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Gmac Mortgage / no customer service!

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Gmac is the worst of the 8 different loan co. I've had. Their different depts. Don't seem to communicate between them. It's taken months for them to fix my acct. As per closing statement in my loan docs and4mnts in acct. Is still not right! When you call, long long wait times to talk to people who are hard to understand and english is not a first language. Really bad service!!!

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  • Te
      23rd of May, 2007
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    My horror story with GMAC began last night when I opened my mortgage statement and discovered I was past due. Why? Well, apparently GMAC doesn't know how to process cashiers checks. I sent GMAC a cashier's check. They posted it then reversed it claiming the bank wasn't able to draft it. Their so- called Customer Care, what a joke, a horrible joke. All they're programmed to say is "yes, maam", "no, maam". They couldn't explain anything, they couldn't find the check, they don't know where and who they returned it to. They pretend they have managers and supervisors. All they do is put you on hold for 10 minutes, talk to their other inept friends, come back to the phone, ask you the same questions again, pretend they're checking something on the computer, put you on hold, claim they're looking for a manager, put you on hold, tell you the computers are down, put you on hold, and then after about 30 minutes of this they basically never answer your questions. The reality is there ARE NO supervisors or managers, they will never connect you to one, and your questions will never get answered. You call back, you start over with the whole story. I had to miss an entire day of work and my issue is still not resolved. The president of this company should be fired. GMAC is the worst mortgage company out there.

  • Jw
      12th of Jun, 2007
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    I have had a mortgage for years. Several months ago, I received an urgent phone message "about my account". The phone number left was for the foreclosure line and the only options were if I was already in foreclosure and if I wanted to stop foreclosure. I NEVER missed a payment on my house!

    It took me 3 phone calls and almost a half an hour to speak to a live person. By the time I got to her, my blood pressure was through the roof (I am disabled) and I was furious. Know why they called? To tell me my payment was going down $12 a month!

    I told her (in VERY clear terms) that gmac was never to call me again. But – ever single month now I get phone calls from the foreclosure line for at least 7 solid days. I have already filed against them in court for harassment.

    BEWARE! NEVER do business with or gmac - they will make you crazy!

  • Ke
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    I hate GMAC Mortgage with a passion!!!

    I refinanced my home with them in 2003. Locked in a rate, and I should have seen it coming when I began the process with Them in Nov 2002, and didn't close till June 2003. At the time my refi amount was slightly over 80% like 83% of my appraisal so I was informed I needed PMI. Initially they gave me a figure over $300 per month, and I told them no way. Then they came back with another figure slightly over $200 and again I said no. The third time they told me $94.00 and since I was so close to have 80% LTV that I would not have to pay PMI for very long. I locked in at 6.5% with a timely payments rider to reduce my rate 1% after 24 months of on time payments. This has to be achieved within the first 4 years of the loan and will be applied on the Anniversary date following the 24 ontime payments.

    We were feeling pretty good at first. Our first payment / Anniversary date was Aug 1st 2003 and in Nov 2003 we enrolled in the Bi-Saver program that automatically withdraws half you monthly balance every two weeks. Cost over $300 to set up, and had to be one payment ahead to start. Now No hassles having to send in payments AAHH or so we thought. In Jan of 2004, I started medical treatments for a illness I had which was going to run for a year. The treatments were once a week and make you really sick for the next 3-4 days following.

    I started missing some work but nothing too serious, and we were still able to meet our financial obligations but it was tight! Late Feb, 2004 I received my escrow analysis and found out I was going to be charged an additional $480 per month for prior years escrow shortage. After an hour of researching this I found that Instead of paying $94.08 per month for PMI I was Paying Nearly $350. My monthly escrow amount at the start was $9.00 more than the amount I was paying for PMI. So not only did I have a serious negative balance for 2003, the additional charge for PMI was added to 2004. I contacted GMAC Straight away and explained my situation.

