Gardner White Furniturepoor quality and even worse customer service

K Sep 22, 2014

Not amused! On Aug 9th while I was home for a friend’s wedding, my boy friend and I found this bedroom set. We bought this bedroom set, had this bedroom set delivered and then the fun started! On Aug 16thwe got the first delivery, not the entire bedroom set made it to the warehouse, so we were going to have to wait. What was delivered was not in first class condition; the tall dresser was missing two casters off the bottom and wobbled. The low dresser had a broken drawer and a dent in the front. On Aug 19th Gardner White sent out new furniture to replace the broken and to complete what wasn’t delivered the first time. On the second try, the new nightstands both had damage to them, the bed rails on the new bed had scratches and one of the drawers was broken in pieces, the low dresser looked like it had been dropped because the bottom of the one side was smashed in. Only the tall dressed was undamaged. A week later we had round three, two new nightstands but they weren't...they were the same ones they sent out a week ago. My boyfriend by now had had enough. He called and told them to come and get ALL of it but they showed up a day later trying to deliver more! They wanted to charge us a re-stocking fee!!! For WHAT? It's broken furniture! You mean some other poor guy is going to get it?? They finally agreed not to charge us the restocking fee and came to get the furniture just after Labor day. Then I am told by someone at the Warren store that it may take 90 (ninety) days for it to come OFF my credit card!!! Good luck trying to get a hold of corporate. I missed corporate calling me back twice. Called them back within a minute and got a voicemail. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Sep 11, 2014 I posted my complaint on Gardner White's Facebook page and was directed to get a hold of the district manager, Jeff.
So I sent an email on 12 Sep and he responded...
Dear Ms. B,
I apologize for the issues you have had. None of our credits take 90 days to post. Please provide me you account information such as the name and phone number on the account and your customer number if you have and I will look into on Monday when I return back to the office. I again apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
On Monday, Sep 15th I replied...
Good morning Jeff, The card I am refering to is a Gardner White Credit card under the name XXXXX BXXXXX with the phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX. Please call me if you need any more information. You can also reach me on my landline at XXX-XXX-XXXX until 4:30.
On Tuesday, after I had not received a response, I called the credit card company and put in a grievance.
On Wednesday Jeff finally replied,
Ms. B,
I am not able to locate your account by your name or phone numbers. Can you please give me the name and phone number that the account would be under. Or if you have your order number or customer code so I can check into your refund.
I responded once again giving him the address where the furniture was delivered, my boyfriends name and number, and stated that the credit card company didn't seem to have an issue pulling up the account.
I guess one of those helped him because he found my credit...BUT it was almost $400 shy of what it should have been so I asked Jeff about it and he responded on 18 Sep with the most audacious request...
"I apologize this is the amount that was credited on the pick up. If there is a problem you will need to contact Paul at our 14 mile rd store as he is the one who authorized this pick up." HE WANTED ME TO DO HIS JOB!!! He should have called Paul and found out why my credit was short. My boyfriend did call and we THINK this is the end...

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