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Glamour Shots / Unfair treatment of employees, passive racism!

1 6700 Douglas Boulevard #2070, Douglasville, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 770-949-7732

Last night I terminated my employment with Glamour Shots at the Arbor Place mall in Douglasville due to unfair treatment. I could list off five other employees (both former and present) who will vouch for pretty much anything I say in this complaint. I am trying to start a business of my own aside from working at Glamour Shots, so when I first signed on it was under the pretense I'd be getting <b>part time</b> hours. Instead, on several occasions I was made to close the studio (working sometimes until 12 at night), only to turn around and open again at whatever ridiculous hour that morning (most recently 6:30 am) and work open to close. I wouldn't mind this as much if I didn't live an hour and a half away. I have to be awake 3 hours prior to arriving at the studio and no one seems to take that into account for anything.

Due to the poor management of this studio, several employees had been driven off in one form or another in a short period of time. This left the rest of us to work all kinds of crazy hours to pick up the slack. Often we wouldn't even know our hours until the day before, or sometimes the day of, and would get reprimanded for not being psychic.

Aside from the crazy hours and general slave-labor tactics, there is the issue of passive racism. Again, 5 other (former and present) employees of mixed races, as well as 1 customer (that we know of) could vouch for this. The assistant manager at the Arbor Place branch gives blatant preferential treatment to dark-skinned customers and employees. Being a mature and accepting person myself, this is not something I am used to dealing with. She repeatedly talks down to, yells at, belittles and demands the white staff to do busy work while everyone else gets to stand around, talk and laugh. I have no problem with working for my paycheck, so long as everyone else is doing the same. If any of the white staff attempts to ask a question, we would either get ignored or get an ear full of attitude. If anyone else asked, they'd get a straight and civil answer.

I am taking this complaint to Glamour Shots corporate as well as the labor board. People who have the management skills and maturity of a five year-old should not be allowed to govern other people. This is nearly 2008 (and Christmas, for that matter), racism shouldn't even be an issue in a professional setting anymore. I am not filing this complaint for myself, but for anyone else who has the displeasure of working for this company. I refuse to sit back and do nothing while people are treated this way. Anyone who feels the same should stand up and say so.

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  • Pa
      21st of Jul, 2008

    That's exactly why I would never work under a black, they are stupid and lazy...period. If you see a black managing a store, you're looking at a sinking ship.

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  • Je
      11th of Dec, 2008

    I totally agree with the complaint about how you were treated. Unfortunately, this type of underlying racism is widespread.

    However, I disagree with the part about where you live and how long it takes to get to work. It's the employees choice of where to live, not the company's. They may be blamed for many other things, but not this.

    Good luck!

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  • Je
      11th of Apr, 2009

    To the comment left by Pat O: You completely missed the point of my complaint and are an idiot. I don't have anything against black people or their managerial skills. What I have a problem with is ANYONE treating anyone else unfairly based solely on the color of their skin (or sexuality, religion, etc etc). IE: idiots like you. Keep your comments to yourself.

    To jenmac: I would agree with you, but I didn't actually sign up to work so far away. I was originally told that I'd be working in Kennesaw (where I lived at the time) and that somehow went out the window. I needed a job and there wasn't much else available, so I by then I had no choice. Believe me, if I'd had a choice I would not have been working an hour and a half away for $6.50 an hour under a racist ###. :)

    It's all good though. Last I heard, she got fired. Justice is awesome (for me, not so much for her. muahahaaa!).

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  • Re
      20th of Aug, 2009

    I wish you luck Jeannine. As an African American I have empathy for you in what you experienced at your previous workplace and am bothered by the manager's actions. It is apparent, even by the comment left by "Pat O" that some people are just never going to get it. Sounds like he/she and your ex manager would make a good team, both seem to be racists. At any rate, I'm glad that you didn't generalize her actions to those of other African Americans. I wish you luck in your new job search

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  • Fi
      3rd of Apr, 2010

    This comment is sort of unrelated to original post. What I wonder is why do you, reybrity and Pat O, assume that the manager is an African American because she is favoring other African Americans? Nowhere in the original post is it stated that the manager is dark-skinned herself, but only that she favors dark-skinned people. I think this proves, in some small way, that most people are at least a little racist - because it is racist to assume that only black people can favor other black people.

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