Geico Insurance - Texas / raised rate for no-fault accident

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I was rear-ended on December 23, 2013. I called 911 first, then Geico. I was shaken and had substantial damage to my rear end (car!). They asked if I could drive it and I said no. They called a tow company and 4 hours later I was on my way. A couple of days later I was in terrible pain. I called Geico medical claims and asked how to get help. I had lost a job and had no means to pay. She tangled my 2500 PIP policy in front of me but said she can't just "send me money". I have to borrow, beg or pawn to get the money to pay it and she'll negotiate on my behalf. Well, that wasnt' an option, so I called Texas Farm Bureau. He cared even less about my injuries, so I sat in pain unable to move or drive for weeks. I called Geico back and begged them to help me. Nothing. Then I asked the big question: IF and when I can get to a doc, are you going to jack up my rates? No, I called a couple days later and asked the same question. No. So i found a doc who would work with Geico as a 3rd party, and before I went I called Geico again - Are you going to raise my rates if I go to see this doc? No.

Well guess who just got her new rates in her inbox? Yep, and is anyone surprised they jacked my rates? Probably not. I'm in a special category now, and they decided to go back 5 years to see what other secrets I had and they found (which they already knew and old claim I made when I jack-knifed my moving trailor into my truck. Self-claimed and self admitted blonde moment, but for some reason it's relevant now? They said they HAD to put me in a "different category" because of the 17 year old who hit me the day before Christmas...but we're sorry, we know it wasn't your fault...still you were a driver in TWO accidents. Honestly, shouldn't Snowden have caught this horrid act that I committed before Geico??????

Bottom line, insurance is a necessary evil. Geico is evil... but maybe they all are. Just remember this story. Watch your back and remember - EVEN IF IT"S NOT YOUR FAULT...SOMEHOW, SOMEDAY, SOMEWAY...You're paying for it. Be careful out there and check your dang rearview mirror!!! Avoid right turn exits on streets where there is no yield sign also. They are all over Texas and dangerous as heck!

Mar 25, 2014

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