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Gardner White Furniture - Warren, MI / extremely rude and unprofessional, definitely not worth the hassle!

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This is a complaint against Gardner White furniture at 4400 East 14 Mile in Warren, MI. I ordered new living room furniture, love seat and recliner, on January 6, 2007. Before the papers were signed, everything was in stock... then the salesperson came back and said only the recliner was available for delivery on 1/10. He asked did I want the recliner delivered on the 10th, the love seat wasn't going to be available until 1/17. I said no, only wanting to take one day off from work and told him to just deliver both pieces on the 17th. On 1/14 my husband and I threw our old furniture away and cleaned our living room in anticipation of our new pieces, and on the morning of the 17th the delivery driver calls me to say they will arrive between 3 and 6 p.m. and asks if I'm aware that the love seat isn't on the truck. Well, no, I wasn't aware because no-one from the store bothered to call me! I of course called the store and got snotty attitudes and a bunch of "it's on back order, we don't know when it's coming in and we don't know what to tell you." Not one apology. I called on the 19th and got yet another attitude, but was told the love seat would be in the week of 1/23. OK, that's not too bad. Called on the 23rd and was told it wouldn't be in that week, MAYBE the following week. Now I'm angry. Not only am I being jerked around, but every person I spoke with was rude and condescending. Unacceptable as far as I'm concerned, I'm spending my money there! The person speaking with me said she would call me back, because of course she wasn't authorized to cancel it, and when she did she offered to waive the delivery charge and send me a $50 gift certificate....and let me know the love seat would for sure be in sometime the 2nd week of February. NO THANKS!! I ended up canceling the whole order and they picked up the recliner yesterday, 1/26. Not until then did I ever receive an apology or any kind of concern for the horrible experience and inconvenience. Consumers beware of Gardner White! They are extremely rude and unprofessional, definitely NOT worth the hassle!

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  • Pa
      14th of Apr, 2007
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    On feb. 26 2003 we bought our living room furniture from the Gardner White in Canton. The manufacture was GUILDCRAFT out of California. After one year the cushions (total of 6) went flat. Garder white sent out a customer service person who was surprised that this would happen after only one year. It is only my husband and I. They contacted the manufacturer and they sent new cushions. These cushions lasted a year and then went flat. Again we went threw the same thing. Now we are into the third year and once again the cushions have lost their shape and from replacing the cushions the fabric is now stretched out and wrinkled. This furniture came with a life time warranty. Thursday April 12 2007. the customer service came out and as soon as he came in his words were "they are not going to send you any more cushions". Then he suggested I buy some foam and add to them and get Velcro to keep them from sliding all over. I said what about the lifetime warranty??? He then STRAIGHTENED all the cushions and took a Polaroid picture to send to the manufacturer. Well I said of course the cushions look good if no one is sitting on the furniture and I have to fluff them up every time someone gets up. I am 62 and my husband is 68 we have had a lot of couches in our life and this is the worst manufacturer and the worst customer service from any place that I know of. So beware of GARDNER White and the LIFETIME Warranty.

    We will never purchase another item from them and we tell everyone that we know about them.

  • Un
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    I use to work for Gardner White 4400 14 Mile Road in Warren Michigan. Well that was the worst job ever.After working hard for three months (coming in on my days off and coming in early)I was let go without any explanation. However before I was fired I trained three people which replaced me and three of my other co-workers.The owner of Gardner White is rude and cheap, he never gives out raises and the management their is rude, unprofessional, and uneducated. Not to mention the terrible working conditions and the way customers furniture was handled would make me not want to by anything for them period. TAKE MY WORD DON'T EVER SHOP AT ANY GARDNER WHITE LOCATIONS BECAUSE ITS A RIPPED OFF.ALL THEY DO IS DOUBLE THE PRICES TAKE A LOOK AND SEE, I'M TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

  • Lo
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    I just bought a chair from Gardner White in Taylor. I was promised the chair at 1pm this afternoon. I called and of course it was lost on some shuttle. They finally called at 9pm to let me know it was there. All they care about is your money not customer satisfaction.
    They are rude and very unprofessional. Stay clear if you want to be treated with any kind of dignity

  • Je
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    This store is a complete disaster from a consumer perspective. Their head doesn't know what their hands or feet are doing... always a different story. Set up delivery on one day only to call and find out that it can't happen.

    My husband and I were told that we had to come in to the store to fill out a second set of forms to get credit approval after being told on the phone that we could do it on line (which we did). We begrudgingly went in because after all-it was supposed to be for our protection.

    When arriving at the store and filling out the paperwork, the receptionist asked to to shout out my social security number across to her desk in front of about 20 strangers. So much for being concerned about my privacy.

    Now we have waited six weeks for our sectional and set up delivery for tomorrow. Knowing that they can't get it right under any circumstances, I asked my husband to call and make sure it is coming tomorrow. Guess what?

    The truck broke down. You know, I had a hunch the truck would break down. I had a hunch that a tornado hit the warehouse too.

    Don't buy ANYTHING from Gardner White. Save your money and time and go somewhere else. Somewhere they know about costumer service.

  • De
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    I purchased furniture from the Taylor store about six months ago!!! The couches that have light colored cushions and the rest is leather. Well its supposed to be leather but its NOT!!! Its bicast leather!! and they coat it with Polyurathane coating...which is now peeling off!!! I have never even cleaned this leather before, The only thing I have done is sit on it!!! Now they are telling me that there is nothing that they can do!?!?!? I even contacted an outside company who agrees with me that its a manufacturer defect!!! but gardner white is claiming its NOT!!! they have no explanation as to why my couch is peeling, yet they can Stronly say its not a manufacturing defect!!! How messed up is that!!! Im definetely gonna take this one to court!!!

  • Bs
      12th of Feb, 2010
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    Ive had a wonderful expierance with the Gardner White on 14 mile..They came to my house with my furniture and dinning room set plus my Queen size bed. They were polite to me and my family.

  • Me
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    your a snotty ###, no wonder they were rude to you, The drivers have to drive in bad weather conditions all the time and have a many stops in one day, so they dont always know exactly what time they will be there, thats why they give you an ESTIMATED time. You can always go pick it up from the warehouse yourself. They were nice enough to wave the delevery fee and give you a gift certificate and your going to complain? its not the stores fault that it wasnt in stock, lots of things go on back order all the time, they have a lot of custermers to deal with not just you. Why dont you just be more patient, you cant get everything you want whenver you want it, thats just life. The fact that you have to go and post this on the internet obviously shows you have nothing better to do and your just one of those people whos miserable with their own life so they complain about everything. Did you know that today a gardner white driver got in an accident today? because of all this snow and they Still are all out despite this weather. Lucky he was okay, but he is going home from work, and all that furnature will not be deliverd today, he could have died or gotten seriously hurt and your gonna complain that you didnt get your furnature on time? hes got a wife and kinds waiting at home and hes putting himself in a bad situation so you can have your damn furnature... ### happens, maybe you should think about that

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