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Global Vacations Network


Did not deliver what was promised

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Contact information:
Global Vacations Network
United States
Name: Global Vacation Network
Phone: (727) 572-1601
Fax: (727) 556-0352
Address: 2849 Executive Dr Ste 100
Clearwater, FL 33762
Website: www.globalvacationnetwork.com
Original Business Start Date: November 1998
Principal: Mr. Tom Lyons, President
Customer Contact: Mr. Tom Lyons, President - (866) 572-1601
Type of Business: Travel Agencies
BBB Accreditation: Global Vacation Network is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: GVN Florida, Inc.

Global Vacation Network did not give us what they had promised if we attended their sales presentation. Here is the letter I sent to them, with the details.
Attention - Andrew Lyon
Saturday, August 7, 2010 4:14 PM
"FloridaGoldenGirl" <reginarosamiami@yahoo.com>
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"regina rosa" <reginarosamiami@yahoo.com>, "spouse" <joserosamiami@yahoo.com>
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please contact Andrew Lyon at 206-937-1337 or gvnccs@gmail.com prior to contacting BBB.

Dear Mr Lyon,
I saw this note at the bottom of the BBB post on Global Vacation Network, so I am going to do it - contact you before filing a complaint.

We were solicited for a sales presentation by your company and told that we would be given a free gift choice of many possibilities if we did. We drove 40 miles to the presentation, and listened honestly and intently. We decided to pass and not purchase because of the manner of presentation from the sales people - good cop/ bad cop, call in the second string, then call in the head pitch man - it did not put confidence in our hearts, neither was there anything much about the standing of the company i.e. BBB documentation. Nor were we shown a www. site for us to use with the company.

We decided to wait to see how GVN handled itself over time thinking maybe in the future we would make such a purchase. It was also expensive to our thinking.

We were still potential customers at that point but then we contacted Millennium Travel for our ''free'' gift. There was nothing free about what they had to offer us. Expensive service charges and fees, the fee for the cruise was just about the purchase price of a cruise itself - we know, we checked - and it was also almost impossible to make a claim for a gift anyway, Millennium had so many restrictions that it made it into a crazy game to even try to collect our ''free'' gift, that turned out to be anything buy ''free''.

I shall scan and send you a copy of the ridiculous requirements of Millennium plus they wanted an upfront fee of $50 each to be sent in just to talk to them. Now, this is the company you have chosen to handle your gift program, that make you responsible.

It is obvious that they/ you do not want people to collect their 'free gifts' that are not free at all. Is this anyway to run a company ??? Sure, if you are running a scam company that does not deliver what it promises.

We never got our gift for attending your sales presentation, because of the insanely complicated requirements to even apply for the gift. Also, because I was not about to send a money order into this Millennium Travel - WHO send a money order these days ????? Only someone who does not have a bank account and checking account or a credit card. Poor immigrants send money orders home to their family in 3rd and 5 th world countries, besides, then Millennium can say they never received the money order nor cashed it. That puts it back on the customer and they better have sent it registered return receipt, (like I always do ) and have kept the receipt and made a copy of the money order. Most people don't.

Millennium can then just say they never got it. That's what Certs/ Lucien Co does and we had to file through the State's Attorney's office to get our money back, even with the registered return receipt and the copy of the money and verification that it had indeed been cashed. This shouts SCAM !

Now, here we are. We never got the free gift we were promised for attending your sales seminar. We got instead a paper that dumped us over to Millennium Travel and a flyer THE COMPLETE GETAWAY/ PACKAGE that I just descried to you.

Another huge issue here. If we had been told that the 'free gift' was really a discount plan program with fees and complicated confirmation requirements, we NEVER would have attended the sales seminar. The was never mentioned until we got the crazy complicated list of requirements from your business partner, Millennium Travel. Copy enclosed.

We want what you promised. The choice of a free gift that is free. We fulfilled our part, now, your company needs to fulfill it's part.

Regina & Jose' Rosa
9240 SW 165 St
Miami, Palmetto Bay Village,
Florida, 33157
305 232 7672
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N  30th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes

My name is Jason Rzucidlo and I am the Owner & Web Designer of AmericaJR.com. I received lots of complaints about the Global Vacation Network so I decided to do some investigating. I encourage you read and comment on these articles before attending a GVN sales presentation:

http://americajr.com/news/globalvacationnetwork0314.html (You can also view all of the documents you will be required to sign in a PDF file)


Many of the GVN offices will show you a phony BBB rating that is not their true rating. Always check BBB ratings at www.bbb.org.

Secondly, GVN is offering huge prizes like Lincoln Navigators that are impossible to win. They are only giving away 1 and your chances to win it are 1 in a million. So if they told you that you won one, you probably didn't.

Good luck in your travels.

N  17th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
What the heck is going on with GVN ??? Has anyone joined and paid just under 10k and were HAPPY
A  3rd of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just spoke to Andrew Lyon on the phone today. I thought this company is ridiculous! We have spent more than $1, 400 so far without getting any of the incentives. We got junk gifts that only lasted for a couple of months. Not worth the values at all! We went to their branch last week and I was pissed as hell that they didn't do their part for the program that we purchased. I talked loud enough but did not scream at the front desk so that others in the meeting could hear what kind crap they were facing in there.

I want people to know that we need to be cautious and very analytical when being enticed with a high pitch sale like this for vacation program and make sure that we are not being controlled by anyone and even big companies how to run our money. Report complaints to BBB, call the attorney general in your state and/or go to a court to file a small claim for the company to get your money back.

I will make sure that our money is back immediately, or else I talk to an attorney general directly to get the money back and tell others to stay away from this company.
A  6th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I was just sitting back thinking about this supposed "free offer" from Global Vacations Network after attending a 90 minute seminar and thought I would do some more researching. At the time we had purchased the "scam" yet within the 3 day cancellation time we went ahead and made sure things were cancelled. I came home and noticed a nice 18 + % interest rate on the back of paperwork. Along with hidden writting. Also I knew it was way too expensive and a total rip off. Though I was still expecting the "free offer" from attending. I had sent in paperwork as directed to do- even sent Priority Mail so there is no loss in Postal Service. Yet here it is weeks later and I have heard nothing. After my little research done, I find that the Great Wolf Lodge Tickets are NOT FREE. There is a process, and paying is involved. Not only is this a scam to myself, but my family (kids too). GREAT BUSINESS ETHICS!!! I GUESS WE HAVE TO GIVE PROPS TO SCAMMING COMPANY'S THESE DAYS. THIS IS HOW OUR SOCIETY IS RAN? I am wondering what on earth they do to the individuals whom actually purchase their products and don't cancell within the time frame. Then to tell indivduals the GREAT WOLF LOGDE tickets can be used in the state of Michigan, knowing this is where the meeting was held- in Grand Rapids, more than likely individuals aren't going to drive out of state for this. I have all of my paperwork still if "high quality management" would like to step up and take responsibility for their company actions. Especially seeing the multiple individuals that have been screwed.

Erin Smeal
A  6th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I apolgize for above comment on GREAT WOLF LODGE TICKETS not being for MICHIGAN, THEY ARE. I am just utterly upset on the fact it is not FREE, as STATED!!! IT is NOT a free gift

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