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defective I-pod

We bought my son an Apple Ipod for his birthday two years ago for $400.00 and change and at about the two year mark the headphone jack stops working. He can only hear the music out of one side of his headphones. So, having bought the extended warranty from Future Shop we brought it back to the location where we purchased it and asked that it be fixed. Two weeks later we received a call that the problem was with the hard drive and that the reason there was a problem with the hard drive was because there was physical damage (a small dent in the back of the Ipod). We picked up the Ipod and took it home over Christmas. Then decided we would bring it back to discuss the fact that there was nothing whatsoever wrong with the hard drive. The electronic portion of the device is just fine -- it scrolls, displays all the menus, plays the music etc. By that time the warranty had expired but the woman there said because we had brought it in before the expiry and that the problem had not been addressed correctly she would send it back with a note to ignore the hard drive and just to replace the headphone jack. We recently received the Ipod back again but nothing had been fixed. When we returned with the Ipod a third time we were given the runaround by the manager and counter personnel who said that there was nothing that could be done. The original diagnostic was correct and the warranty was now expired anyway. As we complained further we were greeted with blank stares and then as I further explained that the hard drive was fully functional and that what we were experiencing was a mechanical and not an electronic problem she said that *we* had caused the problem by jiggling the headphone connection inside the jack. Future Shop extended warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. Anything will be used as an excuse not to address the problem and managerial staff are clearly trained to let you rant until you run out of breath and then leave you fuming at the desk.

Bait & Switch

Future Shop offered to support the Princess Margaret Sweepstakes 2009 by providing some electronic...


NEVER, never never buy from Future Shop website again. Here's the story: My wife and I purchased a...


JOSEPH approaches us to assist in buying a laptop, he actually recommended a cheaper laptop - which I thought was nice for a change, he did tell me that for what I use my laptop for it was not necessary to go with the more expensive one that I had originally been looking at. I was pleased that he did show us one for $549.00 and I made my decision. Of course he went through the process of trying to sell me all the add ons, promotions for software, anti-virus etc. Which I understand is part of his job. I told him no, as my boyfriend and I had alternate plans for and anti-virus and simply just not interested in anything else. We arrive at the counter where he begins to explain the warranty. I know all about the warranty- In the past year we purchased our T.V, HD DVD, a BLUE RAY and a desktop computer not to mention countless dvd's and games. We purchased a warranty for the television, it was really expensive and if ever we ran into a problem of course we wanted to be sure it was covered. When I refused a warrenty for the laptop, JOSEPH doesn't like this - I let it go because I do know that it is his job to stress how important the warranty is - But I do not want it, and I won't be convinced, I'm willing to take my chances but he still doesn't take no for an answer. He starts to get huffy, and he's starting to treat us as if it's completely foolish to not purchase this 2 year warranty. He pulls out his phone and does some calculations, telling me that it's only $22 more dollars a month for 12 months. ONLY?! We decline AGAIN - He does some more calculations and tells us, we can stretch the payment w/ no interest over 2 years for an extra $100.00 and then purchse the warranty and it's only $11 dollars a month for 2 years??? WE SAID NO JOSEPH, at this point my boyfriend says "We said no, please just ring the damn thing in". Joe's not done, he proceeds to ask if we know how many computer repair shops there are in the city? He is full on arguing with us at this point. He says, "because computers break a lot more than tv's" (making reference to us buying the warranty on our tv but refusing the for the laptop) He tells us, laptops overheat, lightening could strike our house while it's plugged in, and goes on and on My boyfriend eventually cuts him off, "NO MAN, ARE YOU SERIOUS ..HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY NO, JUST LET US PAY FOR THE DAMN THING" When Joseph begins to argue again, and we've been at the counter now listening to him for over 10 minutes, we decided to leave. We no longer wanted the laptop and we sure as hell did not want to give him the sale. I'm disgusted. I understand stressing the warranty - but NO MEANS NO. Is it part of the job description to make the customer feel stupid for not wanting the warranty? I know they have to push it but when is it too far? I definitely feel that he crossed the line. We will purchase our laptop elsewhere.

