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Global Visas / tier 1 visa

1 England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:

DONT FALL IN the TRAP OF Globalvisas Tier 1 (HSMP) application
Global Visas or Globalvisas are fraud, they promise no win no fee but they dont return you money. They keep you card details after the initial payment & then debit your account after 30 days with the balance amount without letting you know. Globalvisas employee turn over is really high, so the people that might be looking on your case might leave the company they day before you application is being filled. Some of the people that I dealt with & who messed my case are David o'dea, Cassy (Qing Kang), Kanchan (She claims to be very senior and she knows nothing)

I am also one of the persons effected by GlobalVisas attitude, they are very unprofessional in the way they handle the case. You are stuck if pay the initial amount, you are then completly stuck if you pay them the complete fees. After the complete payment the communication gap widens and they have I care a hang attitude. Mine was avery simple case which I could have filed on my on. Due to time constraint and other stress I thought of acquiring there services so that I could be rest assured that Professionals taking care of the case. Unfortunately I was wrong, Globalvisas is just a big name, My clear win win case was rejected by the HO & because globalvisas had put in wrong information.

Can you believe this that for tier 1 general (HSMP) I gave Globalvisas quite a few documents to refer & only few crucial and releveant documents had to be attached. With my application they attached the entire bunch of documents that I had given, which did not have to do anything with the case. The initial photocopies that I sent them even those were attached. This shows they didnt work on it, they just filled any thing in the form & sent the entire bunch to HO. No win No Fees is a sham. If any was is planning to sue Globalvisas, please contact me & I would likle to part of the litigation. My email is

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  • Gu
      24th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have had a similar experience with these scammers called Global Visas. Although it happened last year, but i am still fuming and can't stop complaining about them. First they take a deposit (about £500) then ask you to sign a paper (make sure you read the small print). After sometime they won't answer your calls, nor will they correspond via email. A month or so after the deposit taken, they will debit your account for the remaining balance regardless the process of your case. If you complain you will be referred to a "manager", then to a "manager of the manager" FOREVER... Get your grips to your cash, choose a proper company. Global Visas are scammers!

  • Gj
      27th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    UK DIRECTOR GLOBALVISAS (Does not have the balls to reply to complaints, he passes them on to his minions)

    Karolina Opiola -
    Assistant Accountant globalvisas ( Does not have a clue and is arrogant)

    The basis of my complaint is the letter of complain outlined below to which they have not responded. I have taken up the complaint with THE IIMIGRATION COMMISIONER and i intend to spread the word worldwide so that as many would be customers will be weary and go elsewhere.

  • Bo
      29th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    cancel your credit card and get a new credit card imediately so they cant withdraw any further, no one had positive experience, my advice would be to take them to court to get the money back, I am going to court at the moment to get my fees back, if i win i will use my testimony against them for anyone who wants to take them to court, this company doesnt want to help you, they want you to sign a contract, give them your credit card details and after that they dont do anything, they show the credit card company your contract to withdraw money and they do nothing, they ignore your calls and emails, complain to the oisc but they dont do anything, they only draw a report after 6 months but they donttake them to court or take your money back, you have to comaplin to the office of fair trading as they can take them to court .i have 5 witness testimonies for my court case, if you want to give me yours write me at, i will help anyone with advice

    if you think is a scam report it also to office of fair trading( it will take them months to investigate and they want a reasonable number of complaints so keep on complaining)

    If you think its a scam and want the OFT to investigate send it to:
    Scambusters Team
    Office of Fair Trading
    Fleetbank House
    2-6 Salisbury Square
    EC4Y 8JX

  • Ca
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes


    I am one of the people conned by Global Visas.

    Global Visas (28 Great Tower Street, London, UK, EC3R 5AT) undertook the service for providing me the HSMP (Tier 1) visa processing from UK for the sum of £1035 (which the Immigration consultant, Mr Bhuven Sharma said it include fees for Global visas and Home office). He promised me that Global visas will process and post my Tier 1 visa application from UK after I provided him the required documents and that I need not apply from India, also mentioning that they abide by No VISA No Fee policy. He insisted that the home office fees for the Tier-1 application is £720 and for dependents it is only £50 if I initiate a payment with him on the same day and withdrawn £300 from my credit card as an initial payment before sending me the contract letter for signature.

    Later I learnt that I should make my Tier 1 visa application from India if I was on student dependent visa according to the home office rules, and I need to pay the home office fees of £675 for my Tier 1 visa and £675 for each dependents which was in contrast to what was initially advised by Initial immigration consultant Mr. Bhuven Sharma.

