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I bought a digital camera in July 2006 and paid an extra 35% for the product service plan. The representative in Future Shop convinced me that the plan covers everything. He even told me that if there was a problem with the camera that cannot be fixed, they would replace it. I was very happy to hear those comments and paid for a 4 year product service plan. One day, when I was taking a photograph something strange happened to the LCD which looks like a scratch but inside. I was just taking a photo! I brought it to Future Shop and they shipped it for repair. But they didn't fix it with the reason being "it is a physical damage". However, they told me if I pay 40 CAD they will fix it!
It's funny, I paid quite a lot for the service plan 3 years ago but they don't fix something that is worth 40 CAD.

It is a marketing strategy I guess, but beware.

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  • Je
      Aug 05, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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