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I ordered a 46 inch LCD HDTV and a blu-ray player on futureshop's website.
They e-mailed me for the delivery date - on friday from 8 am til 6 pm.
I had to be home at all times, so I took the day off .
I waited until 3 pm, and then called futureshop and asked if the truck was coming soon, they told me they had no idea where it was, but it would be there before 6 pm.
I called again at 5 pm, and the support-guy, john, assured me it would arrive before 6 pm, he even said if they're running a bit late, they'll call you and make sure you'll be home, even if it's a few minutes late.
He said "confidently, dont worry, you stuff will be there today"
I waited until 6:30 pm, and called them back. They had no idea where the truck was, or if the truck was going to be there at all.
I canceled my orders.
I asked to speak to a manager, and was told I couldn't. They said someone would e-mail me about my complaint. That was friday. I haven't heard anything from them yet.

Just be advised, the web-sales might seem like a good deal, but delivery was 55 $, and they may or may not show up at your door.
I lost a vacation day for this.

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  • Lc
      Dec 06, 2006
    Future Shop - Future Shop practices harassment!

    Futureshop practices fraud; I bought a desktop PC; the motherboard was not functioning properly. I immediately took it to the store. The told I would get the replacement within a week. I called them after a week; they told "It will take 3-4 weeks". I called them after 3 weeks; the reply is "The part is on the way; call us after 2/3 days"; After 4 days the reply was "We don't know who assured u about the shipment. we don't know how long will it take."

    I went to the shop, and talked with the technician. He couldn't tell me any time frame, a month or 2 or 3? He told" usually it takes 8-10 weeks" (it was 1 week, the 2-3 weeks, no 8-10 weeks!!!). I asked him whether it is possible on my part to call HP directly. He told "yes, u can ask HP and give them product number". I called the HP; but they need the serial number. I called the shop again; this time someone told me " we don't give serial number".

    "so, why someone from this shop told me I could do it myself using the product number in the slip?" I asked. The reply was "I don't know who it is!! She should not tell you something like this!!!"

    After 10 weeks, I requested them to return me the original PC, and told them I didn't need the replacement. Their reply is " It is with the HP (hewlett-packard); so, we can't do anything!!!!" After 2.5 months I didn't get the product; and they come up with the same answer "we can't give u the serial number (to inquiry the HP); its our policy" When I request them to ask HP about the product, their reply is "we have nothing to do". So, you (futureshop) is doing business, but u don't know; who else should know it?

    No one should buy PC or any other Laptop or computer parts from futureshop. They are nonsense and practices complete fraud. I think, I should benevolently donate my desktop machine to futureshop. If anyone like to donate their money to futureshop, can buy products from futureshop; otherwise they should refrain from it.

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  • Ke
      Dec 14, 2006

    Cant stand futureshop, went there to buy a laptop, over 900 dollars, and the salesperson kept on trying to up sell me, i mean isn't it good enough that im trying to buy a laptop, i couldn't even get any information on the actually laptop off of him because every second..."Oh paper would be good with the printer you should get with this laptop".."Oh how about speakers you'll need speakers.." i gave up, i couldn't even get a "What motherboard comes with the laptop" in between his up i refused to buy it from them..i mean come on theres a point in there where they should know they went over board..holy crap it got me so frustrated!

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  • Ry
      Jan 05, 2007

    Futureshop facilitates repairs for their manufacturers. As such, they only ship and receive products and parts, and the proper procedure for that should be to inform the customer of that repair relationship. Repair times vary on parts availability, and the ability to properly diagnose and resolve the problems efficiently. Therefore, there should be NO ETA. And yes, HP has a reputation for fast repairs. In fact, HP usually only takes 7-10 days for facilitations, and 1-2 days for parts shipments, but as I said, that is only my observed average. As for the serial number, the customer has a right to know their proper serial number, and the HP CSO# to which the unit is being repaired under. The inability to provide this is not a reflexion of the incompetence of the organization, but rather the group of individuals at that particular location. Whether one is petty enough to be concerned with the shortcomings of one situation is a matter of their own sense of ethics and wisdom. I hope all your repairs are pleasant in the future.


