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Glade air freshner / Bad taste

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I do realise that companies have to find ways to advertise their products. But do we really need a child talking to his mother that he needs to take a POO. My whole family think this is in very bad taste. Not only do we have to put up with this advert, but this is just one that has gone over the top. Plus the fact that this is shown at mealtimes just makes it that much more degrading.
I am seriously thinking of complaining to the appropriate authorities.


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A  10th of Mar, 2009 by 
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How I totally agree with Bryan's comments regarding this advert. I find it disgusting and why is it shown at meal times? I find myself having to switch channels when this advert appears and it certainly doesn't encourage to buy this product.
Is this the best your advert men/women can come up with? It does not promote Glade in a favourable way. Or perhaps the fact it is so horrible is all part of the campaign, to get the public to react, so in your eyes makes this a successful campaign.

All I know is that I will NEVER buy a Glade product again so you have failed with me I am afraid.
N  13th of Sep, 2009 by 
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i agree with the comments re poo smell have just seen ad for housewife
who has forgotten cooffee morning i could relate to this if my
hair was not just done i was wearing my best clothes and my house was
always tidy not the norm for working housewives very very upsetting
to feel so inadequate !!!
N  28th of Mar, 2011 by 
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I have a glade sensor. We liked it at first but when I bent down to pick up something in its vicinity it sprayed me in the eye. After flushing my eye I realized my granchildren or elderly parents could be sprayed and be hurt and startled as I was. I hope something could be down to fix this.
N  3rd of Feb, 2012 by 
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This is the second time I've used "Clean Linen" spray and when it gets about to where I have two thirds left in the container it stops spraying. I know there is more spray in the container but it stops spraying. Totally frustrating. Please comment - my E-mail address is: Knit-it@comcast.net.
N  22nd of Nov, 2012 by 
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Glade Soft Mist spray has been broken after not even finishing the bottle. Just used a couple of sprays and it stopped working. This was a waste of money and a dissapointment. I prefer the old sprayer verses the new soft mist spray. I definitely would not recommend it and waste!!
N  6th of Dec, 2012 by 
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These Glade Soft Mist sprays don't seem to work after a few sprays. They seem to lose any propellant that makes the spray work. It is obvious that there is a large amount of liquid still left in the can. This has happened with every single Glade Soft Mist spray can that I've used recently.
N  9th of Apr, 2013 by 
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My complaint is that when you spray a room with Glade Air fresheners it completely wets the room down!! The scent has been reduced drastically and more water added!! I will not purchase any more of this product.
A  31st of Jan, 2014 by 
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I always liked the Glade spray air fresheners until I bought the Soft Mist version. When standing on my tiled bathroom floor I can feel the spray falling to the floor while I spray it, and the floor becomes very slippery! I will not buy this product ever again.

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