    The first associate I spoke with was the first and only good customer care associate I would speak to. He pulled up my account and was even able to review my closing papers and contract and agreed that I was being over charged. Long story short, we had to cancel our bi-saver program because they automatically started taking the new higher amount out. I told them I had no problem paying my current monthly payments but the additional $500 was not in our budget. Their response was I needed to continue paying the incorrect amount till they completed their investigation and corrected the mistake. I told them I would only send them the agreed amount at closing and they could sort the rest since it really was an escrow account. They told me they would only accept the full amount and would not take my so-called partial payments. This added stress had adverse affects on my treatments and I only got sicker. We fell behind, not being able to pay the high amount. Fees in excess of $900 were added to my account. It took over six months to fix the problem. I used our tax return to pay the first two months we fell behind and they threatened foreclosure, then I had to take out a Hardship withdraw to pay the next couple months that we were not able to make the full payment.

    Even after the issue was resolved it took till Jan 2005 to get back on track. They refunded $500 to me! But at that point the damage was done. Both our vehicles were repossessed one that was financed thru GMAC Auto/ how funny that actually we payed current the weekend they reposed it but then told us we needed to come up with the entire balance owed to get the vehicle back! We had to file bankruptcy, which was disolved July 2005. The only account we reaffirmed was our mortgage! Oh and I failed to mention I am the sole bread winner for my family which we have SIX children, our middle daughter is perminantly handicapped and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was one. She is ten now and doing good and loves school.

    Back to GMAC Scam, Though we reaffirmed our Mortgage, and were both driving $500 beaters with heaters (what a humbling experience) GMAC Began reporting our loan in default on my credit report. Even up till April of this year when we had 26 months of ontime payments they were reporting my account in foreclosure. Every time I called to get it fixed I was told the same thing that I didn't reaffirm and that was how they handled that. Even though we managed to recover from the first blow, and make our payments on time it wasn't being reported as such. Infact they stopped reporting my monthly payments in April of 2005 so it showed no current payment history but a Balance and noted in foreclosure. After countless phone calls and denials from other lenders for auto and home, not so much for the bankruptcy but directly because of the inaccurate reporting they were doing on my credit report. I would dispute it and they would dig in and say they were reporting it correctly.

    I think we got that under control now but I have PMI of $94 per month which we are almost at 75% ltv now according to our refinanced home value but they will not remove it. And my 1% rate reduction which should have taken affect for Aug 1st 2007 hasn't been adjusted. In fact my OCT 1st payment will be credited to my account the beginning of next week so I will have made three payments at that point paying just over $200.00 more than I should be.

    Of course I have been in contact with them since July, because I figured I would have received some letter about the reduction prior to the Aug 1st date but was told in very broken english I must wait till Aug to see if it was adjusted. And once again I qualify for the reduction, no questions about that. I am being told to continue paying the billed amount until they complete their investigation into my account and my closing documents, even though they can pull them up on their computer and view them as they speak to me.

    What a joke, and I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of others out there with similar if not worse stories. I am seriously going to investigate my rights to see if I have any legal rights to file a lawsuit against them. If I can, I will so do all I can to make it happen!

  • Ni
      7th of Nov, 2007
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    Let me tell you my store!!

    Where do i begin!!!

    Let see GMAC auto repo my car back in feb of 07. Yes, i was behind but i made arrangement with Jennifer. They stated that they received my payment a day late. The reason why they received my payment a day late, because of Columbus day. WHICH NO MAIL RUNS THAT DAY!!! Tried explaining that to the stupid people and they just didn't get it. Now mind you this is the first time in 3 years that i was ever, ever late on this car.

    So i called and called GMAC to find out how and where could i pick up my car. I was told the first time frankie the guy handling my account would call me back.. I waited 4 hours without a call back. I called again looking for Frankie and they transfer me to his voice mail. Left a message waited 2 hours and called back to get a manager (mark) who was a complete JERK!! Told me that i need 1500 to get the car back. I was like where is the 700.00 that i just sent you. I don't have that kind of money. My husband was just called back from being laid off for a year. I have spent everything that i have. He really didn't give two dead fly about me.