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  • Ry
      Jan 05, 2007

    The computer market is highly competitive right now. Currently, futureshop is the lowest price provider for laptops and desktops. Infact, 2017 was the first year that the futureshop bestbuy organization could beat the wholesale Dell system prices. One should ponder very carefully a few things while buying computer products in this age. Firstly, they all have only 1 year MFR warranty as they are more likely to break down after a year. Computers don't last 5-10 years now because of how they are made. They are smaller, lighter, run faster and hotter. Also, many times when one buys a laptop with no "attach", the futureshop bestbuy organization actually loses money. The money is made, especially in computers, on the back end.
    As far as salespeople, yes, there are many bad ones as futureshop is one of the last commission based businesses. I would complain about the salesperson, as you should be able to say "no thanks" and get on with your purchase. Might I suggest that next time you want a product from futureshop, you speak with a technician or sales associate as they are not commissioned associates.


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  • Em
      Oct 14, 2007
    Future Shop - Terrible service!

    I went into futureshop on Mckay ave, in burnaby. checking out some laptops for my wife. Not one service person came up to help me. I had to go to them to find out some information on a certain computer. Each time i asked a question i was greeted with very unfriendly one or two short answers. Too busy to help a customer in need? When i decided that i wanted to buy the laptop, i waited around for about 1/2 an hour to even talk to someone. One of the salesreps told me that cause i talked to one guy at first, that i had to keep talking to him because of commission reasons (not trying to steal customers i guess). The problem is, this guy was with another customer, and he couldn't help me. apparently everyone was too busy to go and get a computer that i know i already want and just give it to me so i can get out of there. I just want to buy a ###ing computer laptop. Finally, someone came up so i could ask them if they had anymore of these computers in stock, and the guys answer was, " sorry we're sold out" try another place. They could've made some commission on me, provided that they had some decent service, like "hello, there, my name is ___, is there anything that i can help you with?" I think that futureshop should maybe invest in some customer relations and selling courses, cause they are definitely in some dire need. I'm not the only one whose been frustrated by this, a woman who was standing by watching me vent, was also feeling the same way. I don't care if they're short staffed, at least have the ###ing courtesy to be good friendly salesreps, then, maybe you might make some more commission, you ###ing tightwads. On the other hand, i give kudos to the salesrep in richmond. Very friendly, and just got me my computer and i was out of there, didn't even try to sell me on an extended warranty. All i gotta say is [censored] YOU FUTURESHOP IN BURNABY!

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  • Mu
      Jan 18, 2008
    Future Shop - Scam and cheating!
    United States

    No business ethics AT ALL. FutureShop is such a SCAM!! We just purchased a T.V from futureshop in December. At first we wanted a 42inch tv, but they said it was out of stock then they advertised to us a 46inch tv (only 2 available). We asked them whether there can be a discount, and he said he'll asked a manager. He came back and told us he can give us an $100 discount. So we decided to purchase the tv. He later introduced us to a Product Service Plan (PSP) and LURED us into buying it because he said we can purchase it and then refund it within 30days if we decided not to get the PSP. I HAVE ASKED HIM MORE THAN 3 WHETHER WE CAN REALLY REFUND JUST THE PLAN, and he said YES, just bring in the receipt and we can refund the amount for you if you don't like the warranty service.

    SO, we have decided not to keep the WARRANTY SERVICE and went in to talk to them. US: We decided not to keep to PSP, can you help us do the refund? FUTURESHOP: NO, you cannot refund it because its part of the PACKAGE


    AND NOW, we talked to them several times and he INSIST THAT we cannot refund the PSP becuase it was in a PACKAGE!!!

    This really pisses me off. Some kind of BUSINESS ETHICS they have!!!

