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8-7-09 I was hit by an illegal mexican who was uninsured. I have full coverage insurace including pip and uninsured coverage by Geico. I filed a claim on the 8-7-09 my truck was declared a total loss on the 8-11-09 today is the 8-27-09 and I have not have my truck payment taken care of. I called the adjuster repeatedly and constantly got the run around that he was overnighting me information . The information never came and then I go to clean out my truck and it's ready to be auctioned???To add insult to injury I have been quoted a very low amount for my fully loaded 2002 avalanche less than 3, 000 the kelly blue book value. Also they are charging me $500 decutible even though I have uninsured coverage because it has been 20 days and they have not gotten the police report. I have never experinced so much from an insurance company in my life. I am switching asap because Geico is the worst company ever and I would never recommend them.

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  • Ti
      Aug 27, 2009

    Try getting another copy of the accident report yourself and fax it or hand-carry (if possible) to Geico. As for the quote on your 7 year old vehicle being 3000 below blue book; normally it's usually in the insurance agreement about what/how a vehicle is covered. If you pay for basic insurance your vehicle is covered, but not for replacement value. If you had extra items on your vehicle that increased its value, you really should have spoken with your insurance agent to make certain that it was covered at it's current value. Sorry to read about your predicament.

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  • Ja
      Sep 09, 2009

    I have had the same expeirence with GEICO and paying out on a total loss vehichle. I read up on how Geico comes up with their dollar amount and fought with them over the amount they were offering me. They go buy fair market value. They also use the RED BOOK and the NADA BOOK. they average the two together and come up with anount. i have had lots of extra's added to my car. if you dont speak up about the dollar amount then they will take advantage of you. I got almost $3000 more on a vehicle. In the state of NY we have what you call the RIGHT OF RECOURSE. This is that you need to put in writing that you want to exeercise your right of recourse and send it to the State Dept in NY City. They will then send to GEICO the complaint and then GEICO has 30days to locate a vehicle of the same year make model and equipment that is on a reputable lot for 3 business days so you can have it replaced. (but in reality you dont need to replace the vehicle, you use that as the dollar amount). as far as it is ready to be auctioned...they have no right to auction your vehicle unless you signed the title over already. Usually it sits on their storage lot until the deal is closed. Dont let them take advantage of you. Fight back. I have learned so much with GEICO that i want to open a business trying to help innocent people to get the correct dollar amount for their total loss vehicles and ot get taken advantage of.

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