Geicoauto insurance policy 4466-66-43/[protected] traverse and 2009 mini cooper)

In December 2016 we spoke with a GEICO sales rep and decided to terminate our current Allstate insurance and switch to Geico. Effective this year we spend the winters in Fla and summers in NY. We insure the 2 above vehicles in Fla and a separate GEICO policy covers the NY vehicles. Your rep assured us that we could go to Fla DMV at any time prior to 1/14, present our NY insurance and proof that GEICO would become effective 1/14 and we would be able to register the cars. When we arrived at DMV, the agent informed us that we needed current Fla insurance. We called Geico, and had the insurance backed up to 1/10/17 instead of original effective date of 1/14/17. Over the weekend, I was checking when the premium would be taken from our bank account...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tampa, FLmuch to my surprise, it said no effective contract. I then called GEICO and spoke with a rep who stated she would research and someone would contact me yesterday 1/30...Right!!! I went back into the computer and saw that $332 would be taken from our account on 2/10..Called GEICO once again and was informed that the original policy was cancelled on 1/10 and the ($151) premium we had paid in Dec. was returned to our account. The rep stated the difference between ($302 When you add the original premium and the Feb premium and the $332 scheduled to be withdrawn) was an increase in the premium. There is no reason to penalize us as the error is TOTALLY GEICO's responsibility. We are retired and could have returned to DMV on the 14th had we been made aware there would be an increase

Jan 31, 2017

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