fubar.comthe not so legendary scraper again...

So was on Fubar a few years ago and got bored and deleted my account..I did..The other day I decided to join again with my husband. This morning 11/26/2018 I was abruptly deleted while looking around and doing the normal Fubar things. My husband jumped into the support lounge to find out if he could see what happened. Scrapper told him I was deleted because I was "fake"..OK. He proceeded to tell Scrapper that I was his wife and not fake that I was actually sitting at my computer and on Fubar. He did not believe him saying that he was just some dude trying have two profiles. I signed back up again and went into the support lounge myself to try and clear it up. He told me to go away and was still accusing us being the same person and deleted my profile yet again. I signed up again and, yes I was rude this time, but he was caught in a lie and refused to admit it. I have been banned now..but that's ok..i have two emails.

Nov 26, 2018

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