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Future Shop / Toshiba Laptop

1 Canada Review updated:

I had a friend, who new nothing about
computers recently purchase a new toshiba laptop
that was on sale. When she got home with it, there
was no back up cds for the software.

No operating System for Windows Vista.
No other applications.

When called the salesperson, said, oh
you can get a backup cd for the operating system
but it will cost $95. At no point did they say
that no discs will be included.

Why? Because they want to make more

They also always try to sell that extended warranty
which is useless. Lucky my friend could not afford it.

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  • Ka
      5th of May, 2007
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    Future Shop - Inadequate customer service

    Purchased an LG Washer and Dryer set from Future Shop in Moncton NB ($3700). The set was delivered and the washer had visible damage. The sales associate advises it is cosmetic, "use the washer and Future Shop will replace". Needless to say, the laundry room flooded, it was more then cosmetic. Not too concerned, Future Shop said they would "replace it". Countless phone calls, promises made and broken, dealing with rude associates via the telephone, incompetent associates who had no idea how to pull up customer history in the system and the final straw, the replacement washer didn't arrive on the day they stated it would and they wanted to know if "we could come and pick it up???" All we want now ,is our money refunded so we can go get a new washer and dryer. Seems my $3700 purchase miraculously turned into a $3450 refund! See I got the pleasure of paying $50.00 per open box fee (washer, dryer and two pedestals) and also paid for the $50.00 delivery charge for Future Shop to deliver the damaged goods! I feels so honored! But more importantly then the loss of $250.00....not at one point through this very painful, long and drawn out mess did anyone (and we spoke to about 7 different people) from the Future Shop just say "I'M SORRY" ... doesn't take much to please me..that would have helped...What's the point of hiring customer service associates if you aren't going to invest money in training them how to deal with customers professionally?

  • Am
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    With laptops u will always need extended warantee. I purchased a laptop and it turned out to be def after only 4 months! If im invest 800 dollars the product better last me. id rather spend 100 dollars more to have a working laptop rather than 800 dollars every year, buying a new one.

  • Da
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    The extended warranty is a complete waste of money, and this has been covered many times in the news and consumer report websites. To Amanda above, the cost of the warranty is not $100 more, it is $200 and that only covers the product for 1 addition year over the manufacturers warranty. For 2 additional years the PSP is $300. What many people don't know is that the PSP kicks in after the manufacturers warranty. So since most laptops come with a 1 year warranty already, buying a 2 year PSP will only cover it for an additional year.

    Do a google search on extended warranties and you will see for yourself that all the experts don't recommend them because it is just a way for the company to make money, and many times as noted on this complaint board a person is still given the run-around when they actually try to use the PSP.

  • Rc
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    Future Shop - Poor business practices!
    Future Shop

    (WITHOUT PREJUDICE) I purchased a washing machine from Future Shop online. It was improperly installed in my home and caused major water damage to the floor in the room adjoining the laundry room. I called the customer service line 16 times in a span of three weeks demanding for action to be taken. Each time they falsely promised that somebody would call me back within 24-48 hours. They would not escalate the issue beyond the call center supervisor. They repeatedly told me that the reason for the delay was due to their inability to reach the subcontractor who had installed and delivered the product. At the end of the three weeks, I realized the subcontractor's name and phone number were on the bill of lading. I called and was forwarded to the appropriate person within five minutes. He provided me with his cellular phone number and arranged an appointment to inspect the damage immediately. It is inexplicable that Future Shop would be unable to reach its own supplier in three weeks while I could reach the appropriate person in minutes. It is clear that the majority of these subcontractors rely on the business of big enterprises and would provide appropriate customer service in order to avoid losing their contract. The obvious conclusion is that Future Shop dismissed my calls even though they are directly liable for the damage caused in my home. I was a few days from sending them a formal notice of demand and taking them to small claims court. Most people don't expect to need customer service at the purchase of a new appliance and so disregard warnings of companies with poor business practices. However, be warned as you never know when something will happen to you.

  • Go
      19th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    when good and honest people open a store to serve u better like antissn, and they give you more then asked as service and quality product, what do u do, , , , we will go to future shop, , , , ppl like future shop so they can still from them, if wasnt for that, future shop will be closing long time ago.

    so you all deserve what is happening to you, shmuck

  • Ch
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Manufacturers do not provide the system disks. Don't blame futurshop for that. If you want the disks you can do one of three things. Buy them from the manufacturer. 20 bux roughly plus shipping and handling, make your own and hope its not a failed burn or you'll end up with a need to buy them. or pay futureshop 100 to give you disks, setup windows, update windows, remove garbage-ware, fix known software issues, tune everything to function as it should. If you can do that all on your own.. then do it and stop ###. The salesman should have informed your friend about all of this though.