  • Je
    Jennnn45667 Aug 05, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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  • Su
    summitx Apr 15, 2013

    I placed an online order for a Sony Tap 20 on March 15th 2013 and their policy says if the item is in stock, it will be shipped next day, it was in stock at the time of my order.

    I placed a call I believe March 19th after the weekend to find out why my order had not shipped and was told there was a system glitch and that my order had been elevated and someone would contact me in 24-48 hours

    After not recieving a call by March 22nd end of day I called in again, got an apology for not getting a call back, and was told my order was again elevated and that I will get a call in 24-48 hours, I spoke to a manager and explained I use this computer for work and am losing income, she offered me $120 off for my trouble which I was happy with after she assured me this issue would be resolved shortly.

    After not recieving a call back again I called in on the 27th of March, I spoke to a manager again and she told me the order was shipping tommorrow

    Now it is April 2nd and the order has still not shipped, I spoke to a customer service rep who told me that my status was elevated again.

    Now to me enough is enough, how many times will I be told my status is elevated and recieve no call back as they as supposed to, to keep me informed, how much more time and money will I have to lose to recieve my computer that I use for work? It seems I am being taken by a carrot and string approach, just wait a little longer it will be there... its now been almost 3 weeks without a computer. The kicker in this matter is the item is still in stock, why can a new order not be made and get it shipped out!!!

    To date I have lost thousands of dollars of lost income, if I would have known 2 weeks ago that it would take this long then I would have canceled and gone somewhere else. I have placed 4 calls into customer support when they are supposed to be getting back to me. I am extremely displeased with the customer service I have so far recieved, as well as dissapointed in what I am being offered to fix the problem, its quite apparent that they can elevate my order status as much as they want, it does nothing.

    Beware buying online from futureshop and best buy (same thing), when something goes wrong in your order, you will be stuck in limbo for what seems an eternity.

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Fraud @ Future Shop

I just sent the following to Future Shop:


On Sunday, October 25th 2009, I went to a Future Shop store located in Heartland Town Centre of Mississauga, 5900 Mavid Rd.
I wanted to buy a 46" LCD tv with 120hz, ranging between $1100-$1300. A sales rep named Arun was helping me, he had great attitudes. After some presentations from him, one of his coworkers happened to push out a Samsung 46" LCD in a box that is not on display. He happened to pass by us, and told me that it's the last one left in store, that' it's a Samsung of 700s series with 240hz, and that it's only $1700.

Arun continued the selling for this product. He confirmed that it's Brand New, that it's a 46" Samsung LCD of 700s series @ 240hz, and that it's a really good price at only $1700. He told me with lots of passion (well hired). That got me interested as I know something like that should cost around 2k up.

I couldn't see the specs written on the box, so I asked Arun, to show me the specs on the computer, just to be safe. So he went to one of the computers on display, and opened up this product on the Future Shop site. It was this one:
It's a Samsung 46", 700s series, just like the box says. I saw the specs, and he kept repeating with passion about the 240hz, 150 000:1 contrast ratio. The site was still displaying $1999, so he again repeated what a good deal it is to get it at $1700.

I asked if he could get me a better deal, because it's still much higher than what i was orginally planning to spend. He showed me this tv table for $399. He said that he'll try to get it free for me, along with the $70 that i would have to pay for the 1-year-no-payment-admin-fee.
Finally, after spending 1 hour at his computer to get my info, talking to his manager and making my Future Shop card, i got nothing but just a $35 off my admin fee. Since Arun was nice, and that it was a really long day, I just bought it.

I went through a lot of hassles to get a van to drive it to my new vacant house the next night, it is not close to where I'm currently residing. My Fianée and I, 2 tiny people, took a lot of effort to transport and unpack it. Finally, that Monday night, it was set up. Woohoo.
Then that's where I noticed the stand looked kind of different from the website.

