Geek Squad / lenovo yoga 910 poor repair

After a Windows 10 update the Yoga would bot boot - black screen but visible mouse arrow.
As I have a service contract with the Geek Squad - I took it in for assistance on 5/21/2018. The service counter issued a service Order and advised 2-3 weeks.
Tracked repairs online "status always showed"in service" - so I went to the store yesterday 6/9/2018 where I was advised that the lap top had been ready since 5/30/2018.
Signed for the laptop and took it home - only to find it Is DEAD - tried charging iot last night - still DEAD and will not boot.
Surely the technician CHECHED the unit after repairs - before shipping to the store -
I will have to take it back to the store when they open today (Sunday) but this will now take another 2-3 weeks for more repairs.

The sad part is that I found out online that the problem was from a Windows glitch and there was a simple reboot sequence fix - surely the technician should be aware of this - they replaced my SSHD

I should be reimbursed for having to buy a refurbished desktop computer to operate my business while this is going on.

Jun 10, 2018

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