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I usually do not complain but the service I got was so bad that I have to let you know. It would be better if I talk to someone, [protected].
My computer was hacked and I went to Geek squad at a Best Buy in Gatineau, Québec. The gentleman, who was really nice, suggested that I become a member for all the services we get after so I did. I left computer there for it to be fixed and that a backup would be done. When I picked up my computer, I could not find the Microsoft suite so I went back. OMG, I went on Friday and got some sort of employee - Bertrand ZY2X. He told me that I needed my membership card which I did not have. Surprising that an organization specialized in this field could not find anything in their computer. So I had to go find my card and bring my charger which I did the next day - Saturday. Poor me, Bertrand was the one that continued the service as he had started the file. So, he activated BitDefender which I had not done (which by the way, I received a message today that my trial period ended in 2 days) and told me that I had to have my Microsoft password which I did not have since when I bought the computer it was already installed. I said that I had paid for a backup so it must be in there somewhere. He said the backup was only for files not Softwares??? So I said let me try a few passwords that I usually use and maybe I'll find the good one. So, I managed to go and write that I forgot my password and it sent me a link at my Hotmail address to reset it, which I did so I told him. As I tried to go in with the new password, it would not let me. He started to tell me that I only have to type in the password that I had just changed, which is what I was doing. He started to be very impatient and was grabbing his head and saying no while swinging is head as "I can't believe this". So, I looked at him and said that I was not born with a computer and that was starting to be annoyed too. So, I tried doing the same thing by pressing that I forgot my password but it was giving me another name, e-mail adresse and phone number. We did not know why and he started again to tell me to type the password I had just changed but it was not working and the fact that another e-mail address and name was popping, we did not have a clue. So as I continued to try, he left and started to serve other clients!!! After awhile, I closed my computer, took the paper and got up to leave. He started yelling, madame, madame as I was walking away, I just turned and told him that if I would have known that this was the service I would get, $275 for that, I would not have paid. Note that Microsoft was still not installed. I managed to do it on my own at home after a few hours. This service was awful, he was acting as if I was stupid since he thought that I was not typing the right password and just left to serve other clients an ignored me. There were other employees serving clients, so he was not alone and there was no lineup at all. I just can't believe I paid for this... and I am also wondering if BitDefender will secure my computer for three (3) years as per the contract.

  • Updated by Sylvie Marier, Jun 09, 2018

    Good morning,

    As per my complaint yesterday, as anticipated, I am no longer protected by BitDefender. So much for the membership. I find it really absurd as Bertrand from Geek squad had activated it Saturday.

    Thank you.


Jun 06, 2018

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