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On the 27th February 2016, I purchased a Smart Self Balancing Electric Drifting Scooter. Within a few days, the scooter arrived. I moved around on it ok for a few days, but when I came to charge the item, I found a few screws missing. On contacting the sender, they advised me to go to a DIY store and purchase the screws there. I was not happy with this but tried.

I'm quite sure that an item with screws missing is stable or still under warranty if it was returned for some reason. As I was not happy, the seller told me to return the item for a full refund. I told the seller that he must make arrangements to collect the scooter and he said that I should return it. I then queried about the cost to return it and they said that I would be reimbursed on confirmation of the return of the item.

I spent over 150 GBP in returning the item to the seller's depot.
When I checked with the seller after a week, I was diverted to the wish customer service department. I explained the situation to them and they said that I had received a full refund including delivery, but the delivery charge was from the seller's depot and did not include the return of the item.
On querying this, Wish said that it clearly states in their return policy, that any returns items should be returned by their method. This has made me angry because now they refuse to pay me what I spent to return the item. The cost of returning the item is almost the same as the item cost. I have included the invoice from DHL and relevant screenshots from my Geek. Wish account.
As it stands, Geek has frozen my account for no reason. When I try to access my account, they ask for security id. When I supplied this they still blocked access to certain parts of my account, including the communication I had with the seller confirming they would refund me once the item was returned to them. The seller never mentioned that I should follow the Geek process for returning the item. They just said return it their base. On examing the policy more closely, it states that the item with be returned to a Geek warehouse. So I suppose the supplier did not want this since they wouldn't get their item back straight away and it would clearly show that there were screws missing. (pictures included)

I would never recommend Geek for anything since they aren't very trustworthy. I had no problems with them initially and all problems were dealt with quickly and they even gave me refunds when an item was late or delayed. But since I kept pestering them for my money, the relationship has gone downhill and all they say now is, the item has already been refunded and I keep getting a different customer support representative asking me the same dumb questions; over and over and over again. it's like trying to fix a broken record.


Jan 03, 2018

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