Globe Telecom / plan 1299 dsl but turn out lte promised 10 mbps but we had 1 mbps


We are applied for the plan 1299 which according to them it's 10 mbps plus 100 gb monthly allowance, me and the globe agent himself agreed that it is dsl plan not lte or whatsoever, but they installed to us an lte which my relatives didn't know the distinction between a dsl or an lte, me either. since we have been installed an internet, we have only receive a few amount of data we "never" experienced to have 10 mbps or atleast 9 mbps it's always 0. something mbps. attached here are the tests I conducted via

We are located here at general mariano alvarez, cavite in barangay severino delas alas

Globe Telecom

Jan 22, 2017

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