    As for the waranty, AKA: PSP. You are all incorrect. PSP does NOT add an extra year or two. It compliments the existing waranty and extends the comprehensive coverage to two or three years total on laptops depending on level of coverage purchased. Manufacturer repairs for one year defects, failures not due to abuse, failures not due to normal use or failures not due to power surges. PSP covers the rest for the entire duration of the contract (IE: two or three years on laptops depending on contract purchased). The rest consists of Power surge, Hinges cracked or broken not due to abuse or misuse, futureshop will pay the shipping for what is covered under manufacturer's waranty during the first year for you if you ask them to ship it for you. They also cover failures due to normal use (IE: Wear out hinges, wear out hard drive, wear out backlight, wear out conectors not due to misuse, wear out any component that you need to use to use your computer). They do not cover batteries worn out by normal use or intentional misuse though. That may change soon though as they started covering ipod batteries. In many cases they will let you purchase a laptop and return it once your unit is repaired even if its past the 14 day return policy. They also provide free technical support for the hardware for the entire contract, free diagnostics and worse case scenario if the manufacturer cannot repair the issue within a reasonable amount of time, futureshop will replace the unit. If you bring your unit in for three major repairs, even during the manufacturer's waranty coverage period, and you return again with another repair of any kind that is hardware related, they will replace the entire unit for you.

  • Te
      6th of Sep, 2008
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    While I agree with Rex that recovery discs are not made available with most new computers (the exceptions at FS being LGs and Dells) there are a few points he got wrong:

    1) The manufacturer will generally replace "worn out" parts.
    2) Surges are generally also covered by the manufacturer as it would take too much effort to prove that it was a surge and not some defect.
    3) The service plan does NOT provide any sort of technical support. There is a more expensive version that has limited support. The service plan covers the diagnosis and repair of hardware.
    4) The product needs to have had 4 MAJOR repairs in order to be exchanged.

    I'm a current tech at FS.

  • Do
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    My name is Don Leone.476 St.Paul Ave, Brantford Ontario, n3r-4p3.I purchased a 42'prima plasma two years age with an extended warranty.This TV needs service.A service rep came fro Kitchener and said I need a new board.I have been waiting for almost three weeks now long enough and am fed up.I have to watch this TV and it is very annoying to watch.I am getting very mad waiting and if nothing is done immediatly I will take some kind of action.There is no way it should take this long.I f I don't hear from Future Shop By Thursday of this week I will return this item. and cancel my warranty.

  • Pa
      28th of Nov, 2008
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    If you live in Ontario and intend to have your large appliance DELIVERED by "Futureshop" beware of the firm that they use to do the job.
    The firm is called CDP and they messed up my one order FOUR times in a row costing me hundreds of dollars in wasted time off work (waiting around)
    plus endless time arguing over with the delivery men over what should 've been a SIMPLE operation involving delivery & recycling.
    One delivery man would NOT take the item back for re-cycling ( even though i had PAID for this service) and preferred to smoke a cigarette in his trailer cab for 20 minutes.
    I phoned the manager of the firm and he backed his workforce rather than accept responsibility.
    As a CUSTOMER i was appalled at the lack of professionalism by this company who were supposed to be representing "Futureshop"
    They eventually left me with a DENTED and SCRATCHED appliance.

  • Lu
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    Future Shop - No service at all
    Future Shop
    British Columbia