    It was not made clear to me that the entry clearance application for Tier 1 visa should be made from India at any time during my entire conversation with initial immigration consultant of Global visas or before drawing the deposit and signing of the contract letter. If I was informed correctly I will certainly not accept to give my credit card number and sign the contract letter because I cannot travel and apply from India in my 8th month of pregnant state and, also because I could have consulted agencies in India to apply for visa from India and not agencies in UK.

    If I was told the truth that the sum of £1035 does not include the home office fees before signing the contract letter, I could have certainly not accepted to pay a deposit of £300 and further £735 (sum of £1035) only for consultation, as I could have filled in the Tier1 visa application form myself and submitted to the home office instead of atrophying £1035 just for telephone consultation).

    I called Mr Bhuven Sharma, he accepted his mistake and promised to refund the £300 deposit within 14 days and asked me write a Feedback letter to claim the deposit money back

    (Later I understood the reason for asking me to write a feedback letter and wait for 14 days was to keep me unsuspicious about their intention to withdraw further £735 from my credit card. According to the contract letter they can withdraw the rest of the payment from my credit card 30 days from signing of the contract. Fortunately, my credit card was cancelled before they could debit further money).

    Fourteen days later, instead of refunding the money as agreed, Global visas Manager (Taimur Jawed) sent me an email to incur a further payment of £735 as their fees. Mentioning that if I do not pay they will send a debt collection team to incur. When trying to communicate with the manager by telephone about my case the reply from the manager was very rude and upsetting.

    I have telephone conversation recordings with Global Visas and other proofs to show that the global visas have betrayed me.

    I have complained to OISC, Office of Fair trading, but the global visa will take me to court to incur futher payment.

    I am happy to provide witness to anyone who needs.

  • Bo
      30th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    To people who dont know where to complain and they I have an idea: why dont you contact the daily mail news paper in the United Kingdom, they can run a story about the scam that Global Visas are running. So why dont you write your complaint to newspaper reporters, they would love a good story to investigate. For all the people who dont know where to send their complaint I have put together the email addresses of Daily Mail reporters, just send your complaints to the following email addresses( you can mention in your complaints that Global Visas has unfair terms in the contracts they offer to their clients, terms trapping their customers into paying full fees but Global Visas having no obligations at all in case of bad advice given – they call it expertise- or in case they would delay your visa or not return calls and emails):
    so keep on complaining to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Remember if you dont complain nothing will change so lets get this company investigated properly by the newspapers

  • Lo
      15th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    hi boxer girl i would very much like to go with your statement above.

    i feel as though i have been dupped by them also

    my application has been in for Canada for over 6 months and i have numerous case workers assigned, each time i call back she/he is no longer with the company

  • Gj
      21st of Nov, 2009
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  • Bo
      21st of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I completely agree Global Visas are scamsters. they told me on the phone i was elligible for a permanent residence by applying for a eu registration certificate v2. i contacted the home office who told me that this certificate does not exist and Ihave been badly advisedl. they took my deposit, gave me a name of a case worker and every time i have tried to contact the case worker the phone rang out or played an annoying screeching sound. i have tried that 7 times and i gave up. the case worker doesnt seem to exist anymore after you gave them the credit card details. They put you under a lot of pressure to give them your credit card details before they even asess your documents to see if you have any chance of getting a visa but after you gave them the credit card details you have problems contacting people in their office and they try to drag time as much as possible.

    i have cancelled my card which i have used for the initial payment so they cannot use it again as I believe them to be very dubious by the way they operate.

    they want you to pay a deposit before you even signed a contract with tjem and they want you to sign a contract with them even before you have assesed your documents and if after signing the contract they discover you dont have enough documents to support a visa application or you are not elligible for what they told you on the phone you are in order to sign a contract then they refuse to refund you and they want you to pay full fees for them telling you on the phone you are not elligible. beware of the sales agent who would say anything to get you to sign a contract and when it proves that what he told you is wrong and the case worker does not agree with what he told you after that you are supposed to pay full fees for the case worker telling you that the advice by the sales agent was wrong. it is completely unethical.
    whoever wants to complain about them should write to, regulatory body, office of fair trading , take them to court through www.moneyclaim,

  • Bo
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    just for everyone to know in the case of GJC they refunded him 244 pounds but they kept the 550 deposit even though they havent done any work in GJC case. I beleive also as a condition for the refund to GJC Liam Clifford asked him to retract all his negative comments from the internet. this sounds like blackmail to me. well done GJC, they bought you with only 244 pounds of your own money to kiss their ### and wipe it on Internet forums.

    anyone else out there ready to kiss Liams ### and write anything he asks them just to get their own money back? you can ask GJC, God knows what else he has done to get a refund. maybe Liam also farted in his nose while GJC kissed his ###. hahahah:)

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