    So i asked again where is the 700.00 that i sent to you.. He states that he mailed it back the day the received it. By then i was pissed and i just wanted my car back. He told me that i needed to western union the money and they would tell me where to get my car. After i western union he told me where i could go and get it.

    I called the nice repo man ( can you believe that) he gave me the address. However my vehicle was not there. GMAC called and had them send my vehicle to the auction place. The repo man states that he never had a company call the next day to send the vehicle away. I end up getting my car back but it doesn't stop there...

    Months later, after trying to play catch up i file for chapter 7. I sent in all of my reaffirm papers. Everyone received theirs EXCEPT GMAC. As soon as it was discharged they start calling demanding full payment. My question was what are you talking about. I sent in reaffirm paper. The rude and nasty lady told me they didn't get them. I told her i had the confirmation fax and she was like so. We don't have them we want full payment or we come and get the vehicle. So after talking to my attorney we filed a motion to reopen the chapter 7. We are waiting for the judge to sign and GMAC is looking for my car. I talk to Mark tonight and he basically to me that he is going to sue me for the car. I asked him for the attorney name so i can give it to my attorney and he said he didn't know whom he was going to use. So i told him don't call me again talk to my attorney. I wish i could see them.

    Don't ever get a car loan with them!!! I really hate this company

  • Mm
      9th of Nov, 2007
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    I have a similar experience with J. Wagstaff. I have automatic loan payments set up with GMAC so I never miss a payment but GMAC constantly calls me and urge me to contact their foreclosure department, and when I call that department they would tell me they have no idea why. More recently, the phone recordings have been slightly less vague in that it informed me of "opportunities to cut my rates" if I call GMAC. Most likely this is referring to the scam which asks you to pay semi-monthly so you can pay off your debt quicker, with the catch being a service charge of hundreds of dollars when I can just pay more monthly to get the same result, for free.

    In any case, I have signed up for the Federal Do Not Call list for years now and I believe what GMAC is doing is actually illegal. The FTC just cracked down on some companies and they were punished for millions for tactics which GMAC is employing now.

  • Mi
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    OH MY GOSH is what I have to say about the complaints I am reading. I thought I was the only one going through a HUGE nightmare with GMAC. They have the worst customer service in the world. Each department doesn't handle whatever it is you need to know, they tell you to contact "such and such" that they handle my account. I get transfered, and guess what ?? They tell me the SAME thing, they don't handle my account I need to talk to "so and so". Okay long sorry short. I was short my mortgage payment in July of 07. I called GMAC, they wouldn't accept the payment of $200 less, I was told to call back in a couple of weeks with a one month payment and at that point they would figure out a payment plan. to help me after I had explained my Financial Crisis,. I get the full amount, call back, they refuse my payment and also tell me not to mail it in either because they will just return the check to me, so save a stamp.
    The reason they wouldn't take the payment was due to another month added on that I owed and late charges, wow they are completely out of it I tell you. This back and forth went on and on, me calling them every day trying to make payments, work out a plan. I was lied to, transfered here and there, told to call back, told I would get a call back. This is still not resolved after 5 months, going on 6 months, last month I called and had saved $3500 to pay them, again I was refused, I actually needed $3996 in order to save my account and house. He told me I had 5 days to come up with that amount and if not my house was going to foreclosure, 2 days later I call with that exact amount I was told to get. Spoke to someone else (of course) they said there were no note in the computer regarding this 5 day thing I was told to avoid foreclosure, she was very rude, continually cutting me off, I was so upset, (by the way I am on permanent disability and have been for the past 5 years with mental issues). They know that, I had told them because I am on a limited income and the reason for the financial hardship was my husband, who is a flooring contractor has no work what so ever.
    She then told me that my house went into foreclosure the previous day, it was on it way to they're attorneys (she wouldn't give me they're name and numbers) they were going to contact me to discuss if I could save my house, she kept rubbing in my face all the fees I would have to pay since it went to they're attorneys. I was so discussed with GMAC.. MORE disappointed that anything, I call evenings and the Philippines answers the calls. SO in my opinion GMAC is having money troubles. I read they are laying of a tons of workers, they sold 51% of the company to GM Motors. Too many of everyones stories are similar, Are the employees trained to repeat themselves and transfer calls? I mean come on now.

