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February 1, 2010 – We went to Gardner White Furniture Store in Canton, MI to shop for a mattress set. We were greeted by Jim Baumstark, sales associate. We advised him that we were looking for something very specific - an ultra plush/soft mattress set. Our current mattress set was about 10 years old, sagged in the middle, and lumpy. After meticulously browsing their showroom selection and "testing" various mattresses, we selected the Simmons Rozelle. We selected this model specifically because it was an ultra plush/soft mattress.

February 13, 2010 – The mattress set was delivered in the evening. We immediately noticed that our mattress was much firmer than the mattress set displayed in the Gardner White showroom.

February 14, 2010 – We went back to the store and went to the customer service desk to advise them that the mattress that we received was too firm. The customer service sales associate told us that new mattress sets typically take a few weeks to “settle” into their desired firmness/softness levels and temperature, and to "walk" the mattress out. This seemed reasonable to us, so we decided to try their suggestion.

We spent the next five weeks attempting to “walk” the mattress out, and give it time to “settle” into the softness that it was ultimately supposed to be. During those six weeks, and despite our best efforts - the mattress has not gotten any softer at all. It is still extremely firm. And surprisingly, we noticed there is now a sag or depression in the middle of the mattress (which ironically does not affect the softness level at all). We would expect some sagging after several years of use, but certainly not after only six weeks. This is clearly defect and a quality issue.

February 22, 2010 – We called Gardner White once again and complained about the quality of the mattress set, despite having tried their suggestions. They arranged for a technician to come out to our home and inspect the mattress.

February 25, 2010 – The technician performed the mattress inspection and would not address the “softness/firmness” issue. He did mention that thedepression in the middle of the mattress was only 1 inch, and therefore within manufacturer’s parameters.

February 25, 2010 – Having strongly disagreed with technician’s findings, we called and spoke with store manager, Dwane, regarding our mattress issues. He advised that the technician had not yet officially filed his report, and that there wasn’t anything they could do until the technician did so. He expected the technician to file his report on the following Saturday.

February 27, 2010 – We received a voicemail from the Gardner White technician that the report had been filed, and that there wasn’t anything they could do to help us. We called Gardner White and spoke again with the store manager, Dwane, who reiterated the technician’s findings. We were given these options:

1) Wait until the official 60 days after purchase date (2/12/10), and exchange the mattress set for another. We would be subject to a $59.99 exchange fee, plus 10% restocking fee. *We refuse to pay these outrageous fees to replace a mattress that is defective.*

2) Have another “third party” company come out to inspect our depression issue. If the “third party” comes out and determines there is more than 1 ½ inches in depression, then at that time the mattress would be deemed defective, and they would replace it for us. However, they will NOT address our “softness/firmness” issue – as this is “subjective” – and therefore they are not able to help.

*Although both of these issues are important and warranted, the most important issue to us is the “softness/firmness” issue. If the “third party” cannot repair the “softness/firmness” issue, then we do not see the point in bothering with this option.*

A few other relevant FACTS:

• We purchased the Guardsman Mattress Protection Plan with our set

• The Gardner-White website mission statements says:

Buy with confidence.

At Gardner-White we guarantee that our prices are the lowest in town. If you find the same furniture with the same terms for less we will refund the difference. We also guarantee our products against manufacturer’s defects for at least one year.

These are just a few examples of our commitment to our customers. Because at Gardner-White, providing you with great furniture and great service is what we do.

In summary, we purchased a mattress set from Gardner White Furniture Store in Canton, MI. When it was delivered, we found the set to be defective. Upon seeking help from the store to rectify the situation, we realized we may have fallen victim to the store scam of “bait and switch”. Either the store intentionally misrepresented their merchandise on the showroom floor; or we received a defective set – for which the store will not take responsibility for. In either case, unscrupulous business practices are being used here, and we intend to stand up for ourselves in order to make this situation “right”. Ultimately, we are not looking for our money back, we are not looking for a different model mattress. The outcome we would like to see is to have Gardner White replace our defectivemattress set with the same make & model without the defects.


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