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Geico / no notice vehicle taken off policy by current spouse illegally

1 Surfside beach sc, United States

My husband has been living with his mother since I threw him out for smoking crack last July. Shortly after he moved out he called OUR joint Geico policy and had a passcode put on OUR account so I could not access it and had ALL statements and notices mailed to his mothers home. This was after we went back and forth with the MAILING ADDRESS being changed 7 times prior to him locking OUR account with a passcode. I called last weekend and spoke with a representative who removed the passcode from the account because I told her that I call weekly and he has me locked out of OUR JOINT ACCOUNT and I do not have cards for MY CAR, MY KIA. The rep was extremely helpful in giving me that option to remove it and was the first person at GEICO who had even tried to help me in 11 months. When I received MY CAR INSURANCE POLICY ID CARDS I got a card for HIS CAR with MY name and HIS name on the card as the JOINT POLICY HOLDERS. There was no card for MY KIA. I called immediately and was told that in March he had called and removed MY car from the policy but because we ARE STILL LEGALLY MARRIED he cannot take my name off. I was advised to start a new policy or faxed notarized statements as well as registration and title for MY KIA to put it back on with HIS CAR. When I opted to get MY OWN POLICY I was advised that I had to pay a penalty for being uninsured for 4 months. I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED THAT MY CAR WAS NOT COVERED. IN FACT I HAVE MADE PAYMENTS ON THE POLICY AS WE SPLIT THE INSURANCE SINCE BOTH VEHICLES WERE ON IT. When I called my Husband about it he told me MY KIA was still covered. When I spoke with a Supervisor today she told me that HE called and notified them that WE DID NOT LIVE IN THE SAME HOME TOGETHER and to remove my car. She informed me that I WAS NOTIFIED BY MAIL (AT HIS HOME, HIS ADDRESS WHERE HE INDICATED TO HER THAT I DO NOT LIVE) and that being notified by mail is all they have to do. SO AGAIN HOW WAS I NOTIFIED BY MAIL IF I DO NOT GET MAIL AT HIS HOME. I HAVE CALLED SINCE AUGUST 2014 AND TOLD GEICO THAT I DO NOT LIVE WITH HIM, I NEED MY CAR INSURANCE INFORMATION MAILED TO ME, NOT HIS HOME. I HAVE HAD MY ATTORNEY CALL. I HAVE FAXED AND MAILED NUMEROUS DOCUMENTS TO GEICO TO SUPPORT THE LAW, THE LEGAL STATUE SAYS THAT HE CANNOT REMOVE MY CAR OUT OF SPITE OR TO HURT ME. I was going to have to pay $947.60 every six months. OUR JOINT POLICY WAS ONLY $560 FOR 6 MINTHS. So my car alone caused my payments to double due to the fact that I have not had coverage unknowingly since March 2015. My email address was removed from the policy information, my mailing address and I have called numerous times and fought with Geico about this. I will file complaint with the insurance commissioner today.

Jun 14, 2015

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