00. What a bunch of idiots. If I cannot resolve this issue, I will report them to the BBB. Although, I'm banking on the fact that Ally won't even respond to their complaint. I understand $10.00 isn't going to break my back; however its the point of the matter. Are tey trying to trick people out of money by threatening them about reporting to the credit agency? Didn't our taxes actually bail out GMAC? Why?

  • Po
      23rd of Oct, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I had a very similar situation. GMAC sold my loan to Ally. Due to job lay off i entered into a loan extension agreement. I did everything i was told to do - made the payment and signed the agreement and returned it. I started getting calls demanding payment and threatening repossession. I was in constant contact with the man who approved my loan extension. He repeatedly assured me that i did not owe anything for 3 months and that my loan extension was good and he had no idea who was calling me, told me not to worry. The calls continued demanding payment and denying the extension agreement. And everytime they called i called my rep at Ally who told me i was in good standing and to just ignore the calls. My car was repossessed. When i called my guy he asked me "are you sure it was repossessed? Maybe it was stolen". It took 3 days to find out where my car was and who ordered the repossession. I was on a 3 way call with the department that ordered the repo and the department that set up the extension agreement. I listened to these 2 jerks yell at each other arguing over what happened. I hired an attorney and sued Ally. If you want a copy of my complaint i would be happy to share it with you. Our tax dollars bailed GM out and now they are screwing us. My lawyer found other instances of wrongful repo by Ally and is seeking punitive damages. They countersued me for the balance of the loan. Yet they never even followed the rules and did not even give me an opportunity to make good. They sent fake certified letters notifying me of the repo - the Certified Delivery seals were embossed on the envelopes but they were sent regular mail and postmarked 30 days after the vehicle was sold. I set up an email address [email protected] so email me if you can help me or if i can help you. I am happy to keep anyone up to date on my case and provide you with copies of the lawsuit papers to help you.

  • Ja
      25th of Jun, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I have a 2010 Silverado I bought just before gmac went to ally. Not it is 06/25/2013 and my truck is out for repossession. Let me fill you in really quick. When I bought my truck I had plenty of money and amazing credit so I put 0 down on my truck with a finance rate of 4.9% my monthly payment has been $575 a month not including insurance. The truck was just over $38, 000 after taxes. Now lets do some math 575 a month multiplied 37 payments made equals $21, 275 payed on said truck with around $16, 000 left owed. I missed the last two payments for family reasons. Why I missed them in fact doesn't even matter. What pisses me off is that after 37 on time, never late, never partial, never anything but perfect, they put my truck out for repossession after only two months of non payment, I mean come on people did I not prove to you I will pay it! I talked to several people at ally and nobody would do anything. When I asked if they could defer a payment they laughed at me. Now they are demanding that I pay them $2, 300 to stop my truck from being repossessed. I make a decent living but I still live paycheck to paycheck only able to save very little after expenses. How the french am I going to come up with that kind of money!? Well my credit is pretty good still i figure so I head out to a local dealership with a little over $700 in my pocket (figuring this was enough as I put 0 down on a $38, 000 truck) well let me tell you my 2010 is still in my driveway and sure as a rooster crows at dawn I already have a repossession on my credit report. I have been rejected everywhere I have looked for a car because I have a recent repo. Buying a car was being such a pain I decided I would try to get one from a sketchy lot you know a buy here pay here...I got rejected there too!!! It's been unreal. Finally I went to a straight up NO credit check at all place. Luckily I am a mechanic so I know a clunker when I see one and I know hidden gold when nobody else does. I found a 2000 Toyota Solara SLE V6, with 144, 300 miles on it. I was like ###, because this was the only car on the lot that the check engine light wasn't on so I popped the hood. Totally rebuilt, and what I mean by that is that about 10 to 20, 000 miles ago someone pulled the motor out and replaced almost everything. This one they even did down to radiator hoses vacuum hoses almost a completely new motor. So I said I would buy it, man this place asked to see my ID and for 5 references. Nothing about where I work or anything like that. It took 30 minutes from start to finish with paperwork. Talk about sketchy. Well the car runs good at least but pissed about losing my truck and the bad credit now. Just thought I would share what ally made me go through these last couple weeks, .

  • Rj
      3rd of Aug, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I'm currently in a situation with ally. In may of 2012 and now its August of 2013 and just found out late July that ally never picked the truck up from the repo lit to take to auction. Now the owner of the towing company is legal owner of my truck because he filled abandonment title and was awarded it. Now I'm being sued for what the loan amount was on the truck. My credit is now ruined because every month they report non pymt to the credit bureaus. Trying to figure out what exactly is going on I've been the only one doing any calling. Speaking to Pa in the department they say I'm in and she has no idea what's going on other than they are suing me. I told her that it looks like I'll be having a counter suit on them for deprivation of character, she then replied with I can't do that because its my fault. I said guess we will find this out in court. My question is do I have a case?

