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U.S. Department of Education - Student loans and financial aid given out

Western Governors University has been filing student loans and financial aid on my behalf and I have not been attending school nor applying for financial aid. This all happen in 2019. I was very sick and 2019/2020 and I am on disability now. Financial aid was paid out and I was not enrolled in classes.

During the entirely of 2020 I had no contact with WGU and partial contact in 2019 but I did not enroll in classes nor accept any financial aid in December 2019.

Desired outcome: WGU should refund all monies that were received by WGU in my name

U.S. Department of Education - Penn state course for wfde / ece course

In May 2020 when I filed for F.O. S.F. A and Federal student loan which I have always gotten since 2013 when I first started at Penn State and was found eligible because I claimed my daughter Maria...

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U.S. Department of Education - offset of income tax

Recently my entire tax refund was used to pay on my student loans. My wages have been garnished for those loans and I was entering into Loan Rehabilitation through National Recovery Agency. I...

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U.S. Department of Education - I am complaining about being mislead by admissions staff of capella university

In 2015, I received a call from a staff of Capella University and was mislead to believe that my credit hours from the University of Phoenix would be transferred toward completion of their Ph.D...

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U.S. Department of Education - deception with employees

Last week supervisors Myeisha and Alicia told me that they had call Department of Defense to check to see if I was an active duty soldier. The respond was they told me that you wasnt actve duty you were just enlisted. I have been sending emails to the department of education and the proof of me being active duty to receive a refund back of unknowingly taking my tax refund when i was indeed out of country and on active duty status to not receive mail. All other documents that were received were received by email now its not working and they cant pull up the form from the Department of Defense I have been trying to prove this as fault of Department of Education since April my first response back was in July. I got a list of numbers about my account none that have yet to add up to the amount that was taken from me without my knowledge. Please I honestly sick and tired of the run around and not getting any reliable effective help.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - transcript accuracy

To Whom It May Concern:

This is in regard to an unreconciled concern regarding a transcript reporting error through Northwestern University, Feinberg School of medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Prosthetics & Orthotics (NUPOC).

An account has been given, as follows:

16 Apr 2019 - submitted requested for an official transcript was cancelled through NU's transcript request interface, Parchment. I was advised to go through the program department (NUPOC) for a copy of my transcript.

18 Apr 2019 - NUPOC confirmed that for all certificate programs, transcripts were to be processed through them and that a transcript would be created and sent by surface mail to my home address.

27 Apr 2019 - received the transcript; sent an e-mail to NUPOC challenging the accuracy of the transcipts. There were errors in grades and coursework.

28 Apr 2019 - NUPOC responded saying that they could not change the grades but could adjust the coursework inaccuracies.

29 Apr 2019 - escalated challenge to inaccurate transcripts to Department Director, J. Chad Duncan, Phd, CPO, CRC. He immediately responded to my inquiry and asked to schedule a phone call to discuss the particulars.

3 May 2019 - discussed my concerns with Dr. Duncan by phone. He agreed that the errors I had identified were correct after confirming with one of my prior professors. He asked for what purpose I needed the transcript. I indicated that I keep transcripts of all my training on hand. I did not have an urgent need to have a copy on hand, but may need a copy of the transcript if / when returning for additional training. He said that my complaint wasn't the first. He mentioned that it was complicated. Lots of paper work to sift through, with details stored on a spreadsheet. He said asked that I keep in touch frequently to ensure the issue stayed fresh on his mind. No ETA on solving was provided.

Follow-up continued by e-mail on: 20 May, 13 June, 12 July, and 1 Aug. During all of these inquiries, no progress was reported. Consistent in responses included such statements as: "still going through mounds of paperwork", "having to go through thousands of files to try to locate the correct materials", and "currently chin deep in files trying to find your information".

I have absolutely no confidence that the issue will be resolved. Subsequent follow-up response time continues to be less immediate. In truth, outcome resolution has been completely unprofessional. How can this institution benefit from government funding if it cannot render an accurate account of student performance and completion of required coursework? I have attached the e-mail thread for your review and consideration. Please feel free to reach my by e-mail or phone.

