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I purchased a Dell laptop from Best Buy, and about 3 months later noticed the hard drive would start clicking after about 1 or 2 hours of use then the computer becomes unresponsive and shuts down. I take it to Geek Squad as the warranty card instructs me to and tell them about the problem. The first person I dealt with was nice enough, he agreed with me that it would probably be a bad hard drive and would be replaced under warranty. Good enough. When I returned to pick it up, I'm speaking with a different person who told me they ran diagnostic checks on the laptop and found nothing wrong. I told him that the issue happens everytime I use the laptop where I use it for longer than an hour or two and it is definitely a problem. He continued to stand behind the fact that their diagnostics showed no problems. I asked him to take it back and look at it again. I explained the problem as detailed as I could.

Several days later I go to pick it up and get the exact same story. Diagnostics show no problems. So I take it on home, knowing this problem is not just my imagination. I get home, start up the laptop and get messages stating the laptop was not shut down properly and needed to run several lengthy checks before stating up. So not only did Geek Squad not fix the problem, they further screwed it up. I finally get the thing working and sure enough about 3 hours later the hard drive clicking returned, and the laptop shut down on me. Thanks Geek Squad for absolutely nothing except wasted gas for 3 trips to your counter, and ###s in black ties telling me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Currently I'm trying to get the issue resolved through Dell, anybody want to guess what the first thing they ask? Please run diagnostic checks on it.

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    Not a trusty merchant, beware.

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  •   Jan 14, 2010

    In an attempt to avoid adding frustration to your already non-pleasant experience. Consider handling the issue yourself, or at least by someone qualified to assist you.

    With the price of data storage continually declining, I would suggest in purchasing a new hard drive for the laptop. Transfer the data (documents, songs, pictures, movies etc.) from that drive to another media (flash drive or DVD's). Replace the hard drive in the laptop with the new one and reload the operating system.

    With the "old" drive out of the laptop, you could either send it for warranty repair to Dell. Personally I would buy an external USB hard drive enclosure case and reformat that drive and use it as data storage. Formatting the drive will flag any bad sectors on the drive and mark them unusable.

    Though this may seem a bit extreme, and I understand that the computer is under warranty; however, how good can a warranty be if it gives you un-warranted results?

    Good luck to you.

    Geeks On Call

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