    About a year ago I was at my parents house and my mother was telling me she had problems with her computer. She brought it to future shop to get it fixed and all her software that she had so they could get clean out the computer and reinstall all her programs again. My mother got her computer back and no software. She asked for them and they told her they didnt have them. I went down there to talk to a manager and he basically told me that because i could be a thief trying to get new software that he could not do anything for me. So becuase there employees forgot to sign the software in my mother was out over $1000 of software for her business. In oct 2017 we went to future shop and bought a new dishwasher. The salesmen convinced us that it would be better to pay the $150 for the extended warrenty just incase it breaks down. We have it installed and the very next day the door breaks on it, it wont drain the water out and it doesnt clean dishes. We phone future shop and it is almost xmas now and we still dont have it fixed. All they can say is we phoned the repair men in your area to come fix it. They cant do anything more for us. So I am out a dishwasher. And this one is good. Any one who shops online for future shop be carefull. There is a disclaimer that they can advertise any thing they want but not really supply the same computer. I Ordered a computer online. When i went to pick it up it was half the computer that I ordered. Because of all the recent events i am sure I handled it a bit untactfully. So because the salesman could not he got his manager, he came up to me and said phone this number because i cant help you. I then told him i want it solved right now so i used there phone to contact there customer service. After an hour talking with them he still told me that he has the right to refuse and orders at any time. When i came home with out the computer my wife called the number and registered a complaint. We were told that we would be contacted with in 48 hours. We waited 3 days for them to contact us. We were told once again there is nothing we can do for you. How is this fair? We pay money for a product that either breaks down and cant get fixed or we get stolen from or we get told that the product that we wanted to buy actually costs twice as much becasue we can change our ads on the fly? I think future shop needs to invest in customer service programs so they can properly handle customer complaints instead of saying sorry we cant help you at all, maybe focus on what they can do for the complaint. Anyways I am out of a computer and a dishwasher, and my mother is out of her software.

  • Li
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    FuturePhoto service offered by FutureShop has closed and customers redirected to KodakGallery - currently a trainwreck!.

    I have used FuturePhoto's service for a year or more because 1) good prices, 2) speedy delivery to a FutureShop near my home (Fredericton, NB) and 3) they have an online photo cropping utility that allows a no-surprises outcome for photos.

    When I logged in on April 1 I was informed that I could not place new orders there - FuturePhoto was transtioning its customers to KodakGallery. Also KodakGallery were giving 100 free 4x6's to all who used the new service. All seemed well and I took advantage of the utility to transfer my FuturePhoto picture library over to KodakGallery. However, when I tried to place an order the system charged me $4.99 shipping. So I cancelled my checkout and found the spot where I could specify free pickup at a FutureShop store. However, the database doesn't have my FS store in it. I called cust. service who suggested that my nearby FS store likely had decided not to participate in the plan. I called my FS store the next day and they were surprised to know this saying that they were expecting good results from the switch-over. Despite friendly and good discussion with the FS in-store reps, no answer to my issue after nearly 4 weeks. I called FS a few days ago and the person I talked to knew about my issue and said the manager had taken that issue to a Cdn manager's meeting to discuss. I also told FS that later in April, when I went to the KodakGallery site (with me logged into my acct) no non-numeric postal codes would be accepted (i.e. only US ones).

    I have had numerous conversations with KodakGallery customer support - useless. I also have had many e-mail exchanges with FS customer support - less than useless. They have a boilerplate response they send (I guess to make you feel like you have had a quality communication back from them) and then they sandwich almost nothing helpful or accurate in the middle about your specific complaint. They ask you for information that you have already provided many times. FuturePhoto support and KodakGallery sem to take pleasure in referring the customer back to each other - perhaps its a game (one that FS is not winning).

    April 26 and still no word of resolution and no e-mail as promised from KodakGallery providing a coupon code for 100 free photos.

    You would think that Canadian FS management would be diligent about customer service in this transitional period; alas they seem to be asleep at the switch. I'm not the least bit impressed and I am looking for a similarly featured alternate print supplier.

  • Ka
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    What are you talking about Future Shop tech? It only needs a 4 diagnosis requiring a 4th major repair. Also, the PSP line does offer tech support.

  • Ka
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    How in the hell is Future Shop "directly liable" for the damage when they arn't the ones who hook it up? The delivery company did? Figure it out. Duh

  • Ro
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    Future Shop - Terrible experience
    Future Shop
    United States

    Future Shop in Ottawa (South Keys) routinely sells items with security tags still attached; these set off alarms when the paying client attempts to leave the store.

    It's bad enough to have to deal with all of the usual Future Shop annoyances, from hard-sell tactics to push overpriced and largely-useless 'extended warranty' schemes to the sale of 'open box special' items at slightly-reduced prices without mentioning that these are often missing key accessories (discs, power cords...)

    The abuse of the RFID anti-theft tags, however, is a little more serious. I have no idea what the store stands to gain by doing this, but I've had this Future Shop sell me items with these tags still in place and active twice in the same day. These are not isolated incidents.

    Evidently, these folks have an endless collection of excuses. For instance, they may attempt to claim that the offending tags came from 'items from some other store' even if you haven't visited any others. They may attempt to grab the paid items and/or the receipts right out of your hands - and in many cases the printed receipt is the only evidence of ownership you have.

