Georgia PowerI am sick and tired of ga power's abuse of power and their tyranny

I feel exhausted, at times I feel like giving up. GA Power is forcing me to pay $313.00 dollars on April 1 and I explained that I can't pay that amount until April 8.
I am tired of being forced to do business with certain companies. These companies monopolize our society and hurt the economy; "as the sole providers of a product or service, monopolies have no competition and no price restrictions. Monopolies use patents, mergers, and acquisitions to obtain industry dominance and prevent market entry. If left unmonitored and unregulated, monopolies can adversely affect businesses, consumers and even the economy"

GA Power should stop bullying consumers. They should lower the cost of the initial current bill and stop all miscellaneous charges such as *$150.00 extra deposit charge (this is a wicked charge, taking advantage of low income, struggling customers that are barely making it). Why would anyone torture individuals that are already having a hard time paying their bill with an additional charge? Add this to GA Power's unethical practices. Also add unidentified charges such as *Environmental Compliance charge*Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery*Municipal Franchise Fee and a *High Sales tax (lower the sales tax)."

Another one of GA Power's unethical practices is the pressure they put on hard working Americans to pay at a certain time even if they do not have the money on the week that is due. Listen, most of us are living pay check to paycheck. I called GA Power to make arrangements and they told me that I will have until the 1st of April to pay a pass due amount which includes a $150 deposit. I told them that I am on a budget and can't pay until April 8th because I want to concentrate on my rent. They said NO!

I don't understand why a rich company like GA Power would treat their customers this way. It would be different if I said that I will not pay at all but I want to pay, I just need a few more days. I need my electricity to go to work and find a better paying job. I need GA Power to wait until April 8 please.

Mar 24, 2016

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