The next morning, Tuesday 27th, after an hour of research on why the stand is different, I realized from my bill that, I was sold the model LN46A750, and that what Arun has been presenting to me was a LN46B750. The difference is that,
it's only a 120hz, 50 000 contrast ratio with a stand that doesn't turn, instead of a 240hz, 150 000 contrast with a stand that turns.
I was really mad. Because something like that, could have easily cost me [protected] at your own store, not 1700.
I trusted Future Shop's sales rep, and even took the effort to confirm the specs on a computer with him. And later i noticed it was an open box too! Not brand new like he claimed.

That Tuesday evening, I went to that Heartland Future Shop again, looking for Arun. A guy from his department who's really nice too, said that Arun is not there. He listened to my concerns and felt bad for me, but he couldnt' do anything because Arun was not there, his department manager was not there, and the store manager was not there. That's what he claimed. Scary store. That was hard to believe, especally because they seem to need a manager whenever the sales rep needed to deal better prices. But I let it go and asked for their schedule. He said the next day, Arun works 5-9, and the deparment manager of home theater works 1-9.

The next day, wednesday oct 28, i called at 1:30 to talk to the Department's manager of home theater. He rep says he's not there yet, asked me to call back at 2:30. So I called at 3:00, finally he responded. He was not a nice one.
I mentioned about my 700s series Samsung, and he immediatly asked if it's an A or a B series. So he is well aware of the differences. I told him my whole situation.

The manager on the phone said if I don't like it, I can just return it. I asked if that's it? I went through so much troubles because you guys made a mistake or lied to me. He said he'd have to listen to Arun's side first, and he wont' be back till Friday. Then I said, what? your guy told me that Arun will be here tonight(Wednesday) from 5-9. He pretended to double check and then said no, it will be Friday. He said that even if Arun is wrong, it's Impossible that they'd exchange it to the LN46B750 for me, and that if I don't like it, I can just return.

Wow, I expected much more from the reputable Future Shop. I went back to futurehop that night around 6. Arun was there, so another lie...
So I talked to him. I said: Arun, remember you sold me this Samsung 46" 700s series? He said Ya, happy with an innocent look. Then i said remember how you said it's a 240hz. He interrupted me there immediatly, and said "I never said it's a 240hz". SO he is Well Aware of the situation, as he didn't even have to ask if it's an A or a B series. I kept talking, and reminded him that he even took the effort to bring me to a computer to confirm it's a 240hz with 150000 contrasts. Then it "clicked", and he said: " Oh yeah, i"m so sorry etc ". At least he admitted, which made me feel better.

But what sucked is, he couldnt' do much either. He went to deal with his manager. He came back and told me, this LN46B750 is selling at $2199, and we'll sell it to you at $1899. Oh my goodness. That's another lie!! I told him, what are you talking about? Go to the site with me now! LN46B750, is sold at $1999 not $2199, and it's not even on sale. He giggled and said "well that's what my manager said". On top of that, (i didnt' say this), I knew the $100 off is simply from the coupon that anyone gets if they purchase over 1k during that 3-days. I'm not compensated at all from this fraud or mistake.

So I simply tried to return. But my bad, I forgot to pack the controller, and had to come back the next day to do it. Telling you this just for the sake of completeness.

But you see how much I went through right? 4 nights at futureshop, borrowing a van, and all the transportations involved, on top of this mental stress and time consumption, just because of the huge dishonesty of this home theater department at Future Shop of Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga.

Have I not noticed the stand difference, I would have paid so much for nothing, and incorrectly brag to others about this "good deal" I got. If it was someone else who's even less literate with electronics, he/she would have been tricked.

This is a really serious issue for a big company like yours.
The use of dishonesty, deception. or false representation in order to gain from your consumer is considered Fraud.
I was planning to get my appliances for my new home from Future Shop too, but I'm really reluctant now.
The managers there didn't do anything, but just lied or hid or just stayed defensive.

