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GC Services / garnishment/ fraud

1 Jacksonville, TX, United States

this student loan was obtained via fraud in 1995. Five years later i found it on my credit report. i have gone to everyone from the origional lender that made the bad loan, united student aid funds, (USAFUNDS) to the ombudsman, law inforcement including the FBI, sallie mae angd GC Services who has garnished my wages for the last 12 months. every penny went to collection costs and interest. GCS offered me a hearing on my case so i fowarded information to request a hearing but never heard from them again except to respond to 'my request for validation of my student loan'. they assured me that it was and in spite of $3, 957 so far taken from money owed to me, the balance has gone from $7995, to $8842. it appears now that they have sold the note and notices of more garnishments have been recieved. the origional loan had my SS#, not my PH#, not my address, not my signature. apparently DOE could care less.
is there anywhere that an average 60 yr old working full time, supporting two kids on 28K a year can get help from this government/laywer/beancounter integrityless beatdown.
monte s hale

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