GC Credit Services / Illegal harrashment and threats

Sarasota, FL, United States

GC Services called a friend of mine who happnes to be an attorney and states they were with a law firm and they were looking for me demaning that I owe them money. This company has to be stopped at all cost. I was just on a WEB site and they have millions of complaints. Is there anyone that can offer any advice about going legal. The stories I read on the web about this collection ageny says do not pay them at all cost. Let your creidtor.. end user werather it be a car not or credit card what they do and ask then to stop doing business with this company. I am still fuming and now after reading so many similar stories I want to go after this company. I am looking to see if anyone else would have any advice or would go in on a class action law suit against this company. DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME... REPORT them IMMEDIATLY. Read the millions of complaints against this company and then form a group and go after this lawless ### og a company and try to put them out of business!!!

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