I have never filed a complaint before, but this one is just too much.
A number of forums and I with my Fiancée, friends, coworkers, and family members will be looking forward to your response about this. I hope correct actions will be taken and that fair compensations will be given as well.
[My receipt and account info]

Thank you for your time, your effort will be greatly appreciated.

- Jack (Cheung Shing) Wong
[Phone Number]

  • Co
    colpit Dec 19, 2009

    You are right, Futureshop also like ordinary seller, no atitude, wasting your precious time . Now a day they are pushing you to go out if you are returning goods within the limit.
    Some staff are inentionally wasteing your time, Once you pass those return policy days. they can't change their colour and treat us like we are bagger.

    Futureshop management should read these comments and take necessary action on those staff.

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LG 3 yr warranty also sold by Future Shop

Future Shop is selling 3 year extended warranties on LG Electronics, when LG Electronics has a 3 year warranty on their monitors.
I had a monitor totally shut down, and needed replacement. Future Shop sent me out the door to go to LG Electronics somehow and get them to do what they could.
They basically sent me and a useless monitor out the door, with no phone numbers, etc. A salesman at the grande prairie store told me that they have a problem with LG. I wonder what LG thinks about that bad reputation that Future Shop is giving them. I asked a salesman why they would sell a LG Electronics monitor with an Acer (which was bought out by Gateway) CPU desktop computer, and before he could answer another salesman asked me if he had sold me the system. I replied that it doesn't matter which salesman sold the product, because they all work for Future Shop. Very weird of them to try to shift the responsibility to someone else, as if they have a say at all, they all seem to say what it takes to sell the product at any cost. To us, the consumers.
I am afraid to buy anything from that company. Too risky for me.


I buy a laptop for university. The sales person is insistent that I buy the insurance plan with it. He mentions how the insurance plan will cover all sorts of damages to the laptop, how there is a toll free number to call for assistance, how ppl will come to my house to fix it and how after 3 repairs I will be eligible for a new laptop. Anyway we purchased the 3 year insurance plan believing the sales person. The laptop worked fine initially but then started having problems. It turned out that the hard disk was faulty and had to keep on being replaced. In one year the laptop required 3 hard disk replacements, 1 heat sink and fan replacement and is currently with the store.
The insurance policy clearly states that after 3 repairs the customer is eligible for a replacement. However the ppl at futureshop dont seem to understand it. At first they mentioned that I did not have major repairs hence they dont count. I went to their office and showed them proof of all the repairs done. Then they come up with a story that these repairs dont count as repairs if they happen within 90 days of each other. No where on the insurance plan does it say anything of this sort. They keep making up BS as they go along.
The customer service people that I called from the phone were actually nice and advised me to talk directly to the manager. But the thing is that whenever I leave the manager a message, the technician replies back to me saying that he is trying his best (when actually he is doing nothing). Now when I call him he tells me he's with a customer and they he will call me back. I am still waiting for that call.
Enough is enough. They dont seem to care about customers. I have school starting tomorrow and a laptop is a necessity. I am not going to let this go. Its not just about the laptop now but rather about principle. They should not be selling crap if they cannot follow the policies that are attached to it. I am not going to let this go!

  • Je
    Jennnn45667 Aug 05, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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  • Ge
    geramnya Mar 18, 2011

    Futureshop is DEFINITELY A SCAM. I bought a netbook, the seller said he will give me 2 years free extended warranty. I was so happy to hear that, that I didn't even bother looking at the receipt and just swiped my credit card off. And of course, when I have my credit card bills a month later, it's too late for me to do anything. UNTIL TODAY I SWEAR I WOULD NEVER SPEND A SINGLE PENNY ON THAT F***** SHOP ANYMORE.

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Product Service Plan

I bought a digital camera in July 2006 and paid an extra 35% for the product service plan. The representative...

