Georgia Department Of Laborjanet hutchenson claim #4862331 weekly certification #9979193.

I recently filed an appeal on an outstanding claim which ended up as dockett #23717. The decision was given in my favor. I recieved back payment immediately for 2 weeks and then on checking into the system found that my claim was still active. Then I recieved a letter from the ga dol dated 11/15/18 advising me to make sure I filed on the claim no later then 11/25/18. I attempted to sign back on to my claim later that morning to file my weekly certification and found it was now inactive.
I immediately e-mailed the ga dol to ask for instructions on how to proceed and was contacted by return e-mail from ms janet hutchenson. I gave her all the info she asked for and was advised that I needed to refile my claim. I did. Confirmation #4862331. I recieved an email from the ga dol advising that I had filed a claim #[protected]. I reached out to ms hutchenson several times that day for adice which she promptly provided. I also advised her that I had to have a claim filed no later then 11/25/18. Ms hutchenson advised me that once she saw I had filed my claim again she would tell me the next step. She came back with the ga dol was going to be closed for holidays, reopening 11/26/18. I countered back with a return e-mail reminding her that I had to be in the system by 11/25/18. She countered back with she had been giving me instructions on how to refile a claim not file an appeal. I was very clear from my first email on what I was doing. I returned an e-mail apologising for not making myself clearer, reminding her again of my "have to" file date. I never got a response. I have all these e-mails if you need to see the paper trail.
With no response and a letter from the appeals court giving me the 11/25/18 date, I went ahead and filed a new claim on my own as stated, initiated a new pin number at that time and then later on that evening I set up a job search file and entered my searches #9979193. I have screen captures of all of these if you need to see them. On checking later that night, everything worked and looked good.
Today, 11/26/18, #1. My pin# is gone I cannot sign into my claim. #2. Ms hutchenson advised me on weds, the day before thanksgiving she would contact me today (monday). She did not. My "have to" file date has passed, my claim was there before thanksgiving and now it's gone. Please advise me of how I should proceed, how I make the ga dol aware of this situation. Thanking you in advance for your help,

Robert b. Sapp

Nov 26, 2018

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