GDex / GD Expressbad services on delivery and customer services

14/9/2018, time 12:24, I received sms from gdex, but no one send the parcel to my house, or called me, until 24/9 I haven't receive my parcel.

This is not the first time, the deliveryman didn't went to the house, then pretended no one home, lastly I have to pickup myself in pj, waste my time and money to paid the delivery fees!!

24/9/18, time 16:19, I called customer services, because I need some time to find delivery ref number, we chat around 4 minutes, the customer services suddenly hang up the phone, after I found ref no, I called back customer services, but no one pickup phone!!

Please gives some training to customer services and also deliveryman! The relaxed attitude should change!

Sep 24, 2018

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