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  • Cj
      Apr 21, 2008

    That's not true at all about the inability to refund a warranty. On TVs you do have 30 days to be allowed to return the warranty. I'd speak with someone higher up. Sounds to me like whoever told you that you cannot return it is trying to pull a fast one on you to not lose their commission on it or affect their store numbers.

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  • So
      Apr 25, 2008

    if you bought a package ( a tv WITH psp ) they can probably give you a deal ( 100 bucks off the total cost of tv + PSP ) if you want to return the package and just buy the TV ( without PSP ) then the package price of getting the 100 bucks off wouldn't be available. The markup on the actual units ( tvs, cameras, computers ) is actually quite low and they do not usually have 100 bucks of "play" in the price, but add on PSP and 100 bucks is easier to take off. I would say your problem arose because of 1 or more of the following:
    1. you sales person was trying to be shady ( possible but not likely )
    2. sales person didn't know what he was saying/doing ( much more likely )
    3. sales person didn't communicate properly what was being done. their fault not yours.( most likely )

    Possible solution: speak with manager and suggest one of the following
    a. return package and repurchase tv without 100 discount ( no item necessary, just receipt )
    b. return package and buy a current in-stock television more in your price range and ask manager if a gift card or small item like hdmi cables or screen cleaner can be thrown in for your troubles. ( have to bring back 47" tv )
    c. keep your 47" WITH the psp but still explain your bad experience, alot of managers want to "make it right" and it never hurts to ask

    2 side notes: PSP on that large of a tv will result in a repair person to come to your home to diagnose and repair. if your tv gets repaired 3 times and needs a 4th, then you get a new tv.

    also, if none of the suggestions get you any more of an "im sorry" ask for the 800 # to call and list your complaint with corp customer courtesy.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Cj
      May 10, 2008

    Noon. It's 4 MAJOR repairs. Not 4 repairs.

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  • Ju
      Jan 27, 2009
    Future Shop - Online Order and Delivery
    St John
    Newfoundland and Labrador

    On December 26th, 2017 I placed an online order with I received my confirmation via email on the item purchased and that I would be contacted with a delivery date. On three seperate times I was called to expect a call early to late in the week about delivery of the product. I waited and never heard anything. In calling the Futureshop customer support I was told that it was not able to be delivered since they still had it or that is was in transit on a cargo ship. Each and every call to this customer support number yielded different answers every time. Frustrated with the way this was going on January 17th, 2017 I cancelled the order since one one knew where the shipment was. On January 21st, 2017 I got a call on the actual delivery and I told them it was cancelled. Ever since January 17th, 2017 I have been trying to get my credit back. I am on the phone again right now STILL trying to get my money and being told its going to take another 7-10 business days. I have asked to speak to many supervisor and managers and I have only been successfull twice of the 5 times I have asked. I have been told I will get the credit again today and that I would get this in a phone call and email but I have yet to see this..

    A Frustrated..

    Juan Burton

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  • Ga
      Dec 14, 2009

    I am having the same problem with Future Shop. We ordered a 52" LCDTV Sony Bravia the Z-model from the Future Shop website ( to have a new tv before the holidays and paid over 2100$ dollars on it. Item supposed to arrive on a Friday 9th december from 8am to 6pm.

    My wife took a day off to wait for the TV on Friday (all day). The item never arrived that day. She called 2-3 times during the day, they said it's busy and we should wait until 9pm. We did, but nothing arrived.

    With nerves tight, we called a dozen times this weekend to find out in the end that they cannot reimburse us either since it "appears" on their database that the TV was "delivered". We were outraged and near breaking point. They said they'll start an investigation to find out what happened to the TV and told us to wait.

    We placed the order on 5th December. Today it's the 15December and we still wait until they do their investigation.

    Simply put, Future Shop delivery represents: incompetence, frustration, horrible experience ever lived. We feel robbed of 2100$. We paid this money and we wait for some future shop TV which never arrived. Who knows how much we still have to wait until they decide to reimburse or send one... I'm happy with either...

