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GC Services / Harassing third party phone calls

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Phone: 614-322-1696

For six years, I have been getting phone calls from this company. They are trying to locate someone my husband used to know. We do not know where she lives, we do not know her phone number, we haven't seen her for years. We keep telling GC Services this, but the phone calls continue. If what this company does isn't illegal, IT SHOULD BE!!!

What really pisses me off is neither I nor my husband have EVER defaulted on a loan, but we are getting HARASSED because of SOMEONE ELSE'S DEBT. I have told them not to call us again, my husband has told them not to call. They call at 8:15 in the morning, usually long after we've left for work or while we're sleeping on the weekends. Then they call later in the day. Since we have caller id, we recognize the number, and it makes our blood boil when we see it.

My phone company does have a service to block calls, and it's $3 a month. I am actually thinking about signing up. Maybe I can send GC Services the bill for that, as they HAVEN'T listened to me when I have told them not to call. That's right, GC Services--you owe ME money!!! Now maybe I can call all your former friends and neighbors and harass you for the $3 a month you owe me for making me need this phone service!!! I can't utilize the "block anonymous calls" features of my phone because the caller id says "Operations Division." Too bad, since that service is free.

I found it very amusing to see employees of GC Services defending their job on this site. Have they not read the complaints? Most of the people complaining are third party individuals--neighbors, relatives, "friends." Perhaps those employees wouldn't mind 50 phone calls inquiring as to the whereabouts of their "friend" from elementary school, or their neighbor they hardly know, or their deadbeat relative.

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  • Ba
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Hello there i want to pass down some info i feel should be extremely useful in accomplishing your goal of getting the phone calls to stop. I currently work for a 3rd party collection agency and am fully educated on all ftcpa(federal trade of collections practices act) laws. If you are getting calls in regards to someone you knew it means they most likely provided your name and phone number as a reference when they contracted on that debt. Through my experiences as a collector i've called and continue to call individuals who may have some pertinent information which would help that agency locate the debtor. However, once you inform them of your inability(or flat out refusal to provide that information) you must demand that they "cease and desist" all calls to the phone # they are calling you at. But you MUST demand the phone # be removed and that they stop all attempts of communication with you. Sometimes they might tell you to send that request in writing. That is absolutely not necessary unless that company has credible information which would lead them to believe the debtor resides at that residence. If that is the case then you would be required to send a written request for a stop to any/all calls to that residence and any phone #'s associated with that address. If that is not the case and you demand they stop calling and remove your contact information then you should take down the name of the individual you presented that statement to as well as the time/date you made that demand. Collectors could be liable for $1000 fine if ftcpa laws are broken and that $$ would come out of that individuals pocket and I don't know about any of you but I wouldn't wanna pay $1000 because i crossed the line while attempting to collect on a complete strangers debt. When they tell you the phone # has been removed get a supervisor on the line and take down his/her name, title and date/time you spoke with them. Many times if you tell a collection agency they have the wrong # they will wait to remove the phone # until they have been told on more than one instance that you do not know the individual they are calling for or even if you do you don't want to be involved in their personnal business matter. That should do the job for u and if it doesn't, well, then you report them to the FTCPA. GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE THIS INFORMATION WAS HELPFUL.

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