Gear Bubble LLCorder has been processing for 2 weeks and 5 days!!

Review updated:

I ordered 2 mugs from them on December 4th, 2016. It says on their website it could take up to two weeks to ship, which seems like a lot but I figured its the holiday season so that might very well be the case.

However it is now December 23rd and my status still says "PROCESSING".

I emailed them this past Tuesday and they said that due to the holiday influx it may take longer, but how in the world is an order for two mugs processing for 19 days?!
(the holidays don't always happen in December and there is no way they could have possibly predicted the major influx in orders this month...) [yes sarcasm]

They were quick to respond to my email but nothing has been done. And my refund that I requested has yet to be addressed.

I am extremely dissatisfied. I will never order from them again and I will be sure to let anyone I hear of looking to order from them let them know this website is a complete scam with the worst service.

Dec 23, 2016
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  • Ma
      Dec 24, 2016

    OMG where do I start!!
    Order placed on the 8th December 2016 with them assuring delivery before Xmas
    Order placed.
    Next day recieved email conformation saying they are being made
    Week later chased up by email. No reply
    Tried their tracking route . They can't be assed to update it
    Since then I've sent 4/5 emails. Yep, no reply.
    Yesterday on the 23rd December, sent email begging and pleading just for an idea as to when or even round about delivery expected. No reply
    Today is the 24th December I know for sure now that this not happening
    I will be disappointing my wife and Daughter tomorrow with a nice surprise
    I have since emailed them yet again to say to stick um up where the sun doesn't shine and want an immeadate refund
    I advise anyone to not purchase anything from this shower of sh...t

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  • De
      Dec 30, 2016

    Yep i am having the same exact problem you are! I ordered my mug on Dec. 3rd they took the money out of my account right away and i got an email on the 5th of Dec. that it was being made and still saying it is processing i have sent emails after emails and no replies! If i do not hear from them by Tuesday Jan.3rd 2017 i am going to my bank to file for a dispute!!!

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  • Ka
      Jan 03, 2017

    I ordered a mug on 30 December. I received an email to say that it was being processed and then another to say it had been shipped ( I live in Australia) using the FedEx Tracking number, the only information I can get is that it was in Sydney (I live in Melbourne) on 20 December and is in 'transit' with no scheduled delivery date. I am not impressed. I will not use Gear Bubble again and I will now seek a refund.

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