PSP Extended Warrantry

I have a PSP warrantry on my LG Plasma (paid $2687.27) and had 1st repair done in 2007, 2nd repair in March which took Universal TV [protected]) them 2 attempts to repair the same Logic board and the issue wasn't repared. The tech asked me not to make any claims within the 6 months period because he wont get paid for labour. The first repair in 2007 had 2 boards replaced and problem was fixed until this year in March. I guess the Tech knew this repair doesn't solve this issue 100% that's why he had asked me to wait for 6 months for a new claim.
So now I could not resist and made a claim again...Universal called and booked a repair appoinment for May 30 12-4pm. Then Universal called 1 hour earlier to say they would pick the tv up to repair at their service center.They dont consider any repairs on site. They dont have the parts on hand...then why even book a repair time with me. My concern was they should come in and do a repair and if the problem is still there then they can take it away...not assume right was without even looking at the TV. I have spoke to 2 PSP Reps named Sue and James and no help at all. They said they cant do anything for me and I'm on my own. So I had wasted my money on buying this PSP thinking it's peace of mind for so many yeas but it's more like Headache. I want to get this resolved, I had enough of this run-around.

The sales guys at the store mislead customers regarding the Repair warrantry.

return policy

I buy a laptop from Future shop in Nov, 08. After 2 months it start giving problem as screen start getting black out when i start it. I went there and they use to fix it but when i go back home it has still same problem. ON 2ND MARCH i went there and explain the situtation and i was told that they are now sending it back to HP for repair. I was told that if we are not able to fix it in 60 days we will replace it with new one. Now as of today its almost 80 days i haven't get my laptop. Every time i go to future shop i get a new story and now they are telling me that unless we get the old laptop back we can't replace you with new one. Infact they told me to but a new one till they get old one back.I had shown them their policy which is clearly written on the slip " If we are not able to fix within 60 days we will replace it with new one."
Every time a new face comes in front of me and he/she told me i am the incharge and now onwards i will be taking care of your case.Althogh the store manager is there i am not allowed to talk with him.
Kindly help me.

  • Je
    Jennnn45667 Aug 05, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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  • Na
    nayyarsheikh Mar 25, 2011

    They are sitting there just to have their commission made nothing more. They dont care about anything they just want to sell and make money and go for drink later. The group is so big the top management is least bother as the competitors (BEST BUY)just bought them so they have no worries. The reputation in UK is so bad for Best Buy that people prefer paying more but not to buy from Best Buy. Its point of worry for the group. I have seen big groups falling and closing down with bad customer care and they will be soon going down too

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  • St
    steveche Jun 03, 2016

    Hi there,

    I have had a very unpleasant encounter and I would probably feel better if I could vent it out...

    I purchased a TV on Boxing Day Dec.26 at the Future Shop on 3828 Highway.7 Markham Ont. Right after I completed my payment, my daughter called me that she bought one for me already and I immediately went for the Customer Service and requested for a refund (I was the only customer at the counter and no one behind me) but was told that I have to come back after Dec.28 and that the unit needs to be picked up from the Store. Fine, I respect their policy. Given that without this unreasonable policy, there’ll be a 3-win situation
    Store can have this hot item sold quick and easy
    Employees at the back didn’t have to move the unit to the loading dock for Customer to pick-up
    Customer will not have to take it home then bring it back again for refund

    In the morning of Dec.29, I brought the TV (wrapped/strapped/unopened) back for a refund. I was first in line but was stalled by the Manager (I guess) and explicitly hold back my receipt and let other customers behind me go first. The manager instructed an associate from the TV department to open up the box checking for damages. The associate did query his supervisor that is it necessary to check into the box since it’s wrapped and unopened, but was told that the unit might be damaged during transportation. I questioned why I was not asked to check the unit upfront but now responsible for damages but not answered.

    Despite refund was in order,
    My question is:-There is no notice posted to alert customers to open up wrapped box and check if the brand new item is in good shape before bringing it home. What if the unit was already damaged in the course of the shop’s warehousing, transportation ... which the customer is not aware of but responsible for? Obviously the Manager was NOT going to process my refund and hold me liable if the unit was damaged. I believe this is totally ridiculous and unacceptable.

    I emailed them twice but till now nobody care to give me an explanation.

