Gala Hotelsunethical behavior

I gave it a chance and actually booked a hotel in Cuba for my family $1500 usd. I tried to stay in touch with them cause I cannot afford to go to the hotel and have no reservation at check in. Some people have gotten a text message two days prior reservation with a cancellation confirmation due to the hotel not been able to "accommodate" the requested rooms. THIS PAGE WILL NOT GUARANTEE YOUR STAY BECAUSE THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LAST MINUTE DEALS, THATS WHY YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO CHECK YOUR BOOKING WITH THE HOTEL UNTIL 2-3 DAYS PRIOR!!! Thing is, that if there is no available rooms for these "deals" you are left with "Hotel could not provide the requested rooms". Customer service from this page is HORRIBLE!! Do not waste your time calling them, emailing them etc. I still have a "pending" open case I did a month ago and jut today, after 3 weeks I got a response from the Facebook page. Im giving them 21 business days for me to get my money back or otherwise I will go to my bank and report this as a fraud. Again. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS PAGE!!!

Aug 27, 2018

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