    Okay so I find out after more calls my house was NOT in foreclosure. Oh and also I had a friend look up my house with a password I couldn't look up, hes an appraiser, my house is in a different lenders name, it looks like they sold my house, I have not a clue they didnt tell me.

    Oh and to make this all the better, I have 2 vehicles with GMAC, they were illegally reposed on September 11th 07, I have been wiring them the money to keep up the payments. I go the run around with that too. I just found out where my cars are. Can you believe this? I was having a breakdown—é

    Anyone want to do something about this LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!

  • Jh
      5th of Dec, 2007
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    If GMAC is going to outsource at least they should go to a Country where they speak very good English.
    The Representatives that they have in Asia especially in Philippines are the worst representatives in the world.

  • Me
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I am in total agreeableness with everyone here about GMAC. They stole my cars, they are complete professional game players. I think that's the training the employees receive. "How to deceive all our customers, give them the run around for as long as needed until they give up or give in".

    THEY SUCK and need to be stopped. Every person I have spoke to has worked there a few weeks or less, they have a big turn around it seems. And the Philipine's?? I don't believe they were even trained. I think they have all our numbers and names, randomly call and repeat themselves. No matter what you ask or say they will repeat themselves over and over, never hang up on you like the US employees. I am telling you PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! I need people , the more we are the more power we have... Come on, this is what they want, for you to complain on a board then go about your day. NO! We need to go further... It will be worth it in the end. I know this... Please email me!!!

  • Ve
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    My car was repossessed by GMAC on the 16th of December. I called the following Monday, the 17th, and was told to wait 24 hrs for a quote. I called Tuesday and was told to call back later in the afternoon. I got a quote. I Western Union'ed the money to them on the 20th for what they quoted, I was told there was nothing I could do until I received a redemption code. I waited 48 hours until the following Monday. I called at noon and was told since I did not call them back with payment information on Thursday I owed an additional $81.00 and it would be again 48 hours until I receive my redemption code. On Thursday I called and was told my car was in auction in Houston, I live in Austin (250 miles away). They have full payment for what was owed on my car plus all the fees. Plus, I have to go to Houston to pick the car. Still, they have not given me the redemption code. It is now 72 hours and I'm told that there could be additional fees for the garage in Houston. This is a crime. Is there a way to break through this impasse?

  • Bi
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    GMAC is the single worst provider of customer service on the planet. Even more so than the phone or cable company. I just received a refund for an escrow "overpayment." I did the math and saw they are wrong so I called them. I have been on the phone for hours. They usually put me on hold, this lasts for 20-30 minutes and then the phone disconnects. Trying to explain their error I show them my insurance costs have risen so they should be charging me more. They tell me I am wrong. I try to go through it line by line w/ them but I can tell they have no information on their end. I do not believe they could help me if they wantedto so they just put me on hold til the call is disconnected. Doesn't seem like a big deal? Read some of the other posts on this site. What will happen is they will bill me for the shortage. If you do not have it they will loan you the money within your original loan. This equals an incresed amount of interest for them. Many people will see a check like this as a god send and spend it. So when the bill arrives for GMAC's mistake, they will then be obligated to 'borrow' to pay it. If GMAC does this several thousand times imagine the windfall they could receive in additional interest. Times are tight so this is a very easy scam. The idea that no one is watching the wolf here is disturbing. My mortgage company literally refuses to help me on a mistake with my account. I am in good faith trying to head off a problem due totheir mistake and they don't even want to talk to me.