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Fraud sale

I went to buy a laptopat future shop at Winston Churchill store. I used my Debit card ot make the purchase...

1 comment Mississauga Credit Cards


Last March I went to Futureshop to pay off my wife's credit card. Total payment was $69.50. I gave the cashier 4 20 dollar bills. ( $80.00 ). I explained to her I wish to pay off my wife's Future shop credit card which had a balance of $69.50. The girl took my $80.00 dollars and refused to give me my change. She said that it would go towards any future purchase on the card. I of course went ballistic and had words with the manager and about 4 store employees who looked like they were ready to jump me and through me out. I in turn challanged them to try. I was so pumped up that it would have taken a dozen or more of those punks to through me out. After making a rugus, the manager decided to give me my change and send me on my way.

I have not and will not ever step foot in that store again. Prior to this story, I had a really bad experience with the purchase of a washing machine and dryer. Damaged goods delivered to my house then offered a $50.00 voucher to except their junk. Waited 2 weeks for a new set to arrive and they told me I had to sign papers making me responsible for any damage the drivers may make while delivering it into my house. I told them to shove their washer and dryer and refund my money. Again that was a challenge to get it back.

I advise all shoppers to stay away from those crooks.

  • Ka
    katie Jan 23, 2009

    Well sir, i do think they should of gave you your change. As for the way in which you conducted yourself, they SHOULD have thrown you out. Such things should be handled with scocial grace in whuch you lack. I think your a person who thrives over such issues! Come on you enjoyed it a little didn't you?

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  • Ba
    Barb Mar 03, 2009

    The second you turn hostile and go ballistic on a associate you are not going to get anywhere. They do not deal with people who turn argumentative and looking for a fight. Act in a civil manner and that just might get you somewhere. No one wants to deal with hostile customers and they don't have too. Next time try being sensible and act like an adult and you might get better customer service.

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  • Do
    DonDee4dognite Jan 11, 2013

    Should have called the police, , , they stole money from you... simple as that.

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tv sales

I have been a customer at futureshop for many products in the past, thats where it ends I will no longer...

extended warranty

in may 2007 i bought a brand new compaq presario from future shop in Peterborough ont., the sales man who...

2 comments Peterborough Airlines

no delivery

I ordered a 46 inch LCD HDTV and a blu-ray player on futureshop's website. They e-mailed me for the...

Scam and cheating!

I'll make this short and sweet... I spent almost $6,000 in home electronics and computers. Picked up the items myself with a minivan. Got home and my 46" LCD was cracked. A clear visible dent on the box revealed that someone from FS used their knee to lift the box. Went back, and they refused to do anything... saying I assumed the risk by picking it up myself. Let it be know, FS staff loaded and secured the TV in the van.

Obvious BS... The Sales Manager and GM worked together to deliberately try to screw me over and get me to walk away... duh... I drop over $2K on a tv, I ain't walking away. Excuses like... I'll need to review the video footage... it'll take a few days... I don't think so buddy.

Long story short...I got my TV back and will never buy from these [censored] again, please DO NOT BUY FROM FUTURESHOP IN RICHMOND HILL... the managers are crooked, deceptive and downright pathetic. You guys know who you are and what you do.... all I can say is karma... what goes around comes around.

  • Go
    Gore Jul 19, 2008

    you have to know also Futur Shop is Owned by BEST BUY... and they make u think they are different store, is u see they have the same store decoration, same tactics of sales, same commercial or almost...

    now they push there technicien to have a 90 days course to have an A+ certification, for what, just to install your xp or office, and you pay a 100$, a store in pincourt Quebec was doing a whole work, for 100$, they even charge 100.00$ to install a plug kb

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  • Ra
    Rain Sep 16, 2008

    I bought a computer laptop (at Futureshop)cost: $1175.oo total..I asked, does it have a disc for reformat in case I need to... no, i was told they don't do that anymore.. but we can make one for you... ok. Cost, my question. $100.oo said sales-rep... fine.. long story short... disc made, cost $ 40.00 other $60 was for set-up.. I never asked for them to set it up..told them not to !!!(they had already started doing it, I told them to stop)
    If I had not asked question, I would have been charged, (as far as I knew) $100. oo for reformat disc... but after a lot of this and that, they charged me $40.oo for disc..and got refund for $60.00... WAS also told that "64 bits is the same as a dual core"..dont know if that is tru
    ARe these sales(parttimers) properly trained or what?

