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My mother has been harassed by GE money for many months now, they just keep adding late charges to her account even after she agreed to a "hardship settlement" with them and apt her end of the bargain. I answered her phone one day when she was at the drugstore and the guy identified himself as calling about her Dillards/Ge money acct. I politely said "She is not here, right now": Where in the F--k is she" he fairly screamed at me. I asked him "What did you just say?" He then said "Did I stutter missy?" and immediately hung up. Really ugly people and horrible unfair service.

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  • Mi
      Sep 09, 2008

    I work for GEMB and cant stop laughing at all the damn compliants, first off, read ur TERMS AND urseflf some stress..if u dont think the card and the company are offering the "best" deal then close the damn acct before u use it. APR is listed in there as well. The best time of my life is when Im at working answering all ur idiots calls, and u say can u waive my late fee, I was on vacation and didnt pay...THATS NOT A GOOD REASON...dummys.
    But hey I guess u dont need common sense to get a card these days..and dont say I was "tricked" into a card and I didnt want one..then say NO...were not holding a gun to y'alls head..
    P.S. mmmhmmm is not a answer learn what yes and no are..
    oh and ahh just a tip dont call in anywhere yelling and screaming threatening all this BS...u wont get anywhere with it..we always notate the ###s account.

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  • Ha
      Nov 30, 2008

    I severely doubt this is true. I also work for ge and they would never say "where the ### is she"

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  • Gr
      Jul 20, 2009

    I just had my Chevron/GE Money bank account closed because an automatic payment was declined and a second manually entered payment was declined same month. I called GE Money bank and explaind that this card was linked to a business account and I didn't have control over the money. I assumed (foolishly obviously) that my partners would ensure the gas the company uses would be paid for. They didn't and it got returned. Luckily the account never went delinquet as it was always paid ahead. In fact when it took the automatic payment that would have put in the overpaid status.

    After getting the good by dirtbag letter, I called customer service and asked why im being cancelled. they said because you had two checks returned. I said, they were automatic payments and we consider them the same as checks.

    Bottom line is, ok, so payments that weren't due were returned. I don't see the big issue with this as long as I paid the account long before it was even due. Then when I explain to them that this card had been put up for business use, and I had foolishly relied on others to take care of financial responsibilities, they said this is a company decision.

    I had taken the payment away from the company and was going to pay it from my personal account and get myself re-imbursed from the company. I know it wasn't great having payments returned, but as long as I didn't fail to pay what I agreed to I don't see the problem. Especially after explaining how I wanted to have this business pay the bill since it was using the credit card. Well, apparently GE Money bank will not have their decision affected in any with the facts. I'm not saying this issue should have been ignored, what I am saying is how about listening to the facts and allowing an otherwise good customer to keep buying your product and you making money as long as he can explain why it happened and explains a plan to correct it (IE: put payment agaisnt personal account.)

    Well, now I will have a positive account from GE Money bank that says closed by creditor. Funny entry since the account was in good standing except for the automatic on line bill pay stuff.

    I hope to never deal with this terd of a bank again. I think there decisions rely way too much on computers and anything to do with real life has no bearing on the facts. Again, I was paid ahead so they lost no money on me. They just figured if a non required pre scheduled on line payment does not go through I was a serious risk.

    Good luck GE Money bank. It's banks like this that make me think I'm so glad so many of them lost their tails in the real estate market. I just wish the government would stop using my tax dollars to bail them out of their own mess. Let the banks fold. We will be better off I think.

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  • Ma
      Jul 27, 2010

    I have great credit and no current open delinquent accounts. GE turned me down because apparently I have a balance of $300 between 5 different credit cards with absolutely no late payments. How in the hell do banks like this expect to prosper when they deny credit to hard working people? This is beyond me. Good luck with your piss poor business ethics.

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  • Ro
      Nov 05, 2010

    If I had some rude [censor] call me and talk like that I would find him and beat the taste out of his foul mouth. a company like that dont deserve my business, and especially after we the tax payers most likely bailed that looser bank out!

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  • B4
      Mar 07, 2011

    I tried calling GE Money Bank today to request the address to send a payment, because I couldn't understand the automated person's voice. When I asked for this information, the rep was very rude.

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