    Confront them about this, and they blithely reply 'well, I gave the items back' seemingly oblivious that grabbing them in the first place is, well, stealing. If a store wants to tag items, they should remove the offending tags BEFORE they take your money - afterward the items are your property so it's a little too late. Future Shop appears not to grasp this simple concept.

    Falsely accusing someone is a serious matter and one would expect that sooner or later these folks may just end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit if these incidents continue. Oh, and if they try to remove paid items (or the corresponding receipts) from your possession? I'd suggest reporting these incidents - the Ottawa non-emergency police number is 236-1222 and, even if you intend to handle this as a matter of civil (instead of criminal) law, there is evidence that you need - such as the recordings from all the cameras Future Shop targets against its clientele - which won't be handed over voluntarily to you but may be available to police if the matter is taken with the level of severity that these repeated incidents deserve.

  • Al
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    Future Shop - Bad service
    Future Shop
    United States

    Bought an ipod touch on the 11th of October 2017 from futureshop # 053. Before doing so i made sure to ask the rep AND the cashier about the warrenty/return/exchange procedure. They both assured me that i have 30 days warrenty from futureshop and that all i needed was the reciept and all the origional equipment to recieve a full refund or an exchange if there was anything wrong with the unit. I made sure to ask twice because the iPod touch was new and i had heard many problems with them.

    After being assured it was under FUTURESHOP warrenty for 30 days i bought my iPod and off i went, thinking that if anything went wrong i could get a replacement or a refund within 30 days.

    After using it 6 times within the past week i noticed that the battery life of the iPod is not anywhere near the advertised life. The battery, when charged over night only last 4 hours if i am lucky! And that is just Music use, no wifi or videos.

    I wait until the end of the week when i dont have work or school to head to futureshop to see what can be done about this.

    The "customer service" rep informs me that the ipod is not in origional condition because it has a few minor scratches on the back. Now in no way did i abuse the iPod, the screen has not but one scratch on it, no dents, just the back due to its design has a few scratches that any iPod owner will tell you is really easy to get even with gentle use!

    The rep points to a sign above him, the sign is huge, and tells me our policy is no returns or exchange for items not in origional condition, i tell him that no where on the sign does it say that, not even the fine print. He reads the sign and informs me now that there is no room for it on the sign. He then informs me its on the back of my reciept, problem is i get that after i buy the item and who reads the fine print on the BACK of the reciept? He tells me then i should have asked, which i inform him i did. I then get accused of not telling the truth and he tells me "sorry but its buyers beware" and he cant do anything for me.

    Is this how futureshop treats its customers? BUYERS BEWARE? i guess they should have put that on the back of the reciept and then no one would be mistaken where futureshop stands. I am totally disappointed in futureshops customer serivce and the lack of backing of their products. I was intending on buying my girlfriend a laptop from futureshop as a birthday gift in a few weeks but after this they will be lucky if i ever spend one cent in their stores ever again.

    So i guess take their word for it, BUYER BEWARE of Futureshop and their lieing and cheating associates who will tell you anything to sell you a product and then wont back it up when it is not working right!

  • Ka
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Im scared to shop at future shop now. I have recently bought a computer from them with my mother's credit card. I will make sure that she keeps a close eye on her credit line so that they do not over charge us a cent. I also live in canada so this is sort of scary.

  • Ss
      7th of Apr, 2009
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  • Ms
      5th of Jul, 2009
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  • Ms
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    Wow!! The tags are there so that Future Shop knows if someone is stealing THEIR product. The tags do not get "taken off" they are demagnetized after the product is paid for so that you do not run off with their product. Sure its embarrasing a little bit but if you did not steal it than why complain. Maybe they didnt treat the situation properly but i find ppl always exagerrate the situation to make themselves look good.

    As to Kantir, why are you using your mothers credit card? Is she there with you? Companies like Future Shop can not make charges to cards unless they have the 3 digit security number that is on the back of the credit card. I love how ppl complain for the sake of complaining, do you see children or parents in third world countries complaining cause they have no food to eat or feed their children?? Grow up!!

  • Ms
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    No, these are little white security stickers that are demagnetized over a sensormatic tablet on their counter! If the product is rang through by the sales associate, that associate should be telling the customers to have the customer service rep up at the tills by the exit to check their receipt and so than that way they will demagnetize the product.

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