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  • Jo
    JohnHem Oct 04, 2008

    Disclaimer: I am a tech lead for a Future Shop.

    Rain: to answer you're questions...

    1) To have FS techs create recovery discs for you there is a $40 service fee. However you can create them yourself with little difficulty. Infact the computer prompts you when you first turn it on. Make sure you have 2-3 DVDs handy.
    2) Although I agree that $100 is a bit steep for computer setup I can say that it does indeed help those that are new to computers. The setup includes: bloatware removal, testing of the computer hardware, unneeded startup item removal, all windows updates, installation of a piece of a software and a peripheral, tweaking and optimizing the computer, and installation of program most people use (flash, adobe reader, quicktime, etc...) As well we create the recovery discs.
    3) Many of the salespeople are not trained properly. They are basically people put into the job after reading up on what a "router" is from a very simple summary of tech subjects. They are NOT product experts. I am sad to say that some of the technicians are not much better. However a technician is more likely to know what he/she is talking about and will be more motivated to help you out.
    4) 64bits and dual core are NOT the same thing. You can have a dual-core processor that is 64-bit just as you can have a 64-bit processor that is a quad-core. They are meant to describe different aspects of a processor.

    Please people, do your research. The sales guys just know what is on the box and sometimes less.


    A fed-up employee.

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  • Ih
    i hate futureshop Jul 20, 2009

    Purchased a DSLR at future shop, and it did not work out of the box. There policy is 14 days for exchange. The item was a gift so it was more than 14 days before the box was open since purchase. Only to find that the item did not work at all... They refused to exchange the item.

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  • Je
    Jennnn45667 Aug 05, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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  • Do
    dontrep Jun 22, 2012

    I tried to shop at your shop . 3 times all 3 was really bad service . and the 3rd one told me in mt face to hurry up he was in the hurry ?. told that young lad to get his matters in the right way . that you don't say that to a customer ..NERVER... turn around politely and left store . FOR EVER

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  • Da
    David C.. Dec 27, 2013

    I bought a TV at Future Shop and negotiated a price on the TV only, we did not even talk about warranty at this time. At checkout I was asked about purchasing the warranty and I said that i'll buy it if he can apply a discount against the warranty and he agreed.
    Well, after reading the warranty, it's not how the sales rep explained it and so I went into the Richmond Hill Future Shop (as the original store where I bought the TV closed) to return my warranty and the Store Manager told me that since there's no record of the discount against the TV that if I return the warranty I will lose the all discounts and effectively be paying full price on the TV. I complained, walked away fuming and called head office. Head office was NO help at all and told me there is nothing they can do.
    Ok so I accepted the fact that Future Shop will not help me and decided I would return the warranty and call this a lesson learned situation.
    Well, after boxing day the same TV was on sale at Leon's for a really cheap price so I went into the Richmond Hill Future Shop and talked to the manager to confirm that if I return the warranty I'll lose all discounts and effectively the TV would be at full price and he agreed. Great, so I went to return the warranty and do a price match again Leon's. Well guess what? The same store manager that I just spoke to minutes ago REFUSED to price match against the full price of the TV and instead gave me a full refund on the returned warranty and kept the discount against the TV. WAIT I THOUGHT YOU COULD NOT DO THIS AND THAT IF I RETURNED THE WARRANTY YOU WOULD SUBTRACT THE DISCOUNT FROM THE WARRANTY? Why are you refunding me the full value of the warranty now? OH YES I KNOW's because Future Shop will beat their competitors price by 10% of the price difference and it was in his benefit to return the full value of the warranty to me so he could leave the discount applied against the TV so he would beat Leon's price by 10% of the difference using the discounted TV price.
    When I raised concern and told him this was ridiculous he "defused" the situation by refusing to help me.

