GDex / GD Expressdelivery service

Gdex dear customer, we were unsuccessful in delivering your shipment (cn gam001020497) today. call [protected] to reschedule delivery.

This message was sent to me yesterday. poor service indeed. why not leave the parcel at the guardhouse? every other delivery service does exactly that: deliver the goods.
Not gdex. they insist on ringing you, even if you are not available during the day. I just spoke to a customer service lady from gdex calked ayu who tells me they will ring the customer, then ask the ic number before they leave any parcel at the guardhouse. this is a ridiculous procedure. I believe this company is too inflexible to follow simple instructions from a customer. I spell it out again:leave the parcel at the guardhouse. do not ring me first. I know it's coming, I told you to deliver it, so do that. do not waste my time by adding unnecessary steps of burocracy.
This is not the first time gdex caused me problems. last time I ended up driving to the depot myself to collect my parcel. again, the delivery failed miserably, after several attempts. that time the excuse was that my parcel was too valuable to leave with the guardhouse. they do not trust my guards? well, I do. that's why they work for me. my thanks to the kind staff at the depot, they helped me and located my parcel, even though it was late in the day.

Nov 09, 2018

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