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Georgia Power Smart Meters / bill 5x higher then should be. ripping me off

1 Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:

I had moved into a nice little 1 1/2 bedroom apt. on january 1. I had gotten the power turned on through georgia power. I was seldom home 3-4 days a week with no heat on, 3lightbulbs in the apt. and everything else runs on gas. My first bill was almost $400. completly incorrect I am also a part time electrician and I calculated the kilowatt hours of all appliances in the home. I never even turned on the central heat only a small space heater for about 6-8 hours while I was sleeping. My bill should have calculated to around 40-45 dollars. I called up the company and they insisted the cold was the reason the bill was so high. (my little space heater runs the same capacity of kilowatts no matter what the temperature is). It was a complete run around with no solution. They insisted I just pay what I thought I owed and they would have someone check the meter. About a week later they said they changed the meter and my next bill was about 40. exactly what i calculated. Then the next month the same thing happend, sending me a bill for $476.00. I keep calling and complaining but they only fix the problem for a couple weeks. I pay what I think I owe but they keep sending me bigger bills that I know I dont owe!!! We need to get them to change the type of meters back to the way they were. because with the digital they can variate and program any number they feel from the central computer and they think no one can do anything about it. They are about to ruin my credit and my way of life. Georgia power needs someone to step in and moniter these computers more accuratley. were all getting ripped off!!!

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  • Je
      30th of Jul, 2010
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    x2 man. I posted here about a year ago, when my bill doubled from the instillation of those smart meters. i am very computer savvy, and very much suspect that the smart meters in question contains two types of firmware. One of the firmwares applies a more resistive load so that you pay more on your bill.

  • Re
      24th of Aug, 2010
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    GA Power installed a smart meter and the following month, my bill is literally double my highest bill in the past 12 months. The customer support was no help at all and it looks like my current bill is about the same, despite me reprogramming my thermostat.

    When is someone going to do something about this?

  • R2
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    Pretty much the same exact thing happened with my wife and I when we moved in July. first bill was almost $500 which is an absolute disgrace. I didn't move into a factory, it is just a smaller 4 bedroom house. I am going to take action against them because this [censored] is bogus and they know it.

  • Me
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    The Georgia Power Company is a rip off in general. Even before the new meters were put in place I was having problems with my bill. I moved into my 1300 sq. ft. apartment in November of 2008 and from day 1 my bill was ridiculously high. I have the bare minminal running in my home. And I rarely turn on my lights until night time. Because my window let's in enough natural light. And when I called to complain, they talk to you with such rudeness. And in the area I live in the know there is no other company you can go with so basically your stuck unless you decide to move. This is outrageous that they are allowed to get away with this. Are we suppose to just sit by and let them drain I pockets dry of our hard earned money? It's upsetting every month to open a bill from them and to see the crazy amount owed. I am truly fed up with Georgia Power and their disgraceful tactics.

  • Ce
      13th of Jul, 2011
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    before the smart meter my electric bill ran between $300 and $400 a month, this month it was $700. To my knowledge nothing has changed except my Bill goes higher. I have read where other states are having the same problem with the smart meter. And where people have invested large amounts of money to make sure this meter is installed. It looks like to me a class action lawsuit needs to be taken into consideration here. was large corporation should not be able to get away with ripping people off. At this point I can still afford to pay my electric bill, but there are a lot of people out there, especially the elderly who can not.

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