  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    I wasn't shocked to see all the complaints about GMAC. I have made every payment of my mortgage on time or early and yet they found a way to say I was past due on my account. Apparently you can't split you payment and send 2 checks. WHAT THE He!! Hey genius's at GMAC you are getting paid in full, ahead of time. I will buy you a calculator since you can't add. So the smarties after a year of applying my payments without problems all of a sudden start putting every thing towards principle. Not what idiot would pay an extra 1500 on principle and not pay the regular bill. Well according to the GMAC customer service rep alot of people. What? I can't wait to get rid of them.

  • To
      12th of Feb, 2008
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  • To
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    What's their CEO's email or phone number?
    I need to talk to this stupid guy.

  • To
      27th of Feb, 2008
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  • Ch
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    I have GMAC. I tried to contact them after my fiancee passed away to see if I could refinance since I am now trying to make it on one income, nobody bothered to get back to me. I went 4 months trying to get someone to call or email me, nothing. You only get an automatic voice mail. They will however call and harass you and hang up without leaving messages or have somebody leave notes taped to your front door. My only option now is to put my house up for sale since now my credit has been affected by GMAC unwillingness to assist their customers in refinancing, hell, I would have settled for just getting rid of my PMI payments since I've been in the house over five years. These people are crooks and I hope every last one of them has to suffer the same experiences that all of us have had to endure because of their shady practices.

  • Vi
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    GMAC customer service is the worst in the world. I just called trying to get my attorney authorized to get info on my account, ironically to get funds paid toward my principle they are holding in escrow from my closing last year. I talked with a guy named Jeff who was a rude, obnoxious JERK. He kept telling me it couldn't be done due to policy, I asked for a supervisor more than a few times & he told me even if I talked to a supervisor it would not change the policy. I said ok but let me talk to supervisor, I was put on hold & then was told all supervisors were too busy to talk to me. I asked for email address or fax # & name & he refused to give it to me. When I asked for his last name I was told he couldn't give it to me for security reasons, same excuse for supervisor 1st name or any additional information. I then asked him what country he was in & he said the states, I asked him for a specific location & was told he couldn't divulge that information for security reasons. He then asked me was I discriminating because of the way he talked & I told him no way, it was because of his poor customer service skills & his hostility toward helping me find a solution to my problem. I will think twice before obtaining another loan of any kind from GMAC because of the worst than poor customer service.