Thank you,

Nathan Gile


U.S. Department of Education - intrusion

I have had my course study Medical Insurance Billing and Coding restructured with non required material. The best practice would have a represenative conduct a thorough investigation in...

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U.S. Department of Education - brookline college loan debt

Hello my name is Elizabeth Barragan I am having trouble finding out about a school loan they say i have with Brookline college I never been to nor have I ever gotten a school loan but they took my...

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U.S. Department of Education - student loan

My wife and myself have made several attempts to resolve a fraudulent student loan that was filed by uei college representative in el monte ca. Paperwork has been filed and nothing has hapenned I...

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U.S. Department of Education - Continued attempt to ignore factual basis

On e. Promissory note of 360 dollars for a tour of a school. Two. The collection of a Pell grant when student was withdrawn prior to grant maturity date...as per Pell student to be enrolled third...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - robbery

The U.S. Department of Education is a governmental scam. I Advise anybody thinking of going to school to avoid them at all cost. I had a 20, 000 loan and after 6 years of being garnished 15% of my...

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U.S. Department of Education - Fraudulent billing

In [protected] I went to grad school. I borrowed approx [protected].00. I paid back the loans and extra @13, 300.00 to NYHEDSC. In 1994 someone inflated the loans to 25, 000-30, 000, and the interest...

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U.S. Department of Education - School loan payments

US Department of Education has not applied my December 2011 payment to my account. They have cashed my check (electronically) on December 19, 2011 but will not apply it to my account. It now shows I am delinquent which is incorrect. I have made all of my payments on time. I have spoken with several customer service representatives and two supervisors, all apologizing and stating they will correct this error. Nothing has been done and I feel I am getting no where with these people! I work hard and strive to have great credit and I don't want this held against me.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - Incompetent Help

I have recently started repaying my Federal student loans, as a result I had to submit tax returns and additional documentation. I first submitted all of the required paperwork by mail in June, 2011 by the deadline they gave me. In July, I received a letter telling me they never received my documentation. I then faxed the information to them in July, 2011. In August, I received another letter stating they did not receive all of my information, so I again faxed AND mailed the information to the office in Texas. As a result of getting my information, they informed me my payment would go from $167 to $777 due to my joint filing of taxes with my husband. My husband also has a significant amount of debt with Direct Loans as well, he actually has more debt than me. So, I called and spoke with a representative and explained that I didn't understand that I sent in the very same information for my husband's account and his payment was the calculated to be $224/mo and how could mine be $777 when I have less debt and only make $3000 more than him a year. At that point, the representative told me that they would link my husband's account and my account together to show our joint debt owed to Direct Loans and that would mean that my payment would be $320 and my husband's would be $480 a month. The representative said she would put both of our accounts on forbearance until this was all confirmed. This was in August, 2011. Yesterday, September 22nd, 2011, my husband received a letter from Direct Loans stating that his payment will be $470/mo. I then went online to check my payment amount, it said my payment was now $666/mo. Again, this made no sense to me so I called today (September 23rd, 2011) and spoke with a new representative Ashley, she told me that they had no record of my husband having any debt with them and that the $666/mo payment was correct. I then explained to her my last conversation with a representative at Direct Loans and she said that that woman did not submit the correct information into my account, yet she did for my husband's account. So, it was all set with my husband's account but nothing was recorded on mine. So, Ashley said she has to now submit the information to the correct department to get my payment corrected. I am now on another month's forbearance for Direct Loans to figure out what they did wrong. This all started in May 2011 with me submitting the correct information initially, but Direct Loans misplacing it and now we are entering October 2011 after 3 faxes, 2 mailings and at least 7 calls and still nothing is correct with my account. I am now 6 months pregnant and have been stressed out solely due to Direct Loans for my entire pregnancy. How is it that I have done everything requested of me and yet no one seems to be able to do their job correctly at Direct Loans.

