Geico / insurance denial

FL, United States

I received the following letter from Geico:

Thank you for your recent inquiry to obtain insurance. After carefully considering your application, we have determined that it does not meet our current overall requirements. We regret that we cannot accept your request for insurance at this time.
This action has been taken for the following specific reason(s): Insufficient Driving Experience

Since underwriting standards vary from one company to another, it is likely that an application from you would be acceptable to some other company.


Underwriting Department

The letter I replied with:

I've been driving cars, trucks, vans, and suvs since I was about 16 when I received my drivers license and I'm about to turn 21 in a few days so I'm not sure of this lack of driving experience thing. I've never received any speeding ticket or traffic violation of any sorts so I apologize that I'm a tad bit baffled at why I was declined insurance.

I'm currently insured under Geico, under someone else's policy, and have been on her policy for sometime now, so either way Geico is still going to cover me if I happen to get into an accident. And as a rebuttal to your statement about other companies yes, I have indeed received approved from other companies for insurance. I just thought as a long time customer you would value my business with you and try to keep me as a customer.


A guy that just wants to be treated with some common sense.

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