    To everyone buying from Future Shop out there, most sincerely, beware; for my wife and I, this was the last time we ever buy from this company, it has been a nightmare experience, paying 2100$ and nobody knowing what happened to your TV. Today we still wait, powerlessly, calling each day Customer Service asking what's going on and they replying, asking for either the TV or the money and receiving none, and telling us to wait even more.

    Future Shop is the worst experience I've ever had in my life, at least for expensive items that require shipping. If you can get it yourself out of store it's ok, but anything requiring shipping is a nightmare. Future Shop is really disappointing when it comes to delivering on your promises. Will never do business again.

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  • Ga
      Dec 14, 2009

    I have the same problem. It's extremely frustrating to have paid, as in my case, 2100$, and the 52" TV not to arrive (in my day-off since i had to take a day off to wait for it to be delivered - never did).

    I don't know what to do. I''ve been waiting for them to sort out where my item is... Some say it's delivered somewhere else by mistake, others say it's still in the storage... My nerves are really stretched.. I feel robbed of 2100$...

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  • No
      Dec 24, 2009


    I ordered the exact same model TV on Dec 6th. It was to arrive on Dec 21st. Like yourself, the shipment did not arrive dispute several phone calls to the FS customer service centre. Everytime they had the same answer "don't worry, please be a little bit more patient. They have until 9:00pm to deliver the TV".

    I've made at least 4 phone calls a day to their call centre. All I get is the run around, " we've put the order on "escalation" and someone will investigate as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience and if I was in your situation, I will just be as frustrated. Please be a bit more patient, we need 24, 48, 72 hours to investigate. Sorry, I cannot give you a refund until this is investigated".

    Finally, today, Christmas Eve, my wife got so angry she started yelling at one of the poor call centre reps to the point where the rep was almost in tears. She finally admitted that the TV is not in stock and promised us a refund. This refund will now has to go to another department for approval... We'll see how long this will take.

    Basically FS's is selling products which they do not have. They advertise that it is in stock so that they can charge your credit card immediately. They give false shipping dates and not ship the product. The poor employees at the customer service centre in Sault Ste Marie take the brunt of all the complaints, but that's where it stops. No one investigates and in my situation, it is outright fraud.

    Once they have your money, you basically have few choices. You may want to yell at them to get an answer. Another route I will take is through my credit card company's Dispute Department.

    It's holiday season, didn't need to go through all this, obviously I wasn't the only one taken in by this scam.

    Buyer Beware!

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  • Un
      Nov 24, 2011
    Futureshop - Terrible service!

    Received an email about Futureshop VIP sales Nov.24. Went to Futureshop on Merivale Rd in Ottawa to buy a few tablets . Spent 20 minutes being ignored by salesmen and being told by 3 different salesmen that they'd look after my needs but disappeared right after. Other salesmen chatting away and said electronics not their dept. I run a business with 85 employees. Not sure how long I'd be in business if I operated like Futureshop. Needless to say I will never return and will certainly let my employees and friends know about their service. In fact I'll be using this incident to train my staff on how not to act.

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  • Th
      Apr 20, 2012

    Neighbor takes his computer to be scanned and repaired, and always seems to get worse after a amount of days. Just did a scan with AVG, and found a number of Trojans on the computer, all in a Future Shop folder. We figure they added them to break down after a period of time, so they would have to take it in to get it cleaned again. Also, he said they keep wiping out stuff and programs on him after asking them not to. I don't go there for anything...I go to Best Buy (And yeah, I know they are the same company, but I have had no problems with the local Best Buy compared to the local Future Shop...even are less pesty as well, and a lot more helpful.

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  • Th
      Apr 20, 2012

    Oh, I also took a picture of the results on the virus checker, and could only fit so many in the window...there are more of the same errors outside the viewing window.

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  • Co
      Feb 28, 2015

    We were mislead on the warranty we were advised to purchase, then having to cancel as circumstances happen whereby I'm on disability they would not cancel warranty saying I signed contract, no leniency not recognizing circumstances

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