  • Jo
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    I have to agree with the statement that GMAC customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. When you obtain a loan, it is for a certain amount. Your payments go in part toward that principal amount and the rest to interest, insurance, or what have you. Figuring how much is left when a borrower asks should not be that difficult. My children could do the basic subtraction needed for this process. However, when you want to pay a loan off with GMAC, it takes an act of God to get a pay off quote.
    My house has been on the market for more than a year now. I have had contracts on it, but the financing always seemed to fall through for these buyers. FINALLY, I get a buyer and everything is ready to close, except the payoff quote. The attorney's office tried to obtain this information, only to be told after a week of requests and calls that GMAC would only deal with me. I called and was told an inspection would have to be done before I would receive my quote. An inspection??? To pay off a loan??? The woman I talked to was not understanding anything I was telling her; English was not her strong point.
    So on to another agent the next day, who was very polite and told me the quote would be faxed that day. Needless to say, it was not. Although I appreciate the attitude of this young lady, just telling me what I wanted to hear was not an effective way to conduct business. If I had been told the truth, and the policy explained at that time, I would not have as much of a complaint because the closing could have been scheduled to accomodate it.
    When I called back this morning to find out why it hadn't been sent, I was told it would take 5 - 7 more days to evaluate the account before a quote could be given. When I asked why, I was told that it was procedure. This 'customer service agent' could not explain the procedure, only that it was it was a Commandment or something and I had no business questioning the authority. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, the woman, Cindy, told me no and hung up.
    I immediately called back, and talked to a gentleman who got more than an earful he didn't actually deserve because of Cindy's actions. When I again asked to speak to a supervisor at the onset of this call, I was informed that he would have to try to help me first. When the story was relayed for the 4th time in 3 days, he gave me the same answer as Cindy, however he did tell me he would try to connect me with a supervisor when I asked for the 3rd time. After 8 minutes he advised there was no supervisors available. I told him I would wait, time was not really a concern for me at the moment. Approximately 30 seconds later a woman claiming to be a supervisor picked up the phone. She said she would monitor the progress and call me back as soon as the quote was prepared. She could not, or would not take the time to tell me what the problem was, or how to fix it. Although the called ended there, I was not satisfied.
    So, I Googled GMAC, and called Waterloo, IA direct since the foreign speaking nations could give me no answers or explainations. I still got no further than customer service, but at least this time we could understand each other. He told me that because I didn't actually live in the house any longer it would take a week to manually figure my pay off. Why??? I only owe the remaining balance on my account, and maybe some prorated interest for the month. Whether or not I am residing at the house or not, isn't that balance the same?? No answer for that other than, that is our procedure. When I asked to talk to someone in the department doing the quote, I was told that they had no phone. Seriously, do they keep these accountants locked in the basement with no communications? I think that is illegal even in the country where the phones are answered!!
    Regardless, there is no one to talk to outside of "customer service", which is an obvious contradiction of terms to say the least. In the end, the quote was faxed about a 1/2 hour after I placed the 2 final POed calls this morning and given the 5-7 day waiting period answer, however the phone call I was promised as soon as the quote was ready has not come. It irritates me that I had to waste hours of my time, both at home and at work, to bully these people into providing something as simple as a payoff quote. In these days of mass forclosures, one would think getting a loan paid off would be an event for celebration, not one for neglect and abuse.
    I am going to close on my house in about an hour, but my anger with GMAC has not been quenched. I am still looking for addresses of executives to contact to about the sorry service the company provides. One voice may not be heard, but after finding this website and realizing I am not alone, maybe a difference can be made. I have no desire to obtain a ditech or GMAC loan ever again. Like the old saying goes, "Wrong me once, shame on you, wrong me twice, shame on me." I won't make that mistake again, nor will anyone I know if I can help it. I will pass on my dissatisfaction to anyone who will listen! Thank you for a place to rant!!

  • Jo
      20th of Apr, 2008
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    Hello, I have been a GMAC customer for many years. I was recently 2 moths behind on my mortgage and was sent a letter to warn of foreclosure six days later I was foreclosed on. My home has good equity. GMAC is totally unethical and is responsible for the mess our economy is i today. There latest service to the citizens of the United States is to look for loans on homes with equity and rush them through to foreclosure. They know they will either get a valuable asset or get you to pay massive fees. GMAC is an american company that is causing more financial damage to america than any terrorist group on earth.
    Its time to expose these thieves and give them a taste of ruining peoples lives.
    I am planning a nationwide protest that will bring major attention to this company and hit them right where they have hit me, my neighbors and our country.
    Please contact me if you are interested.

  • De
      13th of May, 2008
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    Good to know others have had problems with GMAC customer service. I'm a Realtor in Orange County, Ca and am selling a home thru a short sale. GMAC is the sellers mortgage company. They have the 1st and the offer I sent them 9 weeks ago is only short about $20, 000 in what my client totally owes them. I have a buyer for the house that has sold their home and is currently living in a hotel with 2 small children waiting for GMAC to finish the approval. They have over 30% down cash payment...I'm sorry...I thought that was considered a GOLD buyer in this market????I call the short sle department daily and am
    placed on hold for over an hour each time. Last week, a rep didn't like a question I asked and she hung up on me. I've called them about 30 times in 9 weeks and can't get past the cusomer service reps. Trying to explain that if this home goes to foreclosure, it will cost GMAC minimum of $50, 000 to process to sell doesn't concern them. At least I know now that they are this unprofessional with all their bad.

  • Sh
      20th of May, 2008
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