Gate 1 Travel / Fraud/cheat

PA, United States

I booked a trip through Gate1 on Saturday March 24th 2012 for my brother and I. It is for a flight from Miami USA to Barcelona Spain with three night stay and then a seven day cruise and return flight. The price was $2, 200.00 each. I was back on the Gate1 web site on Tuesday the 27th of March because of an email they had sent about trips to China. When I was looking, I thought about our trip and was wondering about some side trips and looked at the booking for our trip and noticed they were showing a big price difference! (now showing $1, 800.00) So I called them to see what the deal was. And the service representative (if you want to call them that!) told me the price change was all because of what the airline (American Airline) was charging. Since there is no way for me to look at the airline cost, I was told by the rep, "to trust her" as to why such a price change. I find it hard to believe that a supposed large travel agency, would not be able to get their customers (will be former as I am sure I will never book through them again) the difference after such a short time (less the 72 hours). If not, anyone reading this might think better about booking with this company and should book through a reputable company like Orbitz that gives a "price assurance".

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