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This company is trying to rip off money in a very clever way.

A lady rang me to advise that the account that I opened in 2014 (and never used) is showing a transaction of $260 and that this is the fault of one of their employees whom they have terminated. I asked them to wait while I check my bank account and then clearly told them that I don't see this deduction from my account at that time. On this the lady said that I will see this in a few hours and that the company quickly wants to refund that amount otherwise it will not be possible to refund and she asked me for my credit card details. I started to get an idea thar this was a fraud.

After a long conversation I decided to put restrictions on my card and then gave the number to see what happens. Immediately I received a text from my bank that a transaction of over $250 is declined due to restrictions on my card. I immediately closed my account. The bank confirmed that this transaction and another one a couple of hours later for over $190 was attempted by Global Hello. And to date there is no money deducted from my account that the lady initially suggested their employee had done by mistake.

Anyone reading this please be aware these people have become too corrupt. They are very clever, they use many tactic to get your bank details.

Mar 23, 2018
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  • Jo
      Apr 04, 2018

    Well done. Wish I had not heed to their pressure and given them my card details. Anyways, I launched a dispute and got my money refunded. Thanks to ANZ bank. They are really good. This fraud company "Global Hello'' needs to be taken to court.

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  • Dh
      Apr 22, 2018

    They are fraud... they charged my credit card with out my permission and later told they will refund..
    six month no refund...

    whit i see after six month my credit card is again charged with out my permission..

    guys be aware before giving cc Details.. Company and people are doggy...

    I am not sure how these guys can be prevented doing this loot...

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