GE Money Bank / Fraudulent charge on my CareCredit account

Staten Island, NY, United States
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It is very sad that such bank is still allowed to do business in this country. I have read most of the complaints and more I read into more sick to my stomach I feel.

I will start with the dentist, which seems to be associated with this Bank. On 2006 and January of 2007 I had dental treatment performed, part of which has been covered by my two dental policies and part as out of pocket expenses upon an agreement with the dentist. I have paid as agreed up to the last penny. I have records that I have issued payments in the amount of $ 4, 500 and the insurance issued funds to this doctor in the amount of $ 7400. Having this said, on January of 2010 this doctor sends me a bill for $5000 as a balance for treatment provided in 2006 and January of 2007 which on a first look, seemed to be just a erroneous statement on their end, and to which I had responded, stating clearly that I do not have anything outstanding and politely requested them to clear this amount from their system. Upon the receipt of my letter, they even had the nerve to call me and request this non-existing overdue balance according to their calculations at which I hung up on them not being interested to listen after three years of the date of treatment to anything they had to say. Just to clarify here, upon the last visit in January of 2007 I had everything settled with this doctor, and there were neither any phone calls nor bills sent to me within this past 3 years (not that I had expected any ... but I'm stating this just as a fact).

At this point, GE Money Bank, through their CareCredit business becomes a factor. Out of $ 4400 which were my out of pocket expenses, I had paid $ 2260 via this credit card, which I was lured to apply for by this dentist while going for treatment. There was a 12 months interest free promotion on this card, so that's why I had accepted their business. I had paid the full amount within 8 months, so there was no way they would get me down for any interest or any finance charges. After reading all the statements on this forum I do consider myself very lucky here. However, it never crossed my mind to cancel this card, and I had never used since ... and that was a big mistake, because, upon my letter to the dentist office from January of 2010 responding to their inaccurate billing, this office had contacted customer support at CareCredit, which ... and this is mind bugling to me, gave them the green light to charge my credit card in their file for treatment provided even prior to the date when this credit card account has been opened (not that I own anybody anything, but hypothetically speaking, even if I would, that doesn't give them the right to fraudulently charge my credit card with no consent). I have called their customer reps numerous times, stating that this is a fraudulent charge, and there was never a consent/authorization on my end, therefore they should cancel this transaction immediately. They were very rude, and had told me to go to the police and wait 8 to 10 business days for the "dispute form" to arrive by mail, after which I could follow up into this matter. I was even told to make sure that they will get this dispute, which I found it nerve wracking. I have sent all my correspondence with certified mail, so they had no choice and acknowledge my dispute with a letter on their own, where instead of a re-assurance that they will investigate in their customer's best interest, they warn me of "delinquency" and "action to collect" unpaid funds. They have even sent me the very first statement, which has a balance due on it! It is so frustrating and I'm filling complaints everywhere from the "Office of Thrift Supervision" at Washington, to the "Office of Atty General of NY" to their CEO Mark Begor, to their main offices ... and this is just the beginning.

I could guarantee you that I will never stop and never give in as some of you, and which sadly have given up to fight against such monstruous corporation ... even if I have to go to all the NY local media and spread the word about these fraudulent practices.

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