Globe Telecom / required to purchase accessories at least p1,000 in order to re-contract with a postpaid mobile plan

Cebu City, PH

Even if we have experienced terrible services from you, from the start to the end of our 24-month term, I and my husband still decided to re-contract but with a lower plan...mine from 1799 and my husband from 799 both down to 599.

Early this year, we started to make our transactions with Globe SM Seaside, Cebu as your Ayala, Cebu branch is so crowded and majority of the staff seems not so well informed with how the network and everything else should go. So we came across with Mr. Dan Alia from the SM Seaside, Cebu and have found that our concerns were satisfactorily taken care of...but only with him, the rest are impossible.

So last August we went to SM SEASIDE, Cebu to re-contract just a day before the expiration of my husband's first contract. As we were still undecided on whether to get another Iphone or not, we just settled for the 6-month contract yet. Unfortunately, we were required by Ms. Eden Enad, the staff who served us, to buy P1, 000 worth of accessories for us to be granted our request for renewal of contract. We were, at first, hesitant but laughing at the thought of it. We even joked about it. Globe should be the one to reward us for deciding to stay with a plan. Anyways, we had little time to think and we wanted that the lower plan be billed on our next billing so that we were forced to buy a 4, 000 plus worth of camera for the two subscriptions -- mine and for my husband after Ms. Enad insisted that "IT WAS Globe's policy".

We chose the camera as we could not find any other item that would be of use to us. Well, we don't need the camera, at the moment, either. We thought that it was better than the cellphone covers and we had to buy, anyway, in order to have a globe subscription.

Then eventually, we passed by globe SM CITY, Cebu during one of our shopping moments. My children and my husband asked about the said policy if it really did exist in all Globe branches. The answer was IT IS NOT IN GLOBE 's policy. After a week, I visited GLOBE, Ayala, Cebu. Again, i was told it was never in the policy of GLOBE. At this juncture, I and my husband decided to return the said camera as there was deceit behind the transaction. The said camera was never been used nor did we try to check on it when we got home. It was just kept in its box and paper bag very intact and untouched. Mr. Dan Alia was the one who assisted us on this. At first, Mr. Alia told us that it was already beyond a month from the transaction date so that it could no longer be exchanged nor returned. But after some time of explaining to him about the deceit behind Ms. Enad's dealings, he decided to have this case escalated to Globe's head office. But since that day, Nov. 3 to date, we have not received any feedback from your office. I sent e-mails to Mr. Alia but never received any reply at all. I know that Globe is very powerful and could just do away with all its customers' negative feedbacks and disappointments with stolen loads and unjustifiable bills, but, we are still hoping that this could be

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    Globe messenger just advised me to contact the concerned store, instead. Can't they understand why we are elevating this matter? Come on, Globe!

Nov 19, 2017

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