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I made an overpayment on my husbands account. I wanted to pay it down so I sent them eighteen hundred dollars. Going thru our family finances( due to fact that have been laiad off)I realized that we needed the back one thousand dollars that we sent to them. I called personally but not being the card holder the could not help me. So my husband called and they said that the could refund the thousand dollars and that it would take up to four weeks. So when that four weeksa was up and we still didn't receive that over payment my husband called and found out that the adjustment was never done. So the lady said that she was sorry and now would get the process going to send us back a thousand dollars. Well tomorrow will be the fourth week(the actual eith week) waiting and my husband check his account w/ GE Money on his honda account and it still has not been adjusted. This money was to go to varies other bills like our heating bill, water bill, and our utily bill which now are two months past due. Most important we needed to get our three children Christmas presents. What are we going to now? Thank you Ge Money for having a heart. Great Customer Service!!

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      Jun 11, 2009

    I completely agree and understand! I had to open an GE Money credit account through PEPBOYS in order to pay for some unexpected car repairs. There was supposed to be 90 days same as cash, at which I only got 30 days. When I called about only receiving 30 days, the GE associate argued with me!

    Next, I did not receive my credit card for almost 6 months! I had no way to make payments (no card number, no account number, nothing!). I had to call in all of my payments and change the address to the correct address every month, because GE Money kept changing my account information! I finally had to tell them to leave my account information alone!

    When I made my first online payment, I sent up my online account for automatic payments. It took a full month to start my automatic payments. When I checked my account this month, the automatic payments was turned off. So I made a one time payment (to make sure my payment is onetime) and then turned the automatic payments back on, expecting again that it would take another full month to start. Instead, the automatic payment started the next day and now my checking account is overdrawn because two payments were taken out for the month of June instead of one payment! I was also charged $30 in fees due to the over payment from my credit union. When I called GE Money, I was told by the associate that GE Money would refund the over payment (not including the $30 in fees), but it would take 7-10 business days for me to receive a check in the mail! If this happens with my other credit card, they return the over charge to my checking account within 1 day, not mail me a check in 7-10 days! I now have to scraped together cash from somewhere, to fix my checking account while GE Money takes their sweet time giving me my refund!!!

    I plan on paying off my GE Money account and closing it! I would not refer my worst enemy to GE Money! Completely lousy service! No one should have to put up with this kind of customer service ever! GE Money Bank needs to get their act together!

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