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Ge Money Bank - Recreational / Horrible Customer Service

1 Grand Prairie, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 972-642-1936

I am writing today to advise you of recent events that have taken place with GE Money Bank that has led to me being a very dissatisfied customer/account holder. To help you gain a better understanding of my frustration I would like to lay the foundation for you. My wife and I are in the process of closing on a new home at the end of this month.
As a result our loan officer recommended that we reduce our debt to income ratio, to increase our overall FICA score with the underwriter. On April 15th we posted an online payment in the amount of $4834.27. Once the payment was posted we provided documentation to our loan officer at Southwest Funding showing that the payment had been posted. The next day April 16th, we printed a receipt from your website indicating that our new loan balance was $1900.

On Thursday, April 17th we received a call from the loan officer indicating that we had a major problem with the GEMB account. The issue at hand was the account number on our monthly bill, and the online receipts was not the same number reported on my credit report. As a result we contacted GEMB immediately this day to see if we could get this issue resolved urgently.

I do not have the name of the first young lady we spoke with on the 17th around 4pm, however she should be given an award for the way she handled the situation. This young lady spoke with me and my wife as we explained the situation to her. She confirmed that she was in an inbound call center, and needed to get a supervisor on the line. During the call the following parties were represented (loan officer, underwriter, me and my wife and the representative from your company).

A supervisor by the name of Carol came on the line, and we inquired if she could fax something over to us indicating the two account numbers were linked. Carol confirmed that she was not able to fax or e-mail any account numbers over the phone. We asked if any special concession could be made due to the error, and the substantial payment that was made. Carol was not very effective in getting this done and appeared irritated that we would make such a request. We then requested that she send something overnight to us, to send to underwriter. Carol indicated that if we would pay for it she would send it to any address we wish. My loan officer EJ Bermudez with Southwest Funding provided her with a FEDEX account number to send the written letter for next day delivery, since regular mail would take too long as she had previously confirmed. Carol confirmed that it was 5pm and FEDEX, had picked up their last delivery for the day and would send it the next day. Although we were not happy with that response, what else could we do at that time but pray that she does what is requested on Friday, April 18th.

On Saturday, I received a call from the loan officer that the package was not delivered. I then attempted to contact GEMB, and was not successful in getting through. Today I contacted GEMB at 9am (CST), and kept calling until I was able to reach a representative at 11am (CST). My wife was on the call with me as we spoke with a young lady by the name of Elizabeth. She confirmed that she needed verbal authorization to speak with my wife who was on the call as well. I gave her this confirmation and she was not very helpful with my wife at all. Elizabeth kept speaking to me over my wife as if she was not on the call. My wife explained to her that we were trying to obtain a tracking number, since the package was not delivered as requested. Elizabeth confirmed that she had no record of a tracking number, but did have record that it was sent out on Friday. At that time my wife asked her if she could speak to Carol, and Elizabeth confirmed that she did not know who Carol was. My wife then asked to speak to a supervisor, in an attempt to get some kind of help to resolve this issue.

Elizabeth confirmed that due to the high call volume she could not get a supervisor on the line. My wife emphasized how important and urgent this was, and stated she would not release the line until she was able to speak with a supervisor. At that time Elizabeth confirmed that she would not get a supervisor on the line, and could not keep her waiting any longer. Then she turned the conversation to me, and stated Mr. Edmond I will have someone call you back and requested a call back number.

Please help me understand how it so important to GEMB to answer the calls of customers, but you can not help a customer that is currently on the line. Please help me understand how you are not willing to get a supervisor/manager on the line in this urgent situation. Again my wife refused to get off the line and stated she had been waiting for 35 minutes, and was willing to wait longer for a supervisor. At that time Elizabeth said thank you for calling and hung up on us.

Furious for being hung up on, we called back immediately and were not able to get through the line. After several call back attempts, I finally held on for 45 minutes and spoke with a young man named Brandon. At that time I explained to him that I needed to speak to a supervisor and why. Again, I was told I could not speak with a supervisor, and that someone would call me back due to high call volume.

The day has come to a close on Monday and not only has no one from your company called us back, we still have not received our package or tracking number. My primary issues with your company and your representatives are:

1. GE Money Bank in error failed to report the correct account number to the credit bureau. Had the correct number been reported we would not have had the issues above.
2. Carol could not make any special concessions due to your company’s error with the credit bureau to get a letter to us. Surely something else could have been done that day, and she could have gone the extra mile for a customer just once.
3. Elizabeth was very rude and refused to help us in anyway, as she totally disregarded my wife and hung up on us. Since when did we start hanging up on customers?

Please know that this behavior is unacceptable and my wife let her know this, and as a result we have decided to escalate this issue. At this point we will more than likely not be able to close on our home Friday, April 25th due to your companies error with the credit bureau. As a result we have to suffer for an error that had nothing to do with us as card holder. However, had it been the other way around and not made payments that would have been reported to the bureau immediately. In addition I am sure someone from GEMB’s outbound collections center would have been blowing our phone up.

My current balance is $1900 which I plan to pay off very soon. Please know that I plan to report this to the Better Business Bureau, and do not plan to do business with the company going forward. It is very clear to me as a card holder that they just in in the business of answering calls, but not actually helping customers in need.

A very disgruntled dissatisfied customer,

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