    I'm really disappointed in how the store manager at the Richmond Hill location handled this situation by verbally being aggressive/rude with me and straight up lied to my face.

    Reasons why I have taken Future Shop and Best Buy off my shop list:

    1) I was lied to as the Store Manager originally said I would lose the TV discount if I returned the warranty but then was able to keep the discount all of a sudden when it worked to his benefit
    2) His attitude was quite snotty and disrespectful and did not treat me as a customer instead he threatened to not service
    3) Contacted head office to raise concern before and after this situation about the suspicious activity going on and received no help. The customer reps are actually Best Buy employees and it is clear they have no interest in keeping Future Shop customer's happy.

    It's a shame, really. Once a proud and strong Canadian company has succumbed to the pressures from other stores and instead of changing their service for the better they now practice boarder line thievery.

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  • Am
    Amir max Feb 28, 2015

    yesterday i bought a ps4 controller from future shop at Richmond hill when i got home and open the box i realized that the controller inside the box is used (not even in good condition looks like its used at least for few months) the serial number on the controller inside the box and box is different. today i went there again to exchange it and get another one they refused to do any thing about it and disrespectfully they tried to say that i changed the controller and im trying to cheat on them. i walked away caused i was late for my job but ill go there tomorrow again to see if i can get my money back or exchange it somehow.
    please don't buy any items from them or at least check every thing before you bring it out of store these people are thief's most of the items on the shelf are returned item with a new sealed.

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Wont exchange defective product after only a week of buying!

Bought an ipod touch on the 11th of October 2007 from futureshop # 053. Before doing so i made sure to ask...

Toshiba Laptop

I had a friend, who new nothing about computers recently purchase a new toshiba laptop that was on sale. When...

Salesman misleads on Product Service Plan

Bought a Panasonic Tv from Futureshop back in July,5,2005 and we recently needed a service call for the product service plan. I paid $430.00 for the Product Service Plan and the salesman at that time had told us that the Product Service Plan covers everything. The service tec comes knows what the problem is and replaces the lamp which cost $530.00. I called back the Futureshop store from where I had bought it from which is store #024 in Edmonton, Alberta, 9560-170 Street and I spoke to Kevin Bernard Floor Manager for Home Theatre and he says he could not do anything about this. My problem is if the Product Service Plan does not cover everything I would not have even bought the service plan. The service plan was bought because this TV was a display model and the salesman said that it covers everything, including the lamp which I specfically asked about. I would like to resolve this situation as soon as possible. If the General Manager for the Edmonton store #024 could contact me. I called their [protected] (PSP line) and the representative said they would get the store manager to contact me. My gripe is about the service that the store gave me, basically the floor manager waived off the problem because it was his first week at this store and that I was being mislead by the sales person that the product service plan covers.

Removal of insurance!

I bought a laptop computer from Future shop at Britania and Mavis location. The Store #071. This computer I bought under the 12 months no interest and 12 months no payment basis. I applied for a credit card and they provided $3000.00. Along with this they added a future guard insurance. I said I didn't want an insurance. they insisted me to take it and cancel within 30 days. they gave me 2 telephone nos. to cancel the insurance. I did within 3-5 days the removal of insurance. The confirmation # they gave me was "jh072307-01". My A/C# is [protected]. Still they charge me for the insurance. I am going to settle my fee before one year as signed.

Galappatthy Cyril.

  • Se
    seriously Oct 15, 2007

    You just put your account number online.

    How can complaints be taken seriously when customers do not understand the simplest of ideas....or how to shop in general.

    0 Votes
  • Am
    amanda Feb 08, 2008

    I agree. Why would you post you account number online? And its not futureshop ur complaining against, its HSBC.

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  • Ka
    katie Jan 23, 2009

    That is a mistake by the credit company. NOT FUTURE SHOP

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