  • Ly
      14th of Aug, 2013
    -1 Votes

    August 14, 2013 -- Acct#254913922776 I don't know why I am even writing this, because no matter who I talk to they are rude and arrogant (in particular) Mr.Ainsley in collection dept . So here I go again for the umpteenth time to no avail, I am being treated like 71 yr. (OLD) lady who doesn't need a car anyway and at her age shouldn't be driving anyway. Here is where I will begin. On August 28, 2008 I purchased a 2008 Saturn Astra Black Sapphire.5 door XE. I financed it for six years at 0% interest, the payment due each month on 28th in the amount of $356.40 and ending August 28, 2014. I had an excellent credit rating and did not require a co-signer. The pre-authorized payments were going smoothly until June/July of 2011, I lost quite a substanstial pension of My late husband. Due to going out of business. Durin that approximate three (minus 1) monthe I had a double by-pass on my heart. And never missed a payment, I contacted Ally and was approved for a two month extension. I had no problem getting it. My payments remained at $356.40 and 0% percent interest. Now again on the right track. However, once again in January of 2013, I developed double pneumonia, my mother passed awa on January 19th and I sliped on the ice and slid under my car. Breaking my hip. So I land in the hospital and had to have HIP replacemennt surgery. Through all of this (I know you are not interested and don't want to hear it, because, as was said to "QUOTE :NONE OF THIS IS OUR PROBLEM"'. I managed to keep my payments up to date until the end of March 2013. In mid April, I got a hold of Ally and spoke to a Cheryl Tizzard, who through, until just lately it was her I dealt. She was ver personable. She told me that she could not give me another extension, but she could RE-WRITE the Vehicle Purchase Agreement, but interest would be charged and she could lower the monthly payment which would include interest. They would send it out in the mail for me to sign and return. Well, when I got it, the contract numbers were all wrong. My vehicle purchase agrement number read this-----$25, 586.97---------Their numbers read $26, 040.40 with an outstanding balance of $8910.00. I was advised by my credit Counseller Mr. Stephen Agius of Ontario Credit Councellers Assoc. to notify Ally and tell them that wouldn't sign it until the numbers were correct. So for the 2nd time they wrote another contract and DO YOU KNOW WHAT???? it was the same one that came back to me, because THEY DON'T KNOW HOW THEY CAME UP WITH THE WRONG NUMBERS, SO THIS WOULD HAVE TO DO.------therefore, I didn't sign again-----last Wednesday August 7 2013, YOU GUESSED IT!!, my car was repossessed. So my credit counseller and Mr. anisley were hashing it through. Nothing was gained. Mr Anisley that was how THINGS WERE, AND IN NO WAY WAS HE GOING TO LOOK AT OR CHANGE ANYTHING., Now, I live in a small village 1, 100 Mr Ainsley has told me, that if I give Stephen Agiius a written permission paper. He would let him get the personal items out of my car, which I might add has only 15, 500 km due to all the health issues. The items included a pair of prescription sunglasses. And because I am partilly handicapped, I have a HANDICAP CARD, which you in sight whenever you use a Handicap parking spot etc. Mr Anisley phone this a.m. August 14th. And told me that now TO DATE I am over $3, 000 and it will keep rising each day. SO BY THE TIME THE 26 DAYS IS UP THE CAR WILL BE MORE THAN THE BALANCE. I believe this might be FRAUD, but I am not sure. This is a very lengthy complaint and whether you will or not, I would like you to forward this complaint to MR. SNICKLESS (Mr. Ainsleys' boss in collections, Mr Ainsley himself, and Mr. Michael A. Carpenter, C.E.O. of ALLY. I would send this myself, but for security purposes, the e-mail addresses are not made available. I would very much like to tak to Mr Snickles or Mr Carpenter.
    There is absolutely no way I will speak to Mr. Ainsley as he is a very arrogant man. Yells over you, when you are trying to carry on a Civil conversation. In my opinion, i do not believe that SCARE TACTICS SHOULD BE USED ON A CLIENT., DEALING WITH Mr Anisley makes one feel very inferior. If I dont hear from from Mr Carpenter or Mr Snickless, then I willhave to assume that ALLY DOES HAVE THEIR CLIENTS' BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS GETTING THEIR MONEY/CAR OR WHATEVER ELSE BACK. tHEY DON'T TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE CLIENTS CREDIT HISTORY WAS WHEN A CONTRACT WAS ORIGINALLY SIGNED, OR DURING THE YEARS UNTIL CONTRACT HAS FINALLY ENDED. sO THE CLIENTS CREIDT HISTORY IS THE WORST IT CAN BE INTEREST BEING AS HIGH AS 30-40% INTEREST. pLEASE IF YOU CAN'T OR WON'T ADDRESS MY SITUIATION, AS LEAST DIRECT ME TO SOMEONE WHO WILL. again if i don't hear back--then I will assume that you don't give a TINKERS' DAMN. THANK YOU

  • Un
      31st of Oct, 2013
    -1 Votes

    They repossessed my car after paying on it for over 6 yrs ( contract was for 6 yrs-had 6 deferments =6 1/2 yrs)
    Outrageous repo fees
    Ally sent me a very detailed payment history and there are numerous accounting errors. Errors that cost me $. extra padding on interest payments.

    Trying to get me to re-write. They claim if I give them near $900 the will give me my car back and re write a new loan for the remaining $1, 000. but they REFUSE to put that in writing.

    Wrongfully applied late fees. late fees applied with deferment payments when they NOT suppose to apply.

    Screwing up deferment payments, reporting negative info to credit bureaus.


  • Un
      31st of Oct, 2013
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    Ally auto's unhappy customers :

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