I had had very similar experience with them! I am now waiting 4 months for them to process paperwork. They cant tell me when this will get done, or why is it taking so long. I am stuck paying a higher amount, since I dont want to forbear as I am a public servant and want the month's credit towards my 10 years of credit. However, this is ridiculous. They have never contacted me, I call them to sort this out. They debited my account twice last month too, almost sending me underwater on my account. No explanation why this happened, either. I just want to pay the correct amount!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - Misapplication of Loan Payments

This is a very valid complaint as I too have $475 in misapplied payments and after months of letter writing, conference calls with banks and the Direct Loan Customer Service, I have been conversing with them since June of 2010. I sent a letter to all the officials of the US Dept of Education Student Loan Board and not one individual has responded. The US Dept of Education has so many problems that they can't admit or have the decency to write. Cudahy, WI

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - Workers Lie and Do Not Do Their Job/Delay in Consolidation-no good reason given

They continue to lie to us on the phone about the real status of our consolidation loans. First they tried to double our daughter's loan due amount..then they finally fixed that. Then they continue...

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U.S. Department of Education - Horrible Loan Consolidation Service

I've been trying to consolidate my loan from ACS to Direct Loans since July 1st, when the new interest rates came out. Originally I was told the whole process would take a couple weeks, but whenever...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - BEWARE OF Scheduled Payment Feature

I am currently in repayment of my loans from here and just this month decided to use their Scheduled Payment feature. Although i did change the date from the payment being deducted on the 26th of...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

U.S. Department of Education - Usury, unagreed upon monthly repayment amounts

I was recently duped into signing a "consolidation" agreement with GC Services, a collection agent for the U.S. Department of Education, to repay an initial student loan amount of about $21, 000 from [protected]. The original amount of the loan, with accrued interest, has now become $63, 000, THREE TIMES the amount of the original principal. During the subsequent years, I spent some time in prison and was unable to repay the amounts of the loans. I entered into this agreement with GC to repay $50.00 FIFTY DOLLARS per month (income contingent), and a week after signing the agreement, received statements from GC indicating that my loan had suddenly gone to $90, 000!!! I rang them and told them I was instructed not to pay them, but to await word from Direct Loans, a billing agency for the U.S. Department of Education, after my loan consolodation had been processed.

I received the first loan payment statement and the monthly amount is $620.0!!! I NEVER agreed to this, and the repayment schedules the Department of Education sent me indicate that the payoff amount will be over $214, 000!!! How can this possible be legan under ANY definition of the law?? That makes my repayment of a $21, 000 loan 10 times the amount I borrowed!! Secondly, the U.S. Department of Education states that your repayment amounts shall not exceed 20% of your gross monthly income, yet this $620.00 payment is in excess of 33% of my monthly income of $12/hour!! I would be taken to court for not being able to make the payments, and they indicate that I am NOT eligible for a forbearance.

Can anyone assist? I am contacting this agency, as well as the U.S. Attorney General's Office, the Congressional Oversight Committee and local attorneys, whose services I can NOT afford, in an effort to stop this thievery.

Mar 20, 2008

U.S. Department of Education - Americorps stipend!

I received an Americorps award in the fall of 2005. I then submitted paperwork to Direct Loans, US Department of Education to have my award check given to them towards my loan. In February, 2006 the award appeared in my Direct Loan account as coming through... but then in November 2007 it disappeared! I didn't hear why or how or anything, it was simply gone. Because the award money went towards my March 2006 payment, with it deleted from my account I became a delinquent claiming I never paid that month. I finally learn now in March 2008 - Direct Loans never filled out their section of the paperwork properly when it was sent to Americrops for the payment. The problem persists. Americorps claims they paid Direct Loans and Direct Loans insists they do not have a check with my name on it from them. Nobody will help resolve the problem. I speak to both sides at least a couple times a week to no avail. I am completely at loss. I just want the money in my account and to be done with this whole fiasco.

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