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Hi my name is Tiffany Abroom, and I am up set with GE Money because I received a call talking about I was approved for a 2000.00 dollar loan and I was to go tl Wal Mart and get Two Money Cards and put 40.00 dollars on the both of them, I did it and now they say that My credit was not good and now I am out of 80.00 that they said that they were going to refund it back it has been a month I have not seen the refund check yet. So what cam I do to get my money back.

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      30th of Apr, 2012

    GE Capital provides private label and bankcard credit programs to retailers and consumers in the United States and Canada. We do not provide personal loans via the purchase or use of prepaid money cards, nor do we call or email potential customers to request personal information to establish prepaid cards or personal loans. The offer you outline above appears to be an attempt to fraudulently obtain money or access your confidential financial information and is not associated with, authorized or sponsored by GE Capital or GE Capital Retail Bank. If you believe you have been a victim, you should contact local authorities. More information is available at

    As a reminder, to protect your identity and the security of your financial accounts, never give your personal credit card or other financial information to people who call or email you without verifying who they are.

    If you have provided your confidential information and are unsure of whether or not it was for a legitimate GE Capital program, please email us at [protected] to reach our consumer advocacy team. Please be sure to include your name, a contact phone number and your question or concern; however, for your security do not include any account numbers or other confidential information in your email. If the information was not requested from GE Capital, we will direct you to your local legal authorities for assistance.

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      7th of May, 2012

    Don't borrow money from them you will regret it they are the biggest scam artist's in the market today read this... General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt defended the company's payment of income taxes after protesters interrupted his speech here at the SAE World Congress.

    "Tax rate was 29 percent last year, " Immelt told a couple protesters at Cobo Center as they chanted "pay your fair share" a few feet from where he was speaking.

    About 20 protesters scuffled with Detroit Police before they were escorted out of the building. The protestors blew whistles and attempted to enter the SAE exhibition hall, but were forcibly blocked from doing so.

    GE spokesman Gary Sheffer said the company paid a 25 percent income tax rate in the United States in 2011 — and a 29 percent rate globally.

    In total, GE paid $2.9 billion globally in income tax in 2011, Sheffer said.

    GE said it paid a 7 percent U.S. tax rate in 2010 because it had lost $32 billion in its financial services unit and because of other tax breaks, Sheffer said. "We paid income taxes and we paid another $1 billion in taxes across the U.S. — state, local federal."

    "The folks that are protesting here are unfortunately protesting based on misinformation. We did pay taxes. Our rate was lower, " Sheffer said.

    Protesters said they had tried to present Immelt with a tax bill for $26.5 billion for what they asserted GE owed in back federal income taxes under the 35 percent statutory tax rate.

    "Mr. Immelt, when are you going to pay the $26 billion in taxes, " asked Shyquetta McElroy, a mother of two who traveled from Milwaukee. "I pay my taxes year after year — why doesn't GE?"

    Few, if any, U.S. companies pay the statutory tax rate because of various tax breaks and incentives in the tax code.

    The protesters asserted that GE has become "the poster child of American corporate tax-dodging" and argued it has been paying only a 2.3 percent effective rate over the last 10 years.

    Immelt joked that the protesters had given him some "good practice" for GE's annual meeting in Detroit on Thursday. The United Auto Workers union has said it is considering protesting at the meeting.

    From The Detroit News:

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