Gettington/Fingerhut / The Safeline Plus Disability payment program

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Same thing here Fingerhut and gettington along with Safeline have a little criminal Racket going on here and we need a class action lawsuit. They shouldn't be allowed to charge someone for safeline when they do not sign up for it. Also fingerhut and gettington are charging interest on this safeline disability plan. That according to my lawyer is illegal

Mar 25, 2016
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      Jul 28, 2017

    i am a victim too i stoped getting paper statements after Hurricane Sandy since i had no residence for over five months and never started them up again during this time out of no where i started getting charged for the safe line services. i never signed up for it and dint notice it until this Month when i was trying to figure out why my payments kept going up and my available valance kept getting lower when i was not purchasing anything or bought anything in months.. I called Gettington and they said they could not help me i had to call safeline after five hours on the phone with safeline they tell me that they are only returning the money back for the last two months when i informed them that they owe me thousands of dollars for a service i never signed up for. i told the man that i never singed up for it and i was not going ot pay for something i did not sign up for and i wanted my money back 2 weeks later and i have yet